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Thank you, Globe Telecom!!

I just received a special letter (sent over by LBC) over the weekend. When I opened it and read it, I thought it was a bogus letter! Another one of those misleading letters! So - the 'complainant' in me decided to give DTI a call to inquire and report on the fraudulent-ness of the letter. I first called Globe Telecom to inquire - and as expected, I was told that the letter and the promo was indeed fraudulent. I then called DTI and was told by the operator, that the DTI Permit number was not found. This made me more curious! I was then passed to the Promos department, my call was answered by a certain Rose , without asking the nature of the letter - she immediately told me 'Basta kapag may letter, VALID na po yan' How the hell did she know?! She didn't even ask me for the DTI Permit number! So I insisted - amazingly - it was VALID! She then sounded eager to put the phone down - but I still questions. She was really reluctant to answer them. Luckily - I

Rollercoaster week..

The week started out kinda rough- I had a feeling that things will be a little shaky, but I was very optimistic. For the first time ever, I broke down (like never before) I cried buckets (and buckets), I was able to let out my frustrations, anger and sama ng loob . I don't think I've ever broken down like this - I mean, I'm a cry-baby, my tears are so mababaw - but last week - they couldn't stop from falling! Yikes! I felt so bad and confused - I considered giving up. I thought to myself that I did not deserve to be treated that way, but then again - who was I to say that right? I always remember the saying 'What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger' As brutal as it is - I feel that its the most truthful saying, ever! I thought that things would be smooth sailing, I felt initial bumps right after last year's 'big' event - but as the days and months passed, the bumps became deeper and potholes were everywhere. Some trivial, some we

And I'm back!! :)

Okay, I've been neglecting this blog for months... But now, I'm back!! And why? Because of American Idol baby!! :) Yeah!! Yes, one of the shows I enjoy immensely! I love watching this show! Every year - it just keeps on getting more and more entertaining!! :) I think one of the things that I like about this show is the surge of emotions!! I am such a sucker for those sad (and happy!) stories that I cry instantly when I they get the yellow ticket! I can't explain it, but it's so crazy! It seems like I am overwhelmed with emotions - crazy noh?! Hahaha!! :) I can't wait for Hollywood week!! :) Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :) Grabbed from THIS site Let me just say - the songs picked to segweay - LOVE it! :) Danny reminds me so much of Robert Downey Jr., and David Cook! Hahaha... Anoop (did I get that right?!) was amazing!! :) Who would have thought that such a voice would come out of him?!! Hahaha!! :)

Happy Happy Birthday Selene!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Selene!! :) Wish you ALL the best!! :)

Looking back at 2008...

I know I have been neglecting this blog. I've been very busy, December 2008 flashed by (yes, flashed) so quickly! How do I know it flashed by quickly? Here's how: 1) During the last week of every month - I am sure to scout for next month's copy of OK! Philippines. Last December, well - it totally slipped my mind! It was only when Fran asked me if I had a copy, did I remember! I never missed a copy - ever!! (Promise!) 2) I've only been to Starbucks, TWICE ! Can you believe it? My gosh.... 3) I haven't been to Trinoma in 3 weeks! I'm usually there once or twice a week! 4) I totally forgot to ask for MMFF passes!! Yes, I am a Tagalog movie freak - and it's such a delight for me to watch entries for the MMFF every December! From paying Php5.00/movie, I am now paying Php160.00/movie! Ouchie!! 5) I forget days and dates! Like when I had a meeting, the date was supposed to be 12/15 - I remembered only on 12/22! The bad thing was - I tho