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#SundaySeries: Humility & Mass in Tagalog

I've always felt that hearing Mass in Tagalog is more solemn.  I remember picking Tagalog songs during my wedding Mass, and it felt really solemn.  Is it just me? Anyway, I heard Mass in Tagalog and I can't explain what I felt, I guess it's been a long time since I last heard Mass in Tagalog.  But it felt really solemn and close to the heart. My take away during today's homily was that to remain humble.  God sees through everything.  We don't need to flaunt things or accomplishments to Him because He knows them.  He sees them.  He appreciates it more when we have a quite, humble and sincere heart. In this day and age of social media.  People tend to show off what they have.  Maybe because they want validation?  Remember the term humble brag?  When the hashtag blessed was become a humble brag of sorts?  Well, life's like that - but we can CHOOSE TO REMAIN HUMBLE, REMAIN LOW KEY, REMAIN TRUE TO JESUS' HUMILITY.

Parenting 101: Tact & Intentional Parenting

I know kids say what is on their mind.  But there is a fine line when what they say lacks TACT.  What is Tact? Adults have known tact - but there are some who still lack this important trait.  Maybe because they think they are just being 'honest'.  Well, one can be honest without being tactless and insensitive right?  As I always teach my kids - if you don't have anything nice to say - just be quiet. Lately, I have come across kids that really really LACK tact.  They utter words like they know the meaning of them - and they don't.  And it's really irritating for me.  I feel that they want to sound smart, but they end up sounding dumb in front of me.  I seriously want to correct them, but I stop myself.  I then think - is it my responsibility as an adult to guide them?  Or do I just let their parents guide them? It's such a struggle for me you know, I can't understand it but there's a need inside of me to say something.  I mean, we do let

DON'T bring #PepperSpray OUT of the country!!

Do you know that possessing pepper spray in certain countries is ILLEGAL? Who would have thought?  Not me, nor my friends.  Not most everyone! So here I am writing this - a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Read it again: PEPPER SPRAY IS ILLEGAL IN THESE COUNTRIES :   Hong Kong   Macau   Singapore   Japan   Thailand   Australia   New Zealand   India   Belgium   Denmark   Italy   Norway   Sweden   Switzerland   United Kingdom   Nigera   Iran   Vietnam   Finland   Greece   Iceland   Ireland   Netherlands   Romania   Brazil Now, why am I sharing this information?  Because apparently, people are unaware of such law!  I have heard three (3) horror stories of people being held at the airport (by the police) for possessing pepper spray.  They were brought INNOCENTLY and they got held at the airport for having it in their personal bags. Being detained in a foreign country with a language barrier is NO JOKE.  I can only imagine the st

Halloween with IFLIX!

Before the era of internet, there was one Halloween tradition that was practiced by Filipinos in the country.  And that is to watch Magandang Gabi Bayan's Halloween Special.  It was shown the Saturday prior to October 31 (in case it didn't fall on a Saturday).  I remember most everyone would watch it intently and was looking forward to it every year.  And when school resumed after the break - everyone of us would tell ghost stories we heard from friends and friends of friends. I honestly don't know what happened to that special - if it still airs now, but what I can tell you is that - you can not watch a selection of Halloween/Horror themed movies on IFLIX!  Their selection is quite interesting!  So, if you're wanting to have that horror thrill in your lives this Halloween, look no further and experience it with IFLIX!! GET YOUR THRILLS AND CHILLS THIS HALLOWEEN ON IFLIX   MANILA, October 20, 2019 – It’s the scariest time of the year again, and you’ve been busy p

Little Dapitan at Ayala Cloverleaf Balintawak

Dapitan.  The home of wonderful finds.  I remember going there a years ago in search of Christmas decor when I was newly married.  Years later, I went there to look for wooden stuff and what nots.  I remember walking the streets of Kanlaon and going into the Dapitan Arcade to just browse what they were selling.  I remember too that they change the items they sell depending on the season.  Nowadays, parking is a huge problem.  I've often wondered what will happen to those who frequent Dapitan Market. Look no further, but with the comforts of an open parking area beside it - comes, #LittleDapitan.  It's housed on the compound of Ayala Malls Cloverleaf in Balintwak.  It's literally a #LittleDapitan because the stalls hail from the actual Dapitan Market!  Here are what I found when I went around: These #capiz decorations are a classic in Dapitan!  It's so nice to see them showcased and being sold here in #LittleDapitan at #Cloverleaf! How cute is that d

#SundaySeries: Being present in Prayer

I'll start a #SundaySeries sharing my thoughts on Sunday Mass' Homily. I have been regularly hearing Mass every Sunday since 2007.  I started consciously going because I found hearing Mass every Sunday calming.  It has made me realize that praying really helps.  I know I'm not an all good person, but I try my best to be.  And I feel that having this relationship with God has helped me become a better person. Today's homily was very nice.  It was long, but I didn't notice the time because I was listening intently.  I have to be honest, there are priests who give really good and meaningful homilies and there are others who don't.  But I'm sure they all are trying their best, and I appreciate them all for it. Well, this Sunday - my take was to be present in prayer.  I do pray, but my prayer is different.  My prayer is usually about thanking God for the blessings every day.  When I wake up, the first thing I do is say a prayer of thanks in my head.  I than


I went to see my pediatrician for different shots.  She told me that the hospital is having giving FREE #OPV to kids 0-59 months old.  The location was near the back parking of the MAB.  She told me to go since I was already at the hospital.  And so we went.  And this was what I saw: This particular program is also available in St. Luke's BGC.  So if you have kids ages 0-59 months, PLEASE head on to St. Luke's QC or St. Luke's BGC for this FREE #OPV. I personally felt lucky that they were giving away this #OPV for FREE!  I am PRO-vaccines, because they work.  I personally believe that vaccines are there for a reason.  There has been a LOT of talk about vaccines causing autism.  This is NOT TRUE!  The study that anti-vaxxers have been holding as a bible has been debunked! Think of your child.  Give them to opportunity to be healthy.  Please. We are given ONCE CHANCE TO TAKE CARE OF GOD'S GIFT TO US.  Please do it well, please do it with LOVE.

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