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Hawaii Five-O 2010

I actually never knew what the show was all about.  I've been reading that the 2010 version is quite good, plus having Alex O'Loughlin play the lead - made me even more curious.  Last night, my Panget brought home two episodes of Hawaii Five-O.  I was too curious to wait for him (so we can watch it together) - and so I let the temptation set it and watched the first two episodes by myself! Alex O'Loughlin is gorgoeous as he can ever be!  I like his look now - cleaner as compared to what he looked like in the defunct show Moonlight (but I loved him in Moonlight!).  I was laughing when I saw Daniel Dae Kim in the show - it seems like he never left Hawaii (Lost was filmed in Hawaii).  As for Steve Caan - I must say, I was waiting to see him on TV for a while, I soooo love his humor and I think he's a good actor.  Grace Park is sort of familiar because I see her whenever I channel surf to the SyFy channel particularly in Battlestar Gallactica. The first two episodes we

Maynilad's NEW Water Interruption September 28 to October 1, 2010

Got the images from this site: My barangay is NOT on the list YET we DO NOT HAVE water!! Peste!!

My 25 TV shows of all..

Got inspired byMindy's tag in Facebook!  So, in no particular order - here goes my list! FRIENDS - Never fails to entertain me, I can watch it over and over again LOST - Ahhh.. I'm a HUGE fan!  The BEST FINALE EVER!! Still makes me cry THE SOPRANOS - Never thought I'd like it, but I was instantly hooked!  Love the Mafia genre! AMERICAN IDOL Season 4 & 5 - I will forever wish that I knew how to sing! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - I love the quirky-ness of the show! THE OC - YES, I am a fan, I soooo love Seth Cohen & Josh Schwartz, the soundtrack is amazing! The Original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 - This has to be the monumental show that got me hooked on American television.  I remember watching this every Friday on Abs-Cbn THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT - I used to go gaga over Romnick Sarmienta! STARGATE ATLANTIS - the FIRST ever Sci-Fi channel show that my Panget got me hooked! SEINFELD - Just one word/person - Kramer ALIAS - the monumental show that made me LIKE Jennif

Weddings and Reminiscing..

My Panget and I attended his cousin's wedding. Let me be honest, I love weddings - I don't know why.  I get teary eyed, smile from ear to ear and get giddy with happiness.  The only explanation for this is that - I remember how happy my wedding day was for me. With the couple's entrance song, I was taken back to my wedding day - because the song they played, was the song used by the magical Pat Dy with his photo slideshow during my wedding last year. I couldn't help but reminisce the song, the wonderful photo slideshow and what transpired that day.  I am sharing with you the lyrics & and video of the song: Ripe by Ben Lee The moon sheds light across the end of the bed You made me wait but now I'm touchin? your leg And I remember all the little things you said Quesadillas made with cheese and a rock band who were Japanese So for once in my life I saw what I wanted and took a bite I picked the fruit from the tree And it was ripe Your love got big, your

Fish & Co's NEW items..

I've actually only been to Fish & Co. once and I loved their fish and chips.  My only complaint was that it was very expensive - for a fish and chips, but man it was really good.  Their tagline, the best fish and chips in town - is very true. Last Thursday night, I was invited by friends Tita Jane and Carlo to try out their new items on the menu that were non-fish, which were chicken and lamb. The dishes were good, the pasta side dishes were even better!  Hahaha..  I especially liked the pasta side dish of the Breaded Chicken Piggyback, it was really good! The best Fish & Chips in town.. Breaded Chicken Piggyback  Grilled Lamb Chops Shrimp and Chicken Breast Al Pesto Thanks to Fish & Co for stuffing us with a superb meal!! Hurry and visit the nearest Fish & Co. to sample their new dishes!

Terrible Tapella

Last Monday night, my college blockmates and I went out for a reunion dinner. It was actually long overdue. The last one we had was last year and it was in Italliani's, this year - one of our blockmates suggested Tapella at Greenbelt 5. The place looked impressive with the interiors and the diners were mostly foreigners or expats. I was actually late but my friend Mira ordered the two paellas ahead of time because it took about thirty minutes to cook. When I got hold of a menu - I was confused. The menu for me was little hard to comprehend, maybe because it was a fine dining restaurant and that they've decided to name the dishes with weird sounding foreign names the back part of the menu was I think a Spanish language menu.  I had a server explain to me what the dishes were about. Honestly, I got turned off.  I mean, food should be simple enough to understand right? When the food came - we were already hungry. I served my tablemates with their paella and I noticed

CHOCOLATE - Was I cured??

