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I never thought this would happen to me, it did cross my mind - but I just shrugged it off. Since I began doing Bikram Yoga - the thought of losing a pair of flipflops - Havaianas to be exact crossed my mind. You see, we leave our flipflops in the studio near the entrance as we go barefoot in the studio. I've told friends to be careful with their flipflops - as they might get switched with another pair. Ivy was not as lucky - I remember that night, she called me up and asked me if I mistakenly took her pair, I said no because my pair had bite marks (from the puppies I have at home) - I then asked her for the size of her pair, she said they were 39/40, well - I'm a 37/38 - so it wasn't me. That was about a few months ago. Last night - it was my turn. Yes, when I was about the leave the studio - I looked for my pair at the exact same place I placed it (I make it a point to remember where I placed them so that it won't get switched with another). Lo and behold - T


Welcome my Panget's Niece! Born: May 18, 2007 @ 9:40pm Length: 18 inches Weight: 6lbs. 4oz.

Election Day!

This morning - after attending my Bikram Yoga class - I immediately went home, took a bath and waited for my brother and mom to go to our precinct to vote. Yes, I was very eager to vote! You see this is only my third time - so you can still expect me to be idealistic at patriotic at the same time. My mom and brother were at first hestiant to vote - they said that their votes won't count naman since there will be cheating. I beg to differ. And so - here I am, at home - full from my lunch in Zong at The Fort - which by the way - had terrible terrible service! I had to call the server's attention more than twice just to get a glass of water refilled - to think that our table was in front of the bar! Aya! For the record - here is my list of 12 Senators: CHIZ Escudero LOREN Legarda NOYNOY Aquino ANTONIO Trillanes MARTIN Bautista ALAN PETER Cayetano MANNY Villar KIKO Pangilinan SONIA Roco JOKER Arroyo NIKKI Coseteng KOKO Pimentel

People I miss

To be very honest, I miss a lot of people. Most of them - well, they're those people who become your friends because of certain circumstances, and then out of nowhere - they slowly vanish out of your life. But you're still friends. Do you get what I mean? Well, let's name this first person that I miss as Bumblebee - Bumblebee is the silent type. Bumblebee is kinda quiet but when given a topic of interest - there's no way of stopping Bumblebee from talking. I like Bumblebee because of the simple fact that this person - is so down to earth and warm. I miss our conversations (especially on TV shows) The second person that I miss is Ronald . Ronad is quite the opposite of Bumblebee for this person - loves to talk! Just like me! Yey! We both love Tagalog movies. We learned that we shared this same appreciation of the Tagalog genre. Quite weird but true! There's no way for me to initiate contact with the two - when I do - I will treading in dangerous wate

Should I or should I not?

Last night, I was smitten by the SE W710i . I found it really cute and the fact that it was a flip phone - well, you can say that I was really sold on it. You see, I'm not a techie - I don't usually care what phone I have just as long as I can send SMS and call easily. I always say that the simplier the phone - the better! But now I find myself obsessing with this phone. Last night - when I got home, I still couldn't stop thinking about the phone and up to this moment - I'm still thinking about it. The question is - should I get it or not? My brother was telling me just the other day to replace my SE K750i because I was already complaining on the phone's joystick. I told him that I didn't want to replace it with another brand - I would like to replace it with the same brand - but so far (during that time) I haven't found a suitable replacement. And the fact that I have this thing with phones (the simplier the better thingy) I couldn't care les

My Personality

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP) Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?

HSBC's Special Due Date for Check Payments

I just noticed that my bill has a special note at the bottom of the page. It states that for check payments - you need to pay 3 banking days prior to the due date. I find this quite unfair because we have to adjust the due dates if we're paying in checks! So what's the purpose of having a due date printed on the statement? Other credit card companies who have been in the industry for a far longer time than them does not demand this from their clients. I know so because I handle my parent's accounts. I find this quite unfair and fishy - I mean just because you'll be paying in check you need to pay 3 days in advance? Such a discrimination for those who pay in checks! Here's an image of the notation in my statement: Is it just me or is it really unfair?

DVD Galore

Last Labor Day, I bought myself actually my Panget paid for it.. a few DVDs. Finally, I had a copy of Music and Lyrics, The Departed, and Studio 60. Music and Lyrics - mainly because of Drew Barrymore. I just love her and the way she portrays her characters! I have been hearing raves about the movie and it's soundtrack too! And so it got me curious of course! My Panget intentionally forgot to set this movie date for me. Review : I found the movie endearing! It was really cute. The actors were perfect for their roles! Hugh Grant - I can't explain it but his method of acting - very effective! And Drew - Drew Barrymore - one of my favorite actresses! I love her character and the way she portrays it! The movie is definitely a chick-flick - a nice chick- flick acutally! The soundtrack was also great! I love the British envasion Pop style of music! I really have a soft spot of musical movies (i.e. High School Musical, Grease and The Sound of Music) The Departed

Another 30-Day Challenge!

I will be doing this again - it's as if I've not had enough of the heat? Actually, I've not been attending as regularly as I wanted to, but now - I will be forced to attend the sessions everyday. Now - why will I subject myself to torture everyday starting today? Well, to be honest - because of Vanity. I know it's a sin and all - but I have to admit - it's for vanity's sake. Wish me luck! I hope this time - I will be as lucky as Rowell Santiago - he lost 15lbs!! Let's go 30-Day Challenge !

The Dresden Files and a baby crib..

Yesterday was a day of firsts. It was my first time to watch a few episodes of the Sci-Fi series The Dresden Files , my first time to attend a Kiddie party in the middle of the week and my very first time in assembling a baby's crib! After the party - my Panget and I together with Imma and Marshall then went on to Metrowalk - to buy some DVDs. After an hour or so - I convinced my Panget to eat Halo-Halo at Icebergs (asm my mom said that the Halo-Halo there was okay). After our mid-afternoon merienda - we headed to my Panget's brother's house. We got there just in time (we were supposed to help him fix and transfer stuffs around the house - he and his wife are expecting ther first child soon) - He was watching a new series he discovered, The Dresden Files ; at first it seemed weird - but give it about 15 minutes and it gets better. It's a Sci-Fi series with a merry mix of comedy, action, sci-fi and mystery. It seemed to me like the male version of Charmed - but wi