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ExpoMOM goes to TRINOMA!

I have been trekking to Makati to catch the EXPOMOM event of MommyMundo for the past few years.  I am soooo very happy and giddy with excitement that they're heading to my turf - TRINOMA!!! So happy that they'll be in Trinoma on July 16 and 17!  So reserve your weekends and catch this lovely expo! See you there!! :) Here's there Press Release: Expo Mom goes to the North Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey kicked off its flagship event for the year at the Glorietta Activity Center last April then going all over the Philippines to connect with fellow Filipino moms in Cebu, Bacolod, Davao and CDO. Expo Mom spent a weekend in Cebu on June 18, then Bacolod on June 25. After, we head back to the Metro and stop over in Alabang on July 2. Next stop, is in YOUR side of the metro! Mommy Mundo visits TriNoma with EXPO MOM NORTH on July 16-17, 2016, Saturday to Sunday at the TriNoma Activity Center, from 10am to 10pm. Visit our gathering of active moms and dads, vis

I survived the 1st week of school!

It's been crazy. Waking up at 5:15am. It's a good thing, I'm a morning person.  I don't mind the waking up.  It's the looooong day ahead that is quite challenging. Let me tell you what my days and week has been made of. Monday - June 13, 2016 Woke up at 5:15am.  Started to wake Kailee up and as expected, she was still sleepy.  I wrote about our day HERE. What happened next was that I went to the office and had a full day.  When I got home, I felt normal.  I thought to myself, I was still good - tired but not to the brink of dragging myself to eat and wash up.  It was when my back hit the bed that I realized how tired I felt.  I woke up at 5:15am and didn't have any time to nap (if you do, you're one lucky duck!) and had a full day.  Lying on the bed was such a good feeling.  I am one who sleeps the latest - because I want the feeling of sleepy-ness before sleeping.  I can't just close my eyes and count sheep to sleep (counting makes me mor

Summer at Starbucks!

Summer isn't over yet for Starbucks! In fact - it just started. Here are the two new drinks of Starbucks this Summer!! Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Double Chocolate Green Tea Which was my favorite?  Well, I LOVE Green Tea and I love the taste of milk tea - so BOTH!  Hahaha.. :)  I am a green tea purist.  I never add anything in my green tea drink, ever - so when I saw the chocolate - I was skeptical.  But when I tried it - it worked!  The chocolate made the drink more interesting!  The Chocolate Black Tea was a revelation - it reminded me of the Hojicha drink a few years back (which I dearly miss!)  The earl grey jelly is so refreshingly wonderful that I can have more and more of it!  Hahaha... As for the food, they're heavenly as usual.  They do have a new player though - the Cassava Chips!  It's the healthier type of chips - it's GLUTEN FREE and a bag is only 100 calories!  Hihi..  They taste good too! Below are the lovely lo

Heartbreak + Prayers

Even before I had kids, I already had a soft spot for kids.  And when I had kids, well that soft spot grew into something bigger.  My heart became more sensitive when I saw and learned of kids getting sick.  When my kids got sick - I wished it were just me.  They look so helpless. Last year, when I had a miscarriage, I appreciated LIFE more.  I learned that conceiving is not easy and I also learned that things may not go as planned.  I learned to be thankful with what I had and to enjoy what is there. Late last year, a little girl came into our lives.  Even before she was born, most everyone loved her.  So when she was born, we were all excited.  We were all hopeful because even if she was diagnosed to have a condition called Spina Bifida , her condition according to the doctors her parents consulted  were quite positive because it was at the lowest part of the spine.  When she was born, she already had an operation to close the opening and everything was fine.  Weeks and month

Domestic Violence & Abuse against Women

When you say Domestic Violence and Abuse the first thing that comes in mind is when a husband beats up a wife.  Through the years of being married, I realized it's not the only way that *abuse & violence* happens in a marriage.  There's verbal abuse, emotional & psychological abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse and a whole lot more.  Apparently, its not confined to just physical abuse. I personally know of two people who are victims of domestic violence & abuse.  And one thing I learned from them is that they didn't think people would believe them when they said their were victims of domestic violence and abuse.  They didn't know where to go, who to speak to or if people around them would believe them.  I felt really sad and bad because why would people not believe them?  They both told me it was because their husbands do not look the part of an abusive husband.  Are we all confined to what looks normal and abnormal to gauge if a person has the tendenc

Big school in a few weeks

I am dreading the traffic. The waking up before the sun is up. The waiting game for my kids to get ready for school. The picking them up from school The traffic driving back. But this will be my norm - for the next 15 years. Reality check:  My kids are growing up.  FAST. It seemed only yesterday I gave birth to these two kiddoes of mine.  But in a few weeks, well - they will both be going to school.  Kailee will be in big school, while Connor will be in pre-school.  Time flew by so quickly, so very quickly. I have been around the Metro for the past few weeks and I realized there are so many road repairs EVERYWHERE.  How the hell will we get to our destinations on time with the roads having just one lane to pass through?  When repairs started in March, I assumed that it'll be finished in time for school openenings in June!  Boy, was I wrong and that means only one thing - GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US! I honestly don't have a problem waking up early in the morning.  But a