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Freedom of Speech

I wrote this on my FB page: I felt that what they were trying to do was half baked.  At first, she submitted a *fake* draft speech.  Why even do that?  It's shows that she didn't have good faith when she submitted it, it's even misleading.  Then when speech time came, she veers to another direction. The school the stops her.  She then goes on TV and says that there was nothing wrong with what she did and that she exercised her FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  My dearest lady, if you are ballsy enough to say on TV that what you did is an act of Freedom of Speech - then be an ADULT and accept the consequences of your actions.  It takes one thing to deliver that ballsy speech and another to accept the consequences like an adult. Children make mistakes - but then if these mistakes are found by the parents as correct, automatically the child will assume it's correct!  Parents should be able to guide us to the right path.  Parents are more mature, have much more life experiences

#MMShakeDrill happened. Where were you?

I think the metrowide #MMShakeDrill was a success. Where were you when it happened? Me, I was on my way to a friend's house (because Kailee's dismissal was a bit late because of the #MMShakeDrill).  I was honestly rushing, trying to beat the 10:30am drill - but I got stuck on the road.  It was really nice to see signs everywhere saying EARTHQUAKE DRILL ON-GOING.  So everyone on the road was halted - for 45 seconds.  There was an orderly movement of cars after a minute or so. While on Wilson, I saw that Cardinal Santos was participating the drill. I was impressed that they participated, more so they were headed to an evacuation site!  It felt really nice that they took it seriously. To those who took the drill seriously - kudos to you!! You know what I had in mind?  I thought that power will be cut, as well as mobile phone signals - but it wasn't.  Imagine if it did - everyone would be panicking.  I then remembered of the shows that I used to watch - Revoluti

EATs Hong Kong: Yee Shun Milk Company's Steamed Milk

Ever heard of steamed milk?  Well, yeah - every coffee house serves this!  But in Hong Kong, it means an entirely different thing.  I've read about this steamed milk dessert on the internet for years, but I never got to try it, ever.  I was told by a friend, Talia - to look for Yee Shun Milk Company in Causeway Bay.  Since, I don't go to CWB that much, we just  breezed through and walked by this place.  At least, I knew where it was at.  So finally during the recent trip - we got the chance to try it!  I didn't know what to expect.  The place is small, but it's always full of people.  We decided to go after one of our dinners.  We went inside with no clue what to order, but then it was recommended that we get the Steamed Milk in Two Filn (I think they meant film - for whatever reason, I had no idea). The steamed milk was served almost immediately - and this is how it looked like: This is the Steamed Milk.   It was very good, I loved the silky texture and since

My Faith

I grew up Catholic with some Buddhist traditions thrown in.  I would remember waking up to hear Sunday Mass and then in the afternoon going to Narra temple to do some *pai pai*.  I was still a child and so *faith* was nothing more of a routine.  I didn't listen to the homily, I just sat with uncles and aunts waiting excitedly as they would bring us to line up with them to receive Holy Communion.  It was a different high and excitement for me back then. As I grew up, I learned about being a Christian in my formative years.  It wasn't that religion was hard pressed on us - well, yeah - we had the first Friday Mass and then the receiving of Holy Sacraments.  But I didn't feel like it was forced upon me.  My mom was very open minded in telling us that she'd rather we go hear Mass because we want to rather than it be a chore to do every weekend.  I think it was when I was out of college - after studying abroad that I started hearing Sunday Mass regularly. I remember, I w

EATs Paris: Robert et Louise

Steak! I'm glad that my Panget likes to eat and whenever we travel, we indulge once in a while.  This is another restaurant that my friend Kath recommended.  It was a busy Sunday - there were a lot of people walking in Le Marais, it was crowded but a nice crowd.  We were enjoying strolling through the streets when we happen to see people checking out the menu of a restaurant.  As Pinoys, we were curious and so my Panget told me to check it out.  And I did, I was surprised to see that it was the steak place Kath was telling me about - Robert et Louise. We decided to go to another place since it was full, but vowed to come back since it was nearby.  I think it was the next day that we went back.  Hahaha!!  We were very excited.  I remember reading some reviews that restaurants in Paris would refused entry to patrons with kids in tow, yikes!  So before we entered, I had to ask - and they were nice enough to welcome us and even help us carry our stroller!  Wow, impressed!  I ha

When your brain - FREEZES

I'm proud to say that this doesn't happen often.  Hahaha!   Ang yabang ko , but seriously - I think this has happened very few times.  But then, ever since what happened - there are moments that I pause or space out.  The most recent brain freeze story is when we travelled last week. Image grabbed from THIS page I don't like doing things the last minute.  I usually prepare at least more than a week ahead, more often that not - I prepare 2 weeks before a trip.  This gives me more than enough time to anticipate whatever it is that I missed or forgot, a game plan sort of.  But for this trip - I planned it just a few days ahead.  I kept postponing the planning, thinking it was still far away.  I can't fully explain why - but I guess my mind and heart were somewhere else.  There were far more things that I was worried about and needed my attention more.  I thought to myself that I can probably wing it.  Hahaha!  It honestly did not occur to me that we were travelin

