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Giveaway ALERT! Oishi Smart C+

Bottoms Up! Yes, that's what is written on the label of Oishi's Smart C+!  I am one who doesn't believe much in popping vitamins (pills).  I'd like to get my vitamins naturally - like in juices and in food!  For one, I LOVE milk and so I drink it everyday - and that's my natural dose of Calcium.  But for Vitamin C, well - I have to confess, I rarely drink OJ, and even if I make lemon water, I doubt that its enough of a dose. I'm glad to know that a local brand - Oishi is now offering a Vitamin C+ a thirst quenching alternative to those pills!! In light of this new offering/discovery - I'm giving away 12 bottles of Smart C+'s (6-Pomelo Grapefruit and 6-Lemon Squeeze) Please note that this giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents who are willing to meet up to pick up the prize in Quezon City - specifically, Trinoma Mall, Robinson's Magnolia, SM North and Fisher Mall.  I also beg you not to force me to sponsor shipping to your address.  I

Globe VS Smart VS DIDI

Yes, I DISLIKE them both.  Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. Last Tuesday, I was contemplating - should I subscribe to a 5day unli data with Globe Telecom or use my pocket wifi and subscribe to Smart's 5day unli data.  It was a tough decision.  I had to weigh the pros and cons - and then I eventually realized that if I subscribed with my home network, that it would mean that I won't need to lug around an extra device and extra power bank.  So I opted to go with Globe Telecom, my home network. Registration was supposed to be easy.  I easily subscribed to their unli data and I've done it a dozen times!  It was so easy - I just had to punch in *143# and follow the instructions, and I did.  But then I received a text message saying that the Supersurf 200 I was trying to avail wasn't available in my subscription.  Now, how the hell was that possible?  I tried again and yet I received the same text.  I immediately turned to twitter as Globe Twitter agents respon

Say YES to Starbucks' Caramel Ribbon Crunch & Banana Mango Frappuccino!!

Its officially summer!  And in the sweltering heat - a refreshing drink always cools us down.  The folks at Starbucks have two new drinks in store for us - the Caramel Ribbon Crunch and the Banana Mango Frappuccino!  I am so very excited to share that starting April 22 - we will be treated to a taste the Caramel Ribbon Crunch and the Banana Mango Frappuccino! As a treat to us, they're having a promo called Star Dash Wait, there's more! What a great treat for the summer!!! To those Starbucks Card collectors, here are two new designs to collect! The Birthday Card! What a perfect birthday gift!  The Summer Card Another wonderful design to commemorate the season! So head on to Starbucks on the 22nd!  See you there!!

Beating Impetigo Contagiosa

Since Kailee and Connor have Skin Athsma/Eczema, its quite a normal sight to see rashes on their skins from time to time.  I've tried so many lotions, foreign brands, local brands, eco friendly brands, natural brands and nothing has worked to completely eliminate the skin asthma.  I've accepted the fact that to treat the rashes, I needed to put medicine/steroids on them, but just for a short while.  When the rashes disappear, I immediately stop with the medicines. Two weekends ago, while we were in Bohol - I noticed that Kailee had this small red dot on her thigh, it looked like an insect bite, so I dismissed it and put a natural remedy.  Whenever I caught her scratching it, I would tell her to stop. Before she went to sleep, I put a mild steroid cream - Synalar 10 on her.  The next day, it looked a bit better and so I stopped. When we got back to Manila - the rash looked a bit bad.  I gathered that Kailee must have scratched it, so much that it got worse.  So I just dism

Maynilad.. Hay Nako..

I have a love-hate relationship with Maynilad.  I love them because I NEED my water supply, I hate them because they're very disorganized!!  Argh... How are they disorganized? Well, yesterday - a HOLIDAY, I got a call from our guard early in the morning.  He informed me that there were Maynilad contractors outside and they were going to change all the meters to new ones.  Since they will change the meters, we will not have water for an hour or so.  Of course, I couldn't say no right?  After while, I got another call again telling me that they will need to remove the grills protecting the meters (our water meter was stolen last year).  I refused to have them take out because it was just the meters that will be replaced!  So, I went to the gate to inspect and argue my point.  When I got to the gate, they told me that they will also be replacing the tubes.  I was irritated, I told them why not tell the whole tale - that the meter AND the tubes will be replaced so that

Bohol: The Bellevue Resort - World Class!

Last December, I was given the chance to stay at The Bellevue Manila and I was impressed with the kind of service that was given me.  I have mentioned in my previous post that what I experienced was hospitality at its Best.  And so when my in laws told us that we were going to stay at The Bellevue Resort in Bohol - I was thrilled and excited! At the airport, we were welcomed by a TBR (The Bellevue Resort) staff - he welcomed us with a warm smile and giving us shell necklaces and cold bottled water (which was very refreshing!).  We waited a few minutes (getting our bags and loading them in the van) and we were off to The Bellevue Resort.  The ride was a good 40 - 45 minutes, this is without traffic. When we got to the resort, we were impressed at the lobby because it was something we didn't expect to see.  I was expecting to see a modern resort looby - but what welcomed our sights was a nature inspired lobby.  It wasn't enclosed and instead used the space to create a won

Kailee, the swimmer (wannabe)

My daughter loves the water so much.  Yes, when she was still an infant, she loved taking a bath!  When she was diagnosed with Skin Asthma/Eczema, we were advised by the doctor to bathe at least twice a day - and she loved it so much! But even if she loves the water - she was afraid of the pool.  Well a real actual swimming pool that is.  We would bring her to my sister in law's pool (at her condo) and she would hang on to my Panget's neck for dear life!  But she enjoyed the water very much.  So last January, when we knew that we were going to Bohol, my Panget insisted to enroll her to the Aqualogic swimming class.  My two nieces were schooled here (including my nepher) - and they are now very confident in the water. The first three classes were so stressful.  During the first class, she was so excited to see her baby cousin in the pool!  But when it was her turn to swim (my Panget was in the pool with her), she was crying and semi screaming!  It took her a two more lesson

BioPha Organic Shower Gel

My kids have skin asthma/Eczema thus, I need to be careful with the products that I use on them.  For soaps, I've tried so many soap, shower gels and the like - I am currently using Dove Baby on them because its the only one that I found that is okay with their skin. Last weekend, we were at Bohol - I brought with me a BioPha Organic, a soap free Shower Gel to use on myself.  But while I was bathing Kailee, I had this idea on using it on her.  Just to try and see what happens.  And so I did.  And it was wonderful!  Kailee didn't itch, nor did she have rashes or dry patches after her shower.  She slept through the night without scratching.  I initially thought maybe it was just a first timer's luck, so on her next bath - I would try it again. So the next day, before going on our tour - I used it on Kailee.  And I was amazed because she never felt any itch the whole day!  She was so well behaved and did not complain of itchiness!  She didn't scratch at all - she f