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David Duchovny: Sex Addict?

This caught my attention today... Click below to read the articles: Yahoo! E! Online How did that happen??

Shopping in Guam

While walking around K-Mart - I was asking myself - did I need anything? Nothing popped! Hahaha.. Until I realized - that I was in a US territory, meaning most American goods that I always ask my Panget's brother to buy MUST be here somewhere. Right there and then, things I wanted started to come of my head! I searched for the following items first: - Caladryl Clear - Creme Bleach - Carmex - Vick's Vapor Rub (Made in Mexico - my Aunt, specified this!) - Efferdent Denture Cleansers (my Aunt's) - Pepcid AC Maximum Strength - Lip Balms - DIY Highlights Kit - Pentel RSVP Pen Set - Secret Deodorant in Vanilla - And some other unique stuffs! Hahaha... So, did I get all of them? Hahaha! I did - except for the Carmex - apparently, the K-Mart Guam does not carry Carmex! Hmmm.. Strange, but what can I do right? Let the pictures do the talking... Shopping in Guam can be C.R.A.Z.Y. !! Think about this - a street that has 2 LV stores, 2 Gucci stores, 2 Bottega Venneta st


I am officially here in Guam!! Got in at dawn! Gosh! But in fairness - immigration people - CHEERY and laughing with us! Even telling us stories! Ain't that weird? I mean - never have I met an immigration office who was smiley, cheery and volunteers information! He was really really nice! First impression - friendly and cheery!! Cool huh?! I still can't believe they're cheery - to think that the time an odd hour!! Hahaha... 1 point - Guam!! Upon exiting the customs - my brother and I found a really funny display cases of.... BONGS! I'll have to upload when I get back - it was really funny!! Hahaha.. Good thing the customs officer was nice enough to allow us to take a picture of it! Hahahaha.. 2 points - Guam! I have read some bad reviews on our supposed hotel - but since we already booked - there was no turning back. I remember clearly, asking Esther (the person I was emailing at the Grand Plaza Hotel) if I should call them first when I get to the airport so they ca

Happy Birthday Mom!

To the most wonderful woman in the world!! Happy Birthday Mom!! Mwaaaaaaaaah!!


I am scheduled to go to Guam next weekend.. And I have a problem ... We forgot about it and so... Can anyone help with the hotel (cheapest please!!) Hahaha... And like where to eat and shop and sight-see?? Help!! Help!! Help!! Can anyone hook us up? :)

It's OUT!!

Haha.. Remember my A Photo Shoot post? Well, magazine's OUT! (It's on your local newstands for sure!!) Hahahaha!! :) The picture was perfect! (See the reason why I picked Pat Dy as my photographer!) Loved looking at it! I can't believe it actually! Bwahahahahahaha!! Barbi Chan did my make-up and Jerry Javier did my hair! (I loved the curls!) Loooooooooved it! Hahahaha.. Loved it sooooooo much!! Thanks soooooooooo much Marbee !! I love you dearly! Want to take a look? If you happen to be in a bookstore or a magazine stand - it's the Wedding Essentials Magazine with Issa Litton on the cover. Hehehe.. :) Go figure!! :) Can you sense how happy and delighted I am? :)

Tagged! All about me!

Sorry dear dyanie ! I didn't notice you tagged me , it's a week late - but better late than never, right?! 1. WHAT WAS I DOING 10 YEARS AGO? I was a froshie at DLSU - getting adjusted to college/university life! Hahahaha.. 2. WHAT ARE THE FIVE THINGS ON MY TO-DO LIST TODAY? - Attend Mass - Get my dress (made by Tammy Tan) at Angel's Kitchen in Greenhills - 'Report' to my Panget's dad (hopefully) - Laze around (Hahahaha!!) - Hopefully get a massage tonight with my mommy dearest! 3. SNACKS I ENJOY At the top of my head.. (there are a LOT more, for sure!) - Lay Classic Potato Chips - Ruffles Cheese and Sour Cream - Kellog's Frosties - Cheetos - Kirei Yummy Flakes - Frenc Fries 4. PLACES WHERE I LIVED - Manila (of course!) - Beijing, China - for half a year last 2002-2003 (I miss Beijing so badly!) 5. THINGS I’D DO IF I WERE A BILLIONAIRE - Donate to the Catholic Church - Put up a school - Travel - Put up a restaurant - Put up

RIP Bernie Mac

Pic grabbed from this site You will be sorely be missed. He died Saturday - due to complications from Pneumonia. I thought he was getting better. Rest in Peace Bernie!! :)

Rick Astley Live in Manila

I never thought I'd be watching. I actually got the idea from Spanx . He was the one who started it all (in my opinion!). And now that he's here.. Well.. It was actually my Panget who was pestering me all day yesterday to watch the concert. Being an 80's kid - I knew most of the songs - but my Panget, knows ALL of his songs. He even has ALL of them in his iPod! Hahaha.. He was sending me corney (but cute) messages all day using lines and titles of Rick Astley songs. By then time we finished work - he decided to purchase 2 Upper B tickets, he was really keen on watching. I was shocked. But our good grace came in the form of a text message sent by a friend to my mom. It was really unexpected. The text read ' Ma'am - I have 2 tickets for you tonight' . My mom and I wondered what kind of tickets - the reply said ' It's compli (compliemtary) Ma'am '. I was jubilant - but I think my Panget was more jubilant than I was when I told him of the

Contest! Raffling off an ALEXA Bag Organizer!!

CONTEST! CONTEST! RAFFLE! RAFFLE! (the first time ever in my blog!! Yeyness!) I will be giving away a large ALEXA Bag Organizer ! How to join the raffle: Just subscribe to my feeds! Yes, it's that easy!! Simply subscribe to my blog updates! (submit your email address on the space provided for (look to your right ==>) Deadline for subscribing is August 20, 2008 Winner will be announced on August 21, 2008! Cheers everyone!! :)