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The Prestige

Saw this last Sunday with my Panget, his brother and sis-in-law. I was told that this movie was great - that it had a lot of twist. My Panget's sister told us to listen intently - and so I did. I was quite confused on what event first transpired. It was like watching Memento all over again - there were a lot of flashbacks and it was a little confusing. The movie was going to and from the past to the present and vice versa. Maybe I expected too much.. I was quite shocked, impressed and found it funny when I saw that David Bowie was in the movie. The role fits him perfectly - but that's just me.

Addiction to....

I've been busy for the past few days (weeks actually) - I've been doing Bikram Yoga everyday, our internet connection as been on and off, work is kind of getting toxic and stressful - but I'm not complaining! I've no time to blog or even think! (feeling ko lang yan..) My Panget has told me countless of times that since I started Yoga - it was all I could talk about. Well, of course! That is what I have been doing for the past weeks! I just took the 30-day challenge wherein I have to attend yoga for 30 straigt days - without fail. I've been successful and it's my 12th day today. And so far so good! I always thought that as the days progress, things will get easier - but the opposite is happening! I'm having a harder time balancing, holding my poses andmore! But at the same time, I've seen improvements in my flexibility - when before I couldn't get my forehead to the floor - now I can! Yipee!! It's such an acheivement for me! My clot

Alma Maters - matter?

When meeting people for this first time, one usually seeks the 6-degress of separation. We ask a lot of questions - throw in a lot of names - trying to attach one to the other - to connect the familiarity. For me, the first question I ask is 'Which school (HS or University) did you attend?' And then I ask for the batch. Am I weird? Well, I have this theory that whatever school you answer with that question - is 'the' school that you a proud of. As for me, when asked this question - I automatically say the name of my High School - the University I attended is just a secondary answer to the question (if there's a follow-up). So - do Alma Maters, matter?

Bikram Yoga Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, I attended my 2nd Bikram Yoga class. I went with my mom, I somehow convinced her to give it a try - since she saw how much I sweated(is there such a word?) lst Saturday. We came in time for the briefing for beginners - I pointed my mom to go to Tristan so she'll be briefed on what to expect. Upon entering the studio proper, I already felt the heat - it was as if you entered a slightly heated oven. While I was positioning my and my mom's yoga mat - I was already sweating! Take note: I was merely fixing the yoga mats in place. When we started the breathing exercises - I was already sweating like crazy! And there was more sweat as the session progressed. The towel that was on my yoga mat was so wet! I couldn't believe it! The one infront of me was Patty Betita - the former model - she's still very pretty and sexy ah! You can see from her outfit that she was also sweating - her tank top was changing it's color! Yikes! Since it was my se

October 24 - A Holiday!!

I just learned of this 'officially' last night. Another holiday, yipee!! But its in the middle of the week - oh well, at least Monday night - we can do whatever!! :) hahaha.. :) Palace declares Oct. 24 as regular holiday in observance of Feast of Ramadhan FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2006 | GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT In order to bring to the fore of national consciousness the religious and cultural significance of the Eid’l Fitr, the Muslim Feast of Ramadhan, Malacanang has declared Tuesday, Oct. 24, as a regular holiday nationwide. In Proclamation 1155 which Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita signed today, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cited the need to promote cultural understanding and integration. The declaration, Ermita said, would give the entire Filipino nation the full opportunity to join their Muslim brothers and sisters in the observance and celebration of Eid'l Fitr. The main date for this year’s celebration of Ramadhan has been determined to fall on Oct. 24. R

My first BIKRAM YOGA session

I officially tried YOGA this morning - and the verdict? I LIKED IT!! My gosh, I was sweating like crazy - and I feel like I've worked out my whole body! That's just in a 90 minutes sesson. I honesly did not expect to sweat that much! To think that the room was not heated (it is supposed to be heated, unfortuantely - BYM still had to wait for Meralco to give them sufficient power) Compared to running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and just sweating - with YOGA, I was working out various body parts at the same time! I couldn't stop raving about yoga to my mom - thus she might give it a try too! (Excuse the exclamation points..) My arms are so sore, it was like I excersized with dumbells for a long time. But nevertheless, it feels great! (Can you beleive I'm saying this?) I still could not believe I was able to do some poses! Sure, I got off balanced a couple of time - but still! I was able to do most of the poses. I had a hard time 'holding' the pos

