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Lady in the Water

Saw this last night and again, I was not failed by the genius M. Night Shyamalan. Mr. Shyamalan is a great story teller - he uses simple plots and transforms them into a great movie. Remember the movie Unbreakable? Well, that movie - blew me away, why? Well, because with just a simple plot of Good vs Evil - he was able to translate it into the big screen without it being just a simple movie! Ang galing! I may be biased with his movies but I don't care! I just love the way he makes it! Near the end, I was brought to tears when Mr. Heap spoke to his family. Awww....

A night at HEAT

Yes, ever since dining at this place early this year - I got hooked. Thank god, I'm not into buffets as much (or else, whatelse!?) But there are times that I crave for it. Well, last night was my mom's Chinese birthday and we celebrated it there - ate with my parents, brother, Cams and my Panget. I was excited for days to get to HEAT! And when we were finally there... GAME ON!! Although I didn't eat as much (as my Panget would say 'walang kwenta ang mga kinakain mo') but nevertheless, I enjoyed every single minute spent walking around the buffet tables, eating and chatting around and about. I will look forward to eating here again... SOON!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Last night, I went to Chili's to celebrate the (belated) birthday of my good friend Kym. As usual, we went to our ultimate favorite restaurant Chili's. For the first time - in a long while - EVERYONE WAS ON TIME! This may be due to some Positive thinking - life changing stuff that we learned about a month ago. We all were talking non-stop! It seemed as if we never had a silent eating moment. Everyone was munching on and on! I missed having to see my friends and somehow talk to them. But I'm glad that through the years, we're all still the same!! Even if we rarely saw one another (I know, we should start making time.. Seriously!) we'd start again where we left off when we saw one another last! Strange? Na-ah! I don't think so - isn't it great to have friends like these? I feel so blessed that I have great sets of friends. I really do! Ask my Panget about it. To everyone who's anyone - HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! :)

Saying goodbye..

My Havaianas collection has grown once again. Just last week - I've already acquired 3 pairs! I can't seem to stop. I've tried to - but damn, here I am again. I've already shunned myself from looking at the website but somehow my favorite Havaianas saleslady - well, she makes me very happy - she's really nice. Ask my Panget. Since I 've acquired 3 new pairs - I've decided to let go of 2 pairs. They're really not my favorites but I guess I already outgrew my facsination with them, thus they're rarely used. I've officially put my TOP Brown and Jungle Green Havaianas on the market last Monday - it's kind of cruel and I bet these 2 pairs are cursing me to death. It's so hard to let go of them - but I know I need to since I rarely use them! I'll ride it out for another week - and when no one is interested - I'll just pass them on to someone else. Since Monday night, I've been looking at them before I go to sleep, thinkin

Butterscotch Bars

It's been about 4 years since I last baked. Yes, it's true - my once favorite hobby was in hiatus for a while - a long while. I can't believe it's been 4 years?! (you can blame my Panget for this) Well, last night - I tried it again, and I understood why I used to love baking. Baking somehow de-stresses me. It's true!! Although, you need to prepare the ingredients before hand, wash all the necessary tools - the whole nine yards - it was all worth it. And! For the first time, I washed and cleaned most of what I used!! I wasn't as messy, and I was faster than before! Before, I had always thought that baking took a lot of my time since I started at about 6:00pm and finished close to 11:00pm! Last Night, I started at around 6:30pm and by the time it was 8:00pm I was already cleaning up! Fast huh?! Or maybe I've just grown more organized? Anyhoo, I'm back - my hobby's back!! I just hope I get the energy to bake again. Or maybe bake at som

Happy Happy Birthday Panget!!

To my Panget.. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! :)

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Jacob!

AND another one bites the dust..

Stop that knowing smile. Yes. I have succomed once again, in a span of 2 days - I got 2 new pairs of Havaianas. I guess this has been overdue - for the longest time - I have controlled myself from purchasing a pair. One year later (exactly 1 year and 20 days later) I've bought myself 2 new pairs. Damn. I've got to stop!!!

Another one bites the dust..

Yes, for the nth time - I have a new pair of havaianas. Again, I've succombed to the lure of those damn Brazil made rubber slippers. This pair however is my first pair of Havaianas with an imprinted design. Let's count how many Havaianas I have: - TOP Black* - STYLE ICE Lavander and White* - FASHION Black - TOP Jungle Green - TOP Brown - TOP Navy Blue - BRAZIL Black** *My first two pairs were bought from my good friend Berly with a hefty 20% discount **This special pair was also bought at 20% off because my first ever Havaianas' toe strap broke off. This is by far the most comfortable pair ever! I really don't know why. Adding to that is my newly acquired HIBISCO White 2006 Edition. Cool huh!! There's a 2006 edition - who knew?! Special thanks to sis Pattybee of GirlTalk - she was selling her brand new pair - and I was lucky enough to see her ad - I thought about it for a while (for 30 minutes) then boom! I wanted it!! Hahaha.. :)

In HIGH Spirits!

Last Friday was a bad day for me. Surprisingly, I was still in high spirits! Crazy? Try amazing. Well, since I started listening to the positive thinking audio books Berly gave me, good things have been happening. I'm more at peace, more patient, and I guess more relaxed! Thank god! :) Anyhoo, my Panget and I received Superman tickets from our friend Ian - although we were 30 minutes late - we still enjoyed the IMAX experience - Thanks Ian! :) Super!! After watching Superman Returns (I cried twice - hehe..) We walked around and about Mall of Asia - we were trying to look for a place to eat. We finally settled for a cutesy Japanese inspired restaurant called Tokyo Cafe. The waitresses were all very pleasant, bowing every time they served something. My Panget had the best seller which was called Tokyo Chops that turned out to be a glorified Tonkatsu with rice (I liked the taste) I on the otherhand had the Italian Sausage pizza. I loved the flavour of my pizza! It was r