EATs Paris: L'Entrecote de Paris

No idea what entrecote means, nor did I have an idea on what this restaurant served.  I was just told by my friend Kath to try this place out when in Champs Elysee.  Kath sent me a picture of their card and I kept it on my phone.  On the day we decided to walk along Champs Elysee - I was already secretly looking for this place.  I think the first few minutes of walking - I couldn't see it.  I was beginning to give up when the signage caught my eye!  It wasn't actually along Champs Elysee - it was tucked in one of the streets parallel to Champs Elysee. This restaurant has a number of dishes on the menu, but their specialty here in L'Entrecote de Paris - is their Steak Frites and a burger dish.  So we ordered one of each.  I was glad that they carried a kids menu and I quickly picked the chicken nuggets - please don't judge me, but it's the one most likely to be eaten by Kailee.  The other choices were small burger and pasta, Kailee was not with those. Th

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention.  I can't emphasize enough how much I love this product.  I've written about it twice -  here  and here , and I think this product deserves a third post.  Yes, this product deserves more than a two blog posts and now it's getting it's third. Original Photo is from my First ever post on Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention Ever since I tried the product last year - there was no going back.  I've recommended this to friends and family.  My kids and I personally use this product.  I bring Grandma El's Diaper Rash Prevention + Remedy in my bag every day.  I bring a whole tube when I travel.  It's in my *must have* list all the time.  It serves as my lipbalm when I go somewhere really cold I just came back from our yearly travel and it was more than timely, since going through what I went through - it was a welcome change (even if it was just a few days).  Since I am still waiting to expel it

Emotional Rollercoaster

I think I am going through one. Photo grabbed from this site - Takabisha First, I'd like to cry.  But no matter how I try, the tears just don't want to come out.  My friend M suggested that I watch a tearjerker - I would like to watch, but right now - I don't feel like it.  When I read comments and well wishes of friends, I get teary eyed - but that's about it. I think I need to cry .  I know I need to cry.  Crying is my form of release and I feel that when I cry - it somehow helps with the closure.  I'm very emotional and so crying is quite easy for me, but this time - I find it really hard.  I need help to cry. WARNING:  Another *emo* post ahead

Happy Birthday Panget! Life begins, NOW

I met my Panget on the street - it was at HV Dela Costa Street on a sidewalk!  Hahaha..  I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday.  My very good friend Shirley, wanted to introduce me to her cousin - Panget.  At that time - I was in a phase of meeting people.  In the Chinese-Filipino community, it is known as *kai-siao* - it meant *to introduce* so there, we arranged a dinner-movie double date.  I remember that I came from the salon (my monthly haircut - I had pixie cut then) and so they met me on the street, on the side walk of HV dela Costa in think it was infront of the Chili's branch back then.  I was surprised because I thought it was only Shirley that was meeting me, it turns out - my Panget tagged along *meeting me* on the street.  It was a bit weird to be honest.  We then waited for the car to come around and rode it to go to the then *it* place to hang out - Glorietta 4!  Hahaha..  We had dinner in a Korean restaurant and then saw the movie *Blade 2* I don't ex

On Class Suspension & Traffic

Today we experienced Kailee's first suspension of classes because of the weather. Thing was - she was already in school. I received a Viber message on the suspension - so I called him. Good thing, my Panget brings her to school and waits for teachers and some classmates of her to arrive before leaving her.  He was told that the school decided to suspend classes.  He then decided to just bring Kailee to the office instead of bringing her home. Good thinking - Panget! When I was younger, I would eagerly await the suspension of classes on AM radio.  (In today's time - there's Facebook and Viber groups!)  I loved it when there was no school!  It was a reprieve for a day!!  But now that I am a parent, all I can think of is * sayang tuition! *  Hahaha..  How ironic huh?  But I think at Kailee's age - she's still unaware.  She's enjoying school very much and is eager to wake up and dress up for school everyday.  I'm sure that in a couple of years - things

Things happen for a reason..

It's empty. That's what the doctor said. I didn't know what I was supposed to feel. Image grabbed from this website **Warning - EMO post ahead** ( I am thanking you in advance for reading!! )

Clothes shopping on

As I've said, I am a late bloomer. That means, in everything - most especially in fashion. Fashion?  What are you talking about?  I am not into fashion - and that I am.  I swear,  I am the most *tamad* person you will ever meet when it comes to shopping for clothes.  I am the type that will just wait in the dressing room while someone hands me clothes (what she thinks will be nice on me).  This happened a couple of times - with my sister-in-law.  But that was years ago, I think five years ago to be exact. A few months back - my good friend Kath gave me a loot bag, in it were two tops, two bracelets, two lipsticks and a long necklace.  I am very lucky because Kath hands me stuff that she thinks will look good on me.  I love it, really!  I feel like a kid receiving a Christmas gift whenever Kath sends me a text saying * I have something for you! *  Anyway,  so one day, I decided to try an Elin top she gave me.  I wore it because I thought, why not now?  So I did.  I loved how

YummyKitchen by Eunice

My friend Kath and I, we loooove to eat.  We share discoveries with one another.  I super trust Kath's palate.  If she says it's good - I'm sure it's good.  Kath mentioned Yummy Kitchen - she told me that their BBQ Pork Buns are good.  I haven't placed my order on those yet - but Eunice was nice enough to give me some of her popular breads and a yummy Pandan Macapuno cake.  Let me tell you, the Pandan Macapuno cake - my mom finished it immediately.  My mom is NOT a cake person ha, but she was able to finish it - it was that good!  I was telling Kath too that I really liked that cake.  I asked Eunice about it and she said that she only made them during Christmas - my heart sank. Then a few days ago, I saw Yummy Kitchen's post on IG of her Kiam Pung - I love Chinese food and so I was intrigued.  She indicated in her post that she had two (2) sizes - One Whole and Half - I wanted to order half - it just so happened that Kath also wanted to order half!  Yehey!  An