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Boo Smart Buddy! Boo!!

What do you do when all of a sudden your 500+ free text messages become missing? You call the telecom’s customer service hotline, am I right? Well, I did just that – but you know what? Apparently, their customer service hotline requires your number to have a enough load to make the call. Since my load was less the P3.00, the recording refused to take my call. I then tried calling using a landline – again, when I punched in my number – the call was refused saying that I didn’t have enough load. Now – how in freaking hell did that happen? I was using a landline right? I had to type in a friend’s number and then was able to go through. I spoke to a CSR names Keanz (Quintana). What a weird name right? Anyways, I was telling her my problem and she just told me that she was sorry that she couldn’t do anything because their logs only have records 7 days prior to my call. I then asked her if she can ask for my previous records to be reviewed, she said yes and then told me that

GIN BLOSSOMS in Manila!!

Atheista , my Plurk friend posted that they're coming over!! When I asked where he got the news - shared the link of Gin Blossoms' FB page !!! YAHOOOOO!! Got this screen cap from the Facebook Page!!! I want to watch this!! I want to watch this!!

CALL for Posting! Team Carnival - Your FAVORITE Friends episode!!

On my recent hosting for Team Carnival - a lot, I mean a lot mentioned that Friends is one of their favorite shows. Here's a thought! Of all nine seasons of FRIENDS, which is your FAVORITE episode? I know its tough - to just mention one episode, so how about making it a Top 5 or a Top 10? Its up to you - if you have just one, the write about that one, if you have 5 or 10, write about them all! :) As for me, I think I'll keep it at a minimum Top 5. Tell us your favorite guys! :) One of my favorites is - Season 4 Episode 12 : The one with the Ebryos Photo credited to THIS site This episode still makes me laugh to this day!  Can't wait to read everyone's post!! :)  Go! Go! Go!

Wedding Planning: Google Docs to the rescue!

Wedding Plannings is not an easy task. Believe me, my Panget and I have been there. I saw this one thru Aileen Apolo's Plurks !! How lucky are brides to be now - that Google Docs has a template for wedding planning. So, to brides to be - ENJOY planning!! :) Believe me, this will be of GREAT GREAT help!!

Twilight Zone Moment - Marikina

I went to visit a client in Marikina this afternoon. To be honest, I do not remember where Marikina was nor what it looked like.  All I remember of Marikina are that, a) great grandmother used to live there b) it's the shoe capital of Manila and c)  we have clients based there. And so from the office, we took Xavierville.  Imagine the traffic at about 3 in the afternoon!  Katipunan was chaotic, but after Katipunan - the traffic seemed a little lighter.  I'm seeing less and less cars. What made the experience Twilight Zone-y, was when were at an intersection.  There were only a handful of cars!  And there were no pedestrians crossing the streets!  It was like, I crossed a parallel universe!  Gone were the traffic and bumper to bumper cars!  The city seemed so quiet and it was so strange for me! I felt like I was in another time and place! I can't explain it but I was in awe - I mean, there were cars here and there but not as many as it is in say QC or San Juan!  Ma

Coke 2010 FIFA World Cup Glasses

Thank you to Coke, Starcom and BlogBank! :)

Thank you BLU TACK!!

Blu Tack saved my phone. I’ve seen Blu Tack in National Bookstore for years. I’ve always wondered what it was for. There are packs of blue Blu Tack and packs of colored and gray BluTack. It was only recently – more specifically last March 2010 that I learned what it was actually for. I learned of BluTac through Jojo and Cubie – this happened while looking around in National Bookstore Trinoma. Since they both knew I was a ‘pen’ addict – they surmised that I knew almost everything in National Bookstore. They were actually surprised to learn that – I didn’t know what a Blu Tack was and what it was for! They began explaining what it was for and how convenient and easy it was to use! This piqued my curiosity. But it was only yesterday, while I was at the SM North Edsa department store – that I actually bought one. The first thing I did was fix my fridge door. I do not have a collection of refrigerator door magnets and so this time, I was able to hang everything I needed o

Anti-Rape Condom: Spiked!

I find this quite odd - but hell, if it works! REJOICE for all women! To read more on the CNN article, click the link below:

My XOCOLAT dining experience..

MyXOCOLAT experience... (text to follow..)

oTOYs TOYs TOYs and Books....

When I got home yesterday from work - I saw this huge balikbayan box. I was so excited to see the contents! Lo and behold.. The contests were ALL of my Panget's toys and books. When I saw it - I closed it up.  Hahaha!!  No use to see it since I didn't have a single item inside. No hidden gift for Didi!  Hahahahaha...

June 30, 2010 - Its a HOLIDAY!!

It's DECLARED!! June 30, 2010 - Wednesday is a SPECIAL NON- WORKING HOLIDAY!! Here's the link from ABS-CBN news

Moskigo: The insect repellent patch!

