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Honey Dijon Babys from Racks

I have been a fan of Racks since they first opened.  Their meats are wonderfully charred and are so flavorful.  Honestly, I forgot how good their ribs are, until I had a taste of them again last night! Last night, I went with the kids and my Panget.  I'm really glad that my kids liked the baby back ribs and they were eating them fast!  We tried Rack's holiday offering - the Honey Dijon Babys. Focus on the meat and the flavor.  I have more pictures below I was honestly surprised that the kids liked the flavor since they're unfamiliar with honey dijon.  They kept asking me for more!  I willingly obliged as they are picky eaters, so you can just imagine how happy and excited I was watching them eat spoonfuls of the Honey Dijon Babys!  I was honestly expecting the worst, that they won't like the flavor - but boy was I happily surprised that they liked it!  Woohooo!

Didi Update: What's been happening (so far)

DISCLAIMER:  Guys, I'm okay.  Hahaha!!  I'm just sharing my thoughts.  I received a lot of messages (thank you to everyone who messaged me, it's so comforting to know you are there for me.  I appreciate it very ver much!  Thank you for reaching out!) asking me if I'm okay and if they can do anything to help.  I realized that my post may have sounded sad, I guess - but I'm not sad.  Haha.. I'm doing okay - it's just that there are some issues that frustrate me.  I really appreciate your concern.  Thank you!  Thank you!! I have so many things I want to share, but as you may know I recently gave birth. It's quite a challenge to manage having three kids (two of which are in big school) and a household.  The quiet time I have at night is now used to sleep since I still feed at least twice every night. When I was about to give birth, I must admit, I wasn't ready. I was all over the place a month before giving birth, trying my best to balance everything

Unilever x Shopee 11.11 DEALS

So much is happening tomorrow, November 11 - the 11.11 SALE on Shopee! So many deals with Unilever products! Visit this Here are some deals that you can look forward to: Do watch out for FLASH sales tomorrow! And just for tomorrow, use this code ShopeexUL and get 20% OFF when your purchase at least P1,000 worth of Unilever products!  And guess what - SHIPPING IS FREE! #UnileverxShopee  #UnileverAllAboutGiving #ShopeePH1111  #ShopeeBigChristmasSale

Breastfeeding Essentials: Orange and Peach Breastmilk Bag

Breastfeeding is something I knew I would be doing.  As daunting as it was, this was one sure thing I would be doing.  I vowed though, that I would try my best - and if it wasn't enough - then so be it.  I had a harder time with Connor compared to when I was breastfeeding Kailee.  I think boys demanded more milk compared to girls, and so I couldn't keep up.  But I tried my very best for 2 years.  Can you believe that?  I would seriously pump everywhere - and when you are pumping and saving milk, one of the things that you'll need are breastmilk bags. I remember ordering at Amazon, boxes and boxes of Lansinoh breastmilk bags.  When friend and relatives came home, they would bring me my orders - this was the cheaper alternative.  But since the dollar exchange rate has been going up - this was not becoming economical. I'm so glad to have been invited to see the launch of Orange and Peach products.  Quite impressed that it's a local company that decided to sell

Bebe Chic Perry - a back pack, diaper bag!

To be honest, I never thought of a back pack as a diaper bag.  I'm used to seeing those sling type or shoulder bag types.  We used to have those Skip Hop ones but they've long been stored and I can't remember where we kept them.  It then occurred to me that a back pack is actually a brilliant idea, I mean it keeps both your hands free, you don't need to keep switching shoulders because a backpack balances the weight equally on both shoulders.  Why wasn't this explored years ago? Two years ago, I met a co-parent Catherine - little did I know that she is a mompreneur and that she and her husband founded Bebe Chic bags.  It was only last year, when I bumped into her at ExpoMom North that I knew all of this!  She was manning her booth!  They distribute bobbleart bags, Cricut machines and Bebe Chic! Since bumping into her, we became friends and are in constant communication with each other.  And so after giving birth, she sent me a present, their newest design!! I mu

Fresh Milk by The Emerald Fresh

MILK is something that I absolutey love. Milk has to be my most favorite beverage in the world because it’s the first thing that I look for and buy when I go out of the country. I remember when I was younger my mom and I would be going to Jusmag to purchase milk in gallons.  It felt so American because most TV shows and movies I saw from America had that iconic gallon of milk in the fridge.  When the US bases left the country, well - it was goodbye milk by the gallon. Being a milk lover, I’ve learned that not all milk tastes the same. The taste is different per country. My favorite has to be from Japan, and it’s the Meiji brand.  I honestly have forgotten what milk tastes like in America and in Canada (but I was told by my godchild Alleya that Canada's milk is the best!)   I used to just buy small cartons of it on the first supermarket run. But then I realized I would need more small cartons, so I would just buy the big ones - big cartons and then later on a 2 liter jugs.  I