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Olay's Total Effects

I got my free sample last Thursday courtesy of Anton's Olay Total Effects post of. I was one of the lucky few (250 to be exact) who was able to get a piece of the much coveted ' total ' moisturizer. It was also last Thursday night, that I started using the said product. The first few days were kinda off - there were 2 pimples that grew on my cheeks - but after 2 days, good thing - it went away. So, what do I think of the product? Well, to be honest, it's still too early to tell - because officially - I'm on my 8th day. I'm giving it a month or two - to see if it really works. But so far, so good. My face has not been super oily, as some people claim the product does to their skin. I love the light scent of the product - it's so soothing. The consistency though, I was intimidated with. It was quite thick - I'm so used to very thin moisturizers, those that when applied gets easily absorbed. With Olay's Total Effects - it rather took a whil

Saturday Delight

Two weeks ago, Lydia decided to have lunch with our seatmates during high school - with me, Tin and Sharon. We had set it 2 weeks ago. And last Friday - Tin and Sharon backed out. I told Lydia that we should just push through with the lunch since we already set it. We can just arrange another lunch with Tin and Sharon. Lydia told me that she was inviting Sandra Toh-Tan - I was delighted, I was actually glad Lydia invited her, and then I thought of inviting Karol Ong to join us. I thought she might like to join us. When I called Karol - she told me she couldn't make it. But the next day - she said she will make it, cause she had found someone to cover for her in the OP. And so last Saturday - I had lunch with some of my high school classmates. It has been years since we last saw one another or chatted with each other. I met up with Lydia, Ragos, Sandra and Karol at Cibo in Shangri-La Mall. It's been so long since we last saw one another - except for Karol - because we

All for Juan - Cebu Pacific

Last night - I was bombarded with text messages from 3 of my college buddies. They were all asking if I was game to go to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific because the said airline was offering their Php1.00 fares. Since I just got out of Yoga class when I got their message - I had to collect myself first. Then after I've rested and bathed - I answered their text messages one by one. I have to admit - I am a very KJ (kill-joy) person - especially if I am not in the mood. And so at first I said I couldn't confirm, but thinking it over after a few seconds - I told them I was game. I think it came as a shock to them because - they sent me 2 more text messages with different wording but asking me to confirm again. Bottomline is - we're definitely flying to Hong Kong on July 25-29, 2007 See you in Hong Kong!! P.S. I found it weird that this morning - my mom told me that Cebu Pacific is offering a low fare promo. It's written on the ad that the bookings should be made on