I’m a firm believer of Citronella as an insect/mosquito repellant. My mom was the first one who introduced me to this – she bought a bottle of Citronella oil out of curiosity because her friend was recommending it as an alternative to the usual Baygon and Raid. My mom then instructed the helper to pour some oil into a pail of water and mop the floor using the mixture. What then followed was a wonderfully scented living room and office – sans mosquitoes! It was then, that we believed on the ‘powers’ of citronella. During one of the ‘club’ dinners – Richard and his lovely wife introduced Moskigo to me and Jane. I was surprised to smell the scent of Citronella! I was more surprised to learn that it was indeed Citronella – and the scent came from a sticker patch! Can you believe it? I mean, a sticker patch – that you can stick anywhere – anytime! Moskigo is a patch infused with the essence of Citronella – thus, it’s an insect repellant patch! No need to worry about sticky lo

Team Carnival's My FAVORITE TV Shows..

I thought it was easy to write about this week's topic.  I mean, I was the one who thought of it right?  Well, it's kinda tough.  I mean - sigh, when I think about it - I do have a LOT of favorite TV shows.. I am a weirdo when it comes to TV.  I get attached to these show somehow.  Hahahaha!!  Image borrowed from THIS site First and foremost - I absolutely LOVE the show FRIENDS. I think I have memorized most of its lines from watching it so many times over! When I am bored - I just pop the dvd into the player and watch the show! But mind, you - I am organized as I watch it season after season without skipping! I must admit that the season that I most neglected was the last season. There was a time that I refused to watch the last few episodes of the of the final season - because I didn't want to see them go! But then I realized, that I had to watch it. And I did - and I cried buckets.


I am a huge, HUGE fan of JJ Abrams. I love Felicty. I love ALIAS and I love LOST. And so I was wondering - does he have something special for us now that LOST has already ended? My friend Mindy and Radrad said that the magnificent JJ Abrams has a new series called UNDERCOVERS. I watched the short preview and the verdict is.. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH AN EPISODE!! :)

CALL for Posting! Team Carnival - Your FAVORITE TV Shows!

Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210 - these two are somewhat iconic TV shows that launched my fascination with US television.  These two were the ones that I followed intently - if I remember correctly, these two series were shown on Channel 2 (Abs-Cbn) and on a Friday night (correct me if I'm wrong). Even before these two shows - there's Knots Landing, which is my mom's favorite.  There's DALLAS and Falcon Crest!  When before - my mom used to wait for betamax tapes to arrive from relatives from the US who were visiting Manila.  Nowadays, with just a click, one can download the whole series!! Now, I am asking - what favorite TV shows that you miss watching?  Be it local or foreign shows.  If you were to ask me, I'd instantly say - FRIENDS! Hope you can join in the discussion at Team Carnival ! Photo borrowed from THIS site.

My dogs sleep like this..

I have a notion on how dogs sleep. But these two doggies of mine, well - they sleep odd. They actually sleep like... us!! Look at them sleep!! These were taken just a few minutes ago in our office.. This is how Zowee sleeps.. And this is how Happee sleeps..

Spoiler Alert: I LOVE THEM!!

Image credited to THIS site.. When one sees the words 'Spoiler Alert' there are only four things to do: 1  -  Read ahead 2  -  Contemplate and read anyway 3  -  Scan the spoiler  4  -  Stop, ignore and move on (no peeking!) So, which one are you?

LOST Season Finale: Spoiler Alert!!

Photo credited from THIS site Last night, I went on a Lost marathon, watching the show's last five episodes of the latest Season. My marathon ended a little before 4 in the morning. So many tears fell and my heart was broken. I was happy and sad at the same time.

Chick boy ang CHIC-BOY!!

Last Thursday together with fellow bloggers - we met the newest chicken-baboy in town! Chic-Boy !! Image grabbed from Chic-Boy's FB page Located along the busy street of Jupiter in Makati - it boasts of a new twist in the lechon manok, lechon liempo industry; it being - 'Cebu'. Now, everyone who hears the word Cebu said before the words - lechon manok or liempo would immediately salivate at the thought.  Everyone knows how yummy Cebu lechons are!  I am one who believes (like Anthony Bourdain!) that the Cebu lechon is the best pig ever! Since Cebu is miles and miles away from us here in Manila, what is the next best thing?  Honestly - my next best thing would still be ordering the original and having it shipped via plane. Enter - CHIC-BOY !!!!!! Let me be honest, I was never a fan of lechon manok simply because I found it too dry and it lacked taste for me.  But when I munched on Chic-Boy's Cebu lechon manok - I was amazed on how juicy the chicken was!  I

Happy Happy Birthday Franny!!

To one of my cyber-kada, a dear dear friend, a fellow foodie, Plurk-mate, chicka-mate and dinnermate.. Happy Happy Happy Birthday  Fran!! of Panget and I wish you all the BEST!! We love you!! :)