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Starbucks Grande Wednesday!

ALL Wednesdays of May from 3pm to 6pm, INDULGE yourselves with these grande Starbucks Frapuccino for P100! Yes, you read that right - P100.00 only!   BEAT THAT SUMMER HEAT with #StarbucksGrandeWednesday! On May 2 - Have this delicious Matcha: On May 9 - have this Almond Frapp On May 16 - a Strawberry Cupcake! On May 23 - Butterbeer!! Last but not the least - May 30, the Candymint! Enjoy the summer with these Grande Wednesday!

Cleaning my White Ultraboost X

Rubber shoes never appealed to me for the only reason that it looks really - bulky.  I remember being forced to wear one when I travelled as a kid, but as I grew up - I chose different styled shoes.  I settled with sneakers - it's the most comfortable for me at that time.  I wore it on occasion, it was never the first option of footwear for me.  In HS well, since there was PE - I was forced to own sneakers, but then they were just for PE, nothing more and nothing less. Then, I finally found a footwear that I can walk in all day - Fitflops, but there was a catch, it was a glorified flipflop.  When I travelled to tropical countries, I never had a problem with it.  Then a few years ago, during a trip to London - well, it was rainy and very cold - I felt that my Fitflops were not enough to get me through the trip.  Luckily that time, there was a closed shoe version of the Fitflop.  I thought, it was really meant to be - because it was a loafer type, one that is not bulky. Fast

Eduplay School Manila's new home!

Eduplay School Manila has moved to a new home. And it's nearby the old location - just a few meters away. I was so impressed to see the open parking lot in the front.  I was honestly wondering months ago how they will transform this new place. And boy was I impressed.  The layout is PERFECT!  And as usual, I give my thumbs up in cleanliness, very good use of space and the size.  It's really a joy to see the new place.  I must say, this new place they found is really meant to be for them. Congratulations to everyone in EduPlay! I loved that they tore down the wall and opened it up for parking! I'm really loving the vibe of Eduplay's new home! The iconic blue wall! I will miss seeing this everyday... Below are just a few of the classrooms they have.  Loving the space, the colors of the walls and the set-up.  Feeling nostalgic on the cubbies. I love how the house was transformed into something very functional.  The classrooms are the