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Short Changed..

I think I've been short changed this Christmas... Now - why do I say that? Well, honestly - for the first time in years, I sort of went all out on giving gifts. I did NOT quantify but qualified - I thought that since they were my friends - I will give them what I could - some was even out of the budget. I always had this idea in my head - High risk = High return. I know it was my mistake to expect and have this kind of idea but honestly - I felt bad.. Hear my side of the story.. Gift #1A - I got what I asked for, well - sort of. It was half of what I asked for. Hahaha! I actually made it clear stating that Friend #1 should be giving me Gift #1A and Gift#1B. But what I got was just one. We actually talked about what to give one another - and to be fair - Friend #1 wanted Gift X to be given and it was (there was even some more!), as for me - I asked for Gift 1A and Gift 1B. Come giving time - I was really eager to get both gifts - but unfortunately - I just got Gift 1A

Bicol Tripping!

Yes, I just came back from Bicol - what a trip it was!! It had a stressful start - but the ending was wonderful! Made new friends and even met Gov. LRey! ( Who I'm sure won't remember me! Hahaha... ) Thanks for Carol - our host! Her parents and her sister Cathy. Thank you for everything!! :) I will be organizing my pictures (and thoughts) and will be posting soon!!

What is your ULTIMATE FAVORITE U2 song?

A follow-up question to my U2 post.... I know there are so many - but if you had to choose just one.. What will yours be? Mine is Stuck in a Moment . I don't know why - but whenever I hear this song, it literally stops me in my tracks.. I was once not a big fan of U2 - what changed it? Well, it was just recently - while watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Bono did this medley of U2 songs - a capella! It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Can't wait!! BTW - Leave a comment - share your favorite!! :)

U2 in Manila 2008?

Are they really coming over? If they are - DANG IT!! I'm gonna buy me tickets! I know for a fact that they make on helluva show!! :) When they do come - I'll be able to cross out one item in my list of things to do before I die! Hahaha..