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#WalangForever Movie Review

Christmas is my FAVORITE movie season, simply because I'm a sucker for Tagalog movies.  This year, I was excited to watch a couple of movies - not because of the main actors but because of the directors and or writers.  I admit, I have Beauty and the Bestie on my list because I'm a fan of #JaDine. Let me say this first.  I didn't know who Dan Villegas was until last year's MMFF - when my mom, her trusty helper and my yayas told me that the movie English Only, Please was very good.  They told me over and over again that it was really good.  I only took notice when Jennylyn Mercado won Best Actress and the movie won Best Director and Best Screenplay.  I had to google them. Then a few months later, I saw That Thing Called Tadhana because most of the feeds on my social media accounts were sharing the movie poster and #Hugot lines.  I got curious, so I watched it and fell in love with the movie.  It has been a long long loooong time since I last saw a *very good* Ta

Pamasko Giveaway! #MMFF2015 Passes

Christmas is the season of giving.  And I want to share my blessing, by giving away two (2) COMPLIMENTARY Passes to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival!! This year, these passes can be used NATIONWIDE.  During the previous years, it was only in Metro Manila theaters.  So as a THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and visited my blog all these years - I am giving away TWO (2) Complimentary Passes! ANYONE in the Philippines can join - as long as it's serviceable by LBC - as I will ship the passes for free using LBC's service . Joining is easy!   Just leave the following details: Full Real Name Valid Email Address URL of Social Media Shares (Share this on Twitter & Facebook) *Want to watch #MMFF2015 for FREE? @candishhh is giving 2 Passes! * You can submit as MANY entries as you want!  Remember - the more entries the better your chances for winning!! This will ru

My experience with Crane Humidifiers

When I was young, I had classmates who suffered from asthma.  I've seen first hand mild and severe attacks.  I was clueless, I didn't understand what was happening to them.  I only knew, that they had a hard time breathing. Fast forward to when I had kids.  Kailee and Connor have eczema/skin asthma - but they have asthmatic tendencies.  For one, Connor has been officially diagnosed by our Pedia Pulmo to have respiratory asthma.  Our pedia has recommended us to use a humidifier to ease his breathing.  I confess, I never tried it.  Well, I tried it once (from a borrowed unit from a relative) - but Connor's cough got worse so I stopped it immediately. Little did I know that my Panget's cousin is the distributor of Crane Humidifiers.  When I attended her event, it was only then that I learned the benefits of a humidifier. When I received my very cute train Crane Humidifier - I tried it in my room.  You see, I suffer from very bad allergies.  I've had allergic

Jollibee Burger Steak: #JaDine's FOREVER favorite

I am a FOREVER fan of Jollibee because of a single special memory.  It was at Jollibee Crossroads branch that my twin brother and I celebrated our 7th birthday.  It's memorable because, it was the only big party that my mom threw for us!  Hahaha..  That's why when Jollibee Crossroads was torn down years ago (to give way to Promenade & Gloria Maris Greenhills) - I was a bit sad. But I'm glad that I was able to pass on my favorite Jollibee to my kids!  They are huge fans of Jollibee, more specifically the Chicken Joy - it's their favorite!  I think it's EVERYONE'S favorite!  Hahaha!!  I have a cousin though, who LOVED Jollibee's burger streak.  When he was small, it was all that he wanted to eat.  My aunt would indulge in of course!  Hahaha.  I would remember my aunt buying a lot of it and keeping it in the freezer for future use!  I guess, you can say - that in my family, Jollibee is very well loved. As you all know, I have become a HUGE fan of #J

Didi's 2015 Holiday GIFT guide

Christmas is just around the corner.  Have you finished your shopping yet?  I haven't!  Hahaha.. Yeah, I have this habit of doing my Christmas shopping last minute but I'm not complaining!  Hahaha.  I have bought in advance wrapping papers, gift cards and ribbons.  The only things missing are the important things - the gifts!  Hahaha... Here are some suggestions on what gifts to buy.  I personally picked these out because I really really really like them.  I'm sure you will fall in like with all of them too!! Hope you like my list! Merry Christmas!! BEATRIX NY Backpacks + Lunch Boxes I really love the design and the functionality.  T he best feature for me is that these bags are WASHABLE!  Yes, you can wash them when they're dirty!  I love the designs too, they've really cute!  What I love about the back pack & lunch box is that they're very roomy.  Visit their Facebook page for more details - Quirks Marketing . MELISSA + MINI MELISSA H

SarahG Popsters Game on Android by Xeleb

I've never been into video games for the most simplest of reasons - I SUCK! Yes, I do not have the talent to play video games, no matter how easy - I can't seem to win ANY of them.  I'm sure most of you know of the Super Mario Bros game, well - it had its humble beginnings via the Family Computer by Nintendo.  Well, it had a total of 40 levels - 10 levels with 4 sub levels each.  Would you believe that the farthest that I've reached is world 3-3?  When all my friends and cousins have finished and reached the top levels 10-4.  I can only watch them from the sidelines and wish that I could do the same.  It's been 20 years and I still haven't reached their levels. Smartphones have been around for a while now - I've had mine for the past 4 years.  I consider myself a newbie when it comes to smartphone - but I tell you, it's one of those things that is a delight to have!  I remember playing snake on my trusty Nokia phone.  And now, smartphone games has ev

Sleep Sweet & Soundly with DUNLOPILLO

I never understood why there was a need to invest in a good mattress.  Growing up, I knew one thing - and just one thing.  That was never to get a spring coil bed.  Why?  Because I remember being pricked my a loose spring coil and it hurt like hell.  I stuck to having those foam mattresses and I have to say, it was very comfortable. Before getting married, my Panget and I were shopping for a mattress, I was telling him to settle for those foam ones.  But he insisted on getting a different brand.  I told him - brands didn't matter, that everything was just the same - a mattress was just a mattress. We didn't end up buying a mattress.  What happened was that a mattress was given to us because my in laws had an extra one lying around the house.  It was a premium brand that I've honestly never heard of (that time - because I only knew of Uratex!).  But I whenever I said that brand aloud, I would get ooohs and aaahs.   So the day after I got married, I was able to sleep in *