Last night at my friend's child's birthday party - I did the unthinkable. I ate a slice of chocolate cake! Yes, for those who know me, I do not like the taste of chocolate.  But somehow yesterday, I had this urge to buy a chocolate cake, thus I bought Polly's Chocolate cake.  Then, at my friend's party - I had a taste of the chocolate cake served there.  Fran who was sitting beside me was shocked!  hahaha.. When I got home - the urge was still there, thus I cut a slice of Polly's chocolate cake and munched on it while watching a few episodes of The Mentalist.  I enjoyed eating the cake immensely saying that it has got to be the best chocolate cake I have tasted.  I was actually tempted to get another slice but, then I thought I might not be able to sleep because of the sugar high. A few minutes later, I felt a little weird.  I knew something was off because I was uneasy and feeling queasy.  My stomach was grumbling slowly - which prompted me to run to the b

Massage, OH! Massage..

I haven't had a massage in a loooong while.. And since learning that I was on the way - well, I was told by friends not to have one. I asked my doctor and she gave me the go signal - just make sure not to touch the tummy area. I debated with friends on this - and finally, I decided to have one.  But having one - I had to look for a reputable one who knows what do to.  I asked my good friend Alch and she gave me a number to call.  Image borrowed from THIS site I contacted her last week.  And just now - I got my well deserved massage. She seemed to know what she was doing, she told me there are certain parts of my back that she couldn't touch or put pressure on which was specifically my pelvic bone on my lower back.  I was badly wanting her to knead that part, unfortunately - she said she couldn't. The massage was well worth it.  It was soooo good that I wanted to have one again next week! Massages are really a great great way to relaaaaaaaaaax.... Thanks

Negligence of Vets in Practice

A loss of a dog is heartbreaking, most especially if its due to the negligence of a trusted vet.  This my friend S' story.  She lost Marshall due to the negligence of a vet she trusted.  Please be warned guys. Marshall was an eight month old German Shepherd puppy. He was a very happy, friendly and smart dog. He brought so much joy into our lives. However, his life was cut short because of the negligence and ignorance of one of the veterinarians at Vets in Practice. We brought Marshall to Vets in Practice because his paws appeared red and swollen. The vet assigned to us was Dr. Alison Saile. She prescribed betadine scrubs and Inflamol to cure his paws. Since we were there already, we decided to check if he had a recurrence of demodectic mange. A skin scraping test confirmed the recurrence. Dr. Saile prescribed an Ivermectin shot. Knowing that Marshall was a sensitive dog, we told Dr. Saile that we did not want that shot until his paws are better. Two simultaneous treatments co

Johnson & Johnson FREEBIES!!

Just answer the survey and voila! Freebie haven!! :) Click the picture below, or on the side bar of my blog! Hurry because the first 100 respondents will get the free gift!! Enjoy!!

Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew

What if I tell you that you can have Starbucks coffee anytime, anywhere?  Would you believe me? I wouldn't!  Because I know for a fact that Starbucks brews their coffee while you wait. But you see, there's a revolutionary product that will make Starbucks Coffee enthusiasts jump for joy - because Starbucks will introduce their - Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew! Imagine, having Starbucks Coffee whenever you want it!  Its so convenient! Here's what the ready brew looks like!  These babies come in books of 3 pieces and a box of 12 pieces! Easy to carry, easy to make - lovely to drink! The best part is - you don't need to walk into a Starbucks Coffee Shop to get your favorite coffee, all you need is a pack and hot water - voila!!  Starbucks Coffee right at home or in the office!! Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew is made from 100 percent natural roasted arabica coffee in an instant and microground form that is rich and full bodied in flavor, just like a fresh-brewed cup o

Banko Sentral: Please print new 20 pesos!!

For a while now, we have been getting old and worn out 20 pesos. Sorry for the inverted pic, I took them via photbooth.. Whenever we ask banks to change them - they say that its be BEST that they have.  I know for a fact that foreign countries print new money when the ones in circulation are old and worn out.  So I ask - why not print new ones?  I mean, is it that expensive? My mom used to work in a bank and during her time, the management doesn't allow the release of old worn out money.  Also, they sort out money in different conditions - they have a stack for new ones, semi-crispy one, crumpled crispy ones and old worn-out money. What happened to the current system?  Why don't tellers/banks sort money anymore? Hmmm...

Trouble, trouble, HELPER trouble..

When I was in Grade School, all my friends and I could talk about was when we'll reach High School and stop studying. When I reached High School the topic shifted to boys and dating. When I got to college, almost the same topic was discussed who was dating whom, what careers we would eventually go to. After college, we discussed about settling down and about the future. When I got married, the number one topic of discussion - the house help. There are people who are lucky to find that perfect helper that will stay with them for a long time, while some are unlucky and keep changing from time to time. It is stressful because managing a household is not easy. Believe me, it looks easy but it's not. This brings me to my recent stressful moment. Helper woes. You see, I have this helper who is very lazy. I already made out a list of things to do, printed them on paper and even laminated it for her so she can browse on it from time to time. But she doesn't care, she just d