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Win! Win! Win!

Picture grabbed from Walk this Way I was looking at my blog's traffic - then I noticed that most of them came from Carlos Celdran's blog - I first thought it was really odd since I am not part of his directory. Then when I looked at the calendar - I wondered - did I win?! Yes I did! I effing did!! My first ever contest this year!! Coolness! I've never been to Corregidor ! Yipeeeeee!! I'm so excited to finally meet Mr. Celdran !! I'm sure my Panget and I will enjoy this tour with friends.... ( which friends?? Hahaha!) Yehaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! BTW - Can you guess what my reason was?? :) Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk..


Why is it that when you're gaining weight - people tell you that you seem to be losing weight, and when you ARE losing weight - people notice the opposite and say you've gained weight? Is there some sort of distortions to our eyes? I have this gauge - that when I am on an exercise regimen and people start telling me that I look to be gaining weight - I am on the right track. Does that seem weird? Hahaha! Well, I am on a quest ( again ...) and so far - so good ( I think.. ) Although no one has declared that I've indeed lost weight, hahaha!! Wish me luck!! Hopefully - in a month's time I'll be more fit/sexier ( than usual.. just kidding!! )

Not LOST anymore..

I’ve never doubted the talent of JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. That’s why when last season – the show had it’s very confusing moments – I knew that they were just that for something. I knew something great was going to happen. A lot of friends have told me that they’ve lost interest in Lost. Well, I am not one of them. I knew that there was something – and that something was going to happen sooner or later. I’d rather be patient and wait. Good thing, I did, because this has GOT to be the BEST show I’ve seen so far! Even if I’m sometimes left with questions, I know it’ll be answered in time. And I am willing to wait. Spanx and Mindy – the 5 th episode – made me cry! And it renewed my hope!! I loved it!! I just have to say it again… (and again, and again) JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are effing GENIUSES!!!!

Greetings from Subic!

It's Good Friday and I'm in the main clubhouse of the Subic Yacht Club. As it is every year - shops here don't close at all!  It's mainly because its one of those days that there area a lot of tourists!! :) Cheers everyone! BTW - traffic at the NLEX yesterday was horrendous!!  We left at about 10am and got to Subic at 2 in the afternoon!! Tried out the new highway and it was smooooooth!! Nice...


JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are effing GENIUSES!! I've been a fan of JJ Abrams since his Felicity days! I've been following his shows and movies! I absolutely love him! If I could just pick his brain for a day!! Anyhoo, after a long hiatus from TV show watching (I've been kind of patient this year, waiting for the TV shows to have at least 10 epis before watching them) I finally saw 2 epis of LOST. And the verdict?! Man, it gets better! Nevermind the sometimes confusing moments, it gets better!! Can't wait to watch the next episodes!!! Yehaaaaaaaaaa!!

Finally! Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies I have long long heard that this show was something to look forward to. And last night, I finally saw 3 epis! I really enjoyed watching it. Loved the color, the humor, and the vibrancy of the show! It was like watching an adult version of Cat in the Hat! Loooooooooved it!! My Panget though said it was just okay - he found it too slow and expression-less. I on the otherhand enjoyed every minute of it!! I just loved it!! Looking forward to more epis for the Holy Week!!

My #1 Luho

What is my number 1 luho? Clothes? - nope! I get lazy to shop at times! Shoes? - not quite but almost there.. Bags? - I think this takes up the #4 spot Food? - comes only second! Jewelries? - not even on the list! Magazines? - does buying OK ! Philippines EVERY single month constitute as luho?! So, what is my #1 luho? I don't think you'll ever guess.... ballpens.. Who would have thought that I'd be interested in ballpens? Well, my love affair with ballpens I think started when I was still in grade school. It was a trip to Hong Kong that started it all! And since then, I was hooked! I hate to admit it, but up until now - this still has to be my #1 luho ever! Think about it, are you willing to spend for at least Php500.00 for a ballpen? Well, I am! Hahaha! It does sound weird but I tell you if there are people who spend thousands for comics, toys, memorabilia and the likes - I am willing to spend on my ballpens. One may think why ballpens? Well, I guess when I wag


Oh my FREAKING gosh!! I can't believe what I saw and heard last night!! I have been loving American Idol since Constantine Maroulis - and I have been a huge huge fan! Unfortunately last night - my golly - there was this one person who literally MURDERED a well loved Beatles song. And here's the culprit: If I were John Lennon - I'd haunt her! She should have been eliminated! Tsk.. Tsk..

Our very own Gossip Girl

When I started watching Gossip Girl - I wondered if such blog existed here in our Country. Well, guess what - Manilaboy just sent me a link! It's sort of the like that - but without the real time updates. Instead he's spilling the beans on the Gucci Gang! Remember the beloved Suzzy Hopper - who disappeared? And how about Manila's Untold Stories? And the ever lovable Kitty Go?! (where has she gone?! - Love love love her books!!) Check it out here: Manila's version of Gossip Girl Enjoy the read!! Cheers!

May May's Wedding..

Photo borrowed from Flowers of Wood I met May May for the first time a month before we left for Beijing in 2002. I intially thought she was a tall girl because she sat up really straight. She had a nice posture - even when seated! Come departure day - I was shocked to learn that she was shorter than I expected - I first wondered who the girl that was walking towards us was! It was May May pala .. There were only 3 girls in the group - that was me, Kath and May May. We were sure to be roommates - and when we first saw our apartment - our hearts fell. It was sort of dingy - nothing like the comforts we were atuned with. Disappointed - we sat in our big red couch and became silent - I don't remember who said this but I remember hearing 'What are we doing here?!' Haha.. Those were the first reactions. And the rest was history. We shared so many memories - 6 months of living together, walking to school, biking to school, traveling, drinking, watching endless rerun