Red Ribbon Bakeshop & thier Ensaymada: Rant and Rave

Yesterday, my mom had this sudden ensaymada craving. Thus she called up Hizons in J.Bocobo Street to order a few pieces of their delicious ensaymada and mocha cake (yes!!). She then instructed our driver to pick it up. The yummy ensaymadas and mocha cake(micorwaved on High for 15 seconds) arrived during lunch time. Then, that afternoon, she had a meeting with her Church group, and her good friend Tita Mia gave her a Red Ribbon ensaymada by chance. This morning as she was about to open the sealed ensaymada. She noticed that there was a dark spot on the ensaymada. Curious on what it was - she took a closer look - and guess what she discovered? A tiny cockroach! It was embedded on top of the ensaymada! She didn't believe what she saw - she even asked the helper to identify what it was. I too was in disbelief! Since the ensaymada was in a sealed plastic - I didn't expect to see a small cockroach there. I think that it was only recently that Red Ribbon packaged their e

Cupcakes by Sonja

I love cup cakes - they make me feel like I'm a kid again. They're so cute and fun to look at! They're simply an irristable treat for me - provided that its vanilla or butter flavored as I am not a fan of chocolates.. (I know, I'm weird - I get it..) I don't know why, but I am very much fascinated with them. I used to bake chocolate cupcakes for my brother's friends - and guessing by their reaction - they loved it! I've heard of her cupcakes but, I never got the chance to try them. My curiousity increased more as I read entries of the cupcakes from my favorite foodie blogs Ramblings of a Gypsy Soul and Our Awesome Planet . I was quite happy to learn from Anton of Our Awesome Plane t that she was opening shop soon at Serendra. When I tried to inquire on Sonja's cupcakes - I was given an invite to the dry run of her shop. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday and I had work! It was just last Saturday that I got the chance to visit her shop and

My lunch date with Gracie..

Last Saturday, I had lunch with my good friend Gracie. She just finished taking this year's bar and now, she's just waiting for the results on April next year. I couldn't remember the last time I saw her, but according to her - when she last saw me, my hair was still short. My, my that seemed ages ago. If I remember correctly - I decided to grow my hair last October 2004! Has it been that long? When I picked her up - she didn't look any different! You see, Gracie and I became friends last 2001. It was during a US trip that we finally met up and began talking. Acutally, I was forced in a situation I couldn't get out of. But good thing was that - I met a friend who's very dear to me until now. I can still remember that day clearly - as if it happened just yesterday. After that trip, Gracie became a 'best friend' we've sort of gone through a lot in that short span of time. And though we've just been friends for 5 years - it seems like I

The Class by David Crane

I know it's not just me - but I think I can safely say that there are a lot of people who miss watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and secretly hope that they get back together and continue where they left off. I know I'm not alone when I say that I quote dialogues from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - and that when I tell some of mine - they either look at me like I'm crazy - or look at me and agree with me. I really miss the whole Central Perk gang. A few months ago, I came across something on the internet it was a rumor that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. creator David Crane is cooking up a new show that is similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I searched and searched until I found this show - last month. You wouldn't know how happy I was when I learned that the rumor was really true. I patiently waited and hoped to watch the tidbits of the pilot in - well, what do you know right? Being a fan of US hit tv series, I know for a fact that the fall season means that old shows are coming back - and so I

Yoga - Bikram Yoga in QC

What do Madonna, Cristy Turlington, Reese Witherspoon - have in common? YOGA - they've all practiced yoga sometime - to tone their muscles or to lose weight. Well, since I have this endless quest to lose weight - I will finally brave and try yoga for the first time next Tuesday. Next Tuesday will be the opening of the Bikram Yoga center in Quezon City. FInally! A Yoga studio near me!! I am very much excited and at the same time nervous. Nervous why? Well, the studio is kind of heated thus - I fear I might faint - but not to worry as I will get my 8 glasses of water a day , as suggested by the one I spoke to at the Makati head office. I was wondering though - what will be the effects? I have yet to meet a person who's a yoga follower. All the info I know are from 'narinig ko' and 'nabasa ko' from the internet to magazines. Wish me luck!! (again...)

a Del Monte Fruit Cocktail tale..

Just a few minutes ago, the helper came in the office and informed me and my mom that 4 out of the 5 cans of the Del Monte Fruit Cocktail that we were gifted with had both its ends pop out. I asked her to check the expiry date and she told us that it was going to expire on March 16, 2007. That's about 6 months from now! I was shocked to see the cans, when she presented them to me. After that conversation, I immediately called Del Monte Philippines - and I spoke to a Miss Je Zaguirre - she was very polite and eager to help. She asked me first if the product was a 'Fiesta' fruit cokctail and when I replied 'No' She answered me in a very nice way, unfortunately as she said 'It's not a locally made product therefore as much I want to help you, I can't' But good thing - she gave me the number of another distributor - Macondre. I will contact them tomorrow as it already late. I am attaching some images of the Del Monte Fruit Cocktail cans - all 4