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Titans for the age of ICE

Press Release TITANS FROM THE AGE OF ICE The ice age is coming to Manila! Get ready to experience a cold period of the earth’s history. MANILA, August 2016 – Ayala Malls together with Limitless Ventures is bringing the latest and spectacular event, “Titans from the Age of Ice”. Come face to face with a gigantic Mammoth, fight-off saber-toothed tigers and experience what it would have been like at the start of the last ice age 70,000 years ago. Australian and local guides will meet guests at the magical ice entrance, walk through falling snow and enter the age of ice. Prepare to meet the mammoth family who stretch out their trunks and trumpet loudly! Laugh with the hipparion! Roar with the gigantopithecus as he towers over you in terror! Interact and get to know more than 25 ice age animals making you believe you’re really there. Experience a full guided tour, a mammoth activity and never seen before live musical stage s

WELCOME - Blue Posts: Boiling Crabs & Shrimps

Crabs. People close to me know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CRABS.  I love them and I am very patient when it comes to de-shelling crabs (and most crustaceans).  I make sure that I take out every meat that I can from these crustaceans.  When everyone else doesn't want to get their hands dirty I am the exact opposite when it comes to crabs.  I don't care if I'm in formal attire (let's say it a wedding reception with Chinese lauriat) I WILL NEVER TURN DOWN eating and de-shelling crabs. My Panget, well - he's really tamad to de-shell.  He's very lucky that I LOVE to de-shell, well I don't mind to make himay for him.  Honestly, I don't mind making himay for anyone (just make sure you feed me more crabs! Hahaha). So last Wednesday, I gamely joined Gerry and Donny.  Secretly, I was very excited - I was telling my kids that I will be going to the mall to eat some crabs!  And EAT I did!  Hahaha!  I'm so lucky that I don't have any allergies when it comes

Toy Kingdom's TOY EXPO 2016 this weekend!

PRESS RELEASE TOY KINGDOM’S AMAZING TOY EXPO 2016             Toy Kingdom once again brings the most amazing gathering of toys in the Philippines in its Toy Expo 2016 at the 2 nd Level of the SMX Convention Center from August 19-21, 2016. Experience the thrill of being one of the first to have the newest and upcoming toys in the market. These come with special price offers and freebies- a perfect treat for your early Christmas shopping. Fun booths of branded toys with life size 3D character statues welcome guests to the Toy Expo. Each booth comes with an exciting activity wherein kids can explore and play with the toys they love. They can also have a sneak peek - and have the first pick - of the latest toys for the Holiday season! These include toys from Trolls, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, classic Disney Junior ; and the first Filipino Plush toys Plush and Play . Kids will love the new Barbie You Can be Anything collection and My Little Pony . Th

Kailee in Kindergarten: Mercy & Compassion

First quarter is almost up.  As of the moment, Kailee is taking her quarterly exams.  She's adjusted pretty well to waking up at 5:30am to eating some breakfast (if you can call a buttered pandesal, a piece of cocktail hotdog, and cereals), playing with classmates and learning.  I am mighty proud of how she is becoming.  She's quite friendly saying *Hi* and waving to friends when I bring her to school and *Bye (insert name of classmate)* when I pick her up in school.  She remembers the names of most of her classmates and even tells me which colored table they sit it.  In my opinion, she's doing well in school. One day though, she told me that one of her classmates told her to *Shut Up*.  I asked her why, it was because she told this classmate to keep quiet so this classmate can concentrate on her seat work.  I think I was more affected than Kailee.  In her 5 years and and 5 months of living, I've never EVER said those words to her and now a classmate of hers just di

Manila! Manila! Starbucks Card Anniversary!

Today's the day to get your limited edition Manila!  & Cebu!  Starbucks card! Happy 3rd Anniversary Manila Starbucks Card! By the way - the Manila card is available in Manila only.  Same is true with the Cebu card - only in Cebu guys.

#MyBiogenicWorld: Nikki Tiu's *A busy mom's guide to bonding with your kids*

I honestly can NOT live without alcohol.  I remember when I went to Beijing to study, this was one thing that I made sure to bring.  Apparently, there's no alcohol in China.  Can you believe that?!  Oh my, when I learned this, I had friends and friends of friends bring me bottles of this.  Don't ask me how many bottles of alcohol I used up.  Hahaha!! Biogenic Alcohol left quite an impression on me.  I remember about 10 years ago, they were they only alcohol brand that was packaged in a spray bottle.  It was the spray bottle that attracted me to them.  I don't remember looking at the price, I just always grabbed one in the supermarket because it was so convenient to use.  I wish the spray bottle and the brand was available during my schooling days - it was so easy to use! So, when I received an invite from Nikki to attend the My Biogenic World event in Market! Market!  I immediately said yes.  I LOVE ALCOHOL.  I use it everywhere.  I'm quite OC when it comes to clean