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Quezon City - Garbage Collection FAIL!

We are victims of the flood. Our house, office and factory were flooded with thigh deep water during Ondoy. The day after the typhoon - my family, our helpers and workers cleaned out everything that was damaged. It was only a few days ago, that we fully cleared out the flood damage. All that were flooded and unusable - we put in sacks and brought them out for the garbage trucks to pick up. We waited. Garbage trucks passed by - but only got the small sacks. Telling us that the sacks are too heavy to carry. We then divided the sacks - into smaller sacks, even offering to help carry the sacks to the garbage trucks. But we were ignored and even told that the sacks were still heavy. A basurero even snickered saying ' Wala kasi kayong panigarilyo ' Why in the effing hell are we supposed to give ' panigarilyo ' to them when in fact it is their job to pick up garbage? Are we required to give them 'panigarilyo' just for them to do their jobs?? Is that eve

Nihonbashitei - Malate

I have finally tasted the BEST gyoza!! Interiors My Panget and I found it on NIHONBASHI TEI in Malate. The place looks fairly new and authentic. Why do I say authentic? Well, because there were a lot of Japanese diners!! They were coming in one after another - thus my Panget and I became curious! What kind of fare did they serve? We both hoped that it was authentic and very good! We were crossing our fingers, this place was recommended by my Panget's sister's boyfriend - Boggs. Upon entering, we were greeted by charming servers - they greeted us in unison. The place looked clean and very organized with servers positioned strategically on the floor - perhaps, to look at the needs of their clients. We were given a complimentary sidedish type of appetizer. It was squid with chili - and it tasted very very good! I was amazed, to be honest - because I don't fancy squid that is not fried! Hahaha.. But this tasted very good. The spices were mixed just perfect!

WINNER: Sassa Bikini Contest - Jodilein!!

CONGRATULATIONS Jodilein!! You've just won a two-piece Sassa Bikini!! Here's how picked #9 on the list of comments: Please check you email Jodilein! :) Thank you to all those who joined!! ( even if there were a number of disqualified entries because they either just sent me an email or just left a message at the comment section. You needed to do both to qualify )

Win a Sassa Bikini CONTEST!!

Photo grabbed from I know the timing is odd - since its not yet summer.. But what the heck!! Hahaha.. I won on Jayvee's Sassa Bikini contest on his blog . Since I've been winning contests - I want to pay it forward. So - I'm running this Sassa Bikini Contest!! :) What are the mechanics? 1. Simply leave a message on my comment section and 2. Send me an email ( with your complete name (and nick/handle) and subject WIN A SASSA BIKINI CONTEST! You can post as many comments as you want - as I will be using Random.Org to pick the winner!! Incomplete entries will be invalid!! Please don't forget to read the mechanics carefully!! Contest will run from today 10/19 till October 22, 2009 11:59PM - I will be announcing the winner on October 23, 2009 Good luck peeps!! :)

Disappointed with Dinelli

I've heard so many good things about Dinelli . Good selection, good food, good price and since it was near my area - good location as well! Last Saturday night - together with my new family, we dined there. I have to say - expectations were quite high. But I was greatly disappointed with the quality of service and food we got that night. We were seated on the second floor - and being the only diners there at the time we were seated, I was expecting a server to somehow come up and down to check on us for orders and some other things. But we didn't get that. Yes, the server took our orders - but right after that, we were somehow forgotten. Since there were no servers on our floor - we had to tap on the glass windows to get attention. This happened not once but four times. Our orders then were given one at a time with intervals of 10-15 minutes each. The Alio Oglio pasta was a bitter, the Seabass was relatively small and overcooked, the ribs - tasted bland and seemed

Frannywanny : GOOD LUCK!!!

Grabbed from BetweenBites I'm wishing Frannywanny the BEST of luck for the Philippine Blog Awards this evening. You deserve the nomination - and I think you deserve the crown as well!! :) Thank you for the gift of friendship and for the undying love for food. For the endless YUMMY food posts and discoveries!! :) You TRULY are a foodie, inside out!! :) Good luck Fran!! :) We LOVE you!!! :)


Sorry for the delay.. My internet connection has been touch and go.. Please be patient as I'm sure - this weekend, the post will be up!! Thanks for waiting! :) Congratulations to the winners!!