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Christmas Solicitation FAIL!

It's that time of the year again, when companies give out and receive solicitation from other companies! I've heard and read all sorts of solicitations.  Some were nice but some were, my gosh - out of this world!  Take for example this certain letter.  This was shared to me by a friend - I omitted the name of the company and certain details.  Look at what they're asking! Goodness gracious! Fine, they're straight to the point - but man, to ask for certain gadgets and things?  Aren't these people materialistic?!  Tsk.. Tsk..

My BLENDTEC is here!!!

The long wait is OVER!! My Blendtec blender is finally here!! :) This has been on my wishlist since 2007!  I finally bit the bug and got one!! YEHEY!! This is one powerful blender - a commercial blender actually that Starbucks and CBTL uses!  They even have a site to let the world know of how powerful their blenders are - here's the site Will It Blend ?  They've blended to smithereens matchbox cars to iPods and even an iPad!  Check out the videos!! Go!! I think I'll be going on a blending frenzy!!  ( I feel like a Starbucks barista, opening and closing the cover!  Hihi !!) Anyone want to join me?