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the canDIshhh tales : 10th BLOGniversary GIVEAWAY!!

10 years is, WOW! Unbelievable. So, to celebrate my 10th year of blogging today - I'm doing a GIVEAWAY hosted by my favorite brands!! :)  This is just one way of me saying THANK YOU to ALL of my readers and to ALL the brands that have given me their trust and support! Here are just some of the stuff that I will be giving away!! The coveted 2016 Starbucks Moleskine Planner ! Starbucks Beverage Coupons! Melissa Slip-Ons!! K-Pallete stuff I got in Tokyo! GIFT PACKS from the following brands: Serenitea GCs Sevilla Sausage packs Paper Chic Studio  the Bento Mommas Clorox, Glad & Pinesol Philippines Vikings Luxury Buffet GC for 2 Lysol Philippines House of Praise CDs I will make this giveaway really really SIMPLE for everyone!  Just follow do the Rafflecopter instruction and most importantly, leave the following details on the comment section below .  One comment entry PER prize (you can s

the canDIshhh tales is 10!

In a few days, this blog - is turning 10 years old! Yes, you read that right - 10 years! I made my first post on November 26, 2005.  And to signify this milestone - I am doing a giveaway hosted by the my favorite brands and establishments. I am grateful and honored to have stayed in the industry this long.  Who would have thought right?  I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would still be writing and blogging 10 years in.  It's such a feat in my books. Along the way, I have met so many people from different walks of life.  Most of whom I've remained in contact with.  Some, I've become really good friends with.  I've met people through this blog that have helped me survived one way or another.  They lent a helping hand without strings attached.  And I appreciate each and every one of them.  Let's not forget the bad - they were not all bad, but there are a handful of bad.  But I think this blogging experience wouldn't be complete without them.

Really GOOD Pho at Tra Vinh Philippines

For months, I've seen and heard of this Vietnamese restaurant from friends.  I honestly wondered where it was in Quezon City.  When I learned it was in nearby Banawe area, I thought to myself - how strange!  Hahaha!!  I've been meaning to try it, but I haven't had the chance yet. Until - lunch time today. This morning was quite hectic - my friend Kath and I went to Divisoria, specifically 168 Mall and 999 Mall to do some shopping.  We were undecided where to have lunch - but I thought, since we were done shopping, why not just have lunch near our area.  Kath suggested to go to this Vietnamese restaurant that she has been frequenting - Tra Vinh.  I welcomed her idea and was quite excited - in my mind, FINALLY - I'll be able to try it. Okay, so what do I know about Vietnamese food?  I've never been to Vietnam and so the only place I've had it is in Pho Hoa.  I knew that pho meant noodle soup.  So I was looking forward to the broth. Tra Vinh

Globe, you are #Wonderful!

As you all know, I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Globe Telecom. I have been a subscriber since 1996 and we were quite happy with the service until 1998 when everyone seemed to join the *text message* bandwagon.  I remember while in HS, I was already carrying the Nokia phone and text messaging friends in another classroom.  We would hear the beeps and it was dismissed by the teachers.  They didn't know what those beeps were for.  It was then that there was heavy traffic when it came to text messaging.  I remember I would constantly change my *message center number* so as to be able to get messages across and receive messages faster.   I think sometime after 1999 - they changed plans, to curb the massive amount of text messages being sent around.  And then they released the loyalty rewards - my aunts got phones and rebates.  I remember having a rebate as high as P1,200.00 because of the years we spent with Globe.  But as the years passed - the loyalty rebates became less

November SURPRISE!

November is very dear to me because it's the month that I celebrate my blog's yearly birthday! This year is extra special because I am celebrating my 10th year! Yes, you read that right - 10 years!! Image grabbed from THIS site Stay tuned for a surprise and giveaway!! In the mean time, thank you for supporting me all these years. Love, Didi

#OTWOLDiaries: the GLOW of Happiness

They say, when you're happy it shows.  Being happy rubs off on people around you.  The positivity is contagious.  The aura is different.  It shows.  It's OBVIOUS.  There's a glow - *blooming* as they say. For the past few weeks, we fans have been served with happy & sad episodes.  We've been giving a mix to make us laugh and cry at the same time.  I have a friend who said that she found the episodes a bit dull already.  Well, to be fair - the start of the teleserye, it was *comedic* and light.  As the teleserye progressed - they added *drama* to the mix.  I personally thought that while Clark and Leah were in the US - the characters they interacted with were less, there were just a few people and so the scenes there (in the US) was focused on just a few people more specifically - just Clark and Leah! But as the episodes added up and storyline deepened - new characters, new situations, new issues, and new problems came out - these are just a few things to spi

Exhausted with the Little Drama Queen

I've noticed in the past 3 weeks that Kailee has become a certified *Drama Queen*.  She would burst into tears almost always whenever we say no to her wishes.  I was amazed on how she can turn on the waterworks in a snap!  Amazing!  I think at first, my Panget and I laughed about it.  But as the incidents became more and more - it has become irritating as hell. This is not a *Drama* incident.  It's just a funny picture I took of her crying. Hahaha!! While we were on vacation she was a drama queen.  I think she thought that she would be getting away with it.  But I let her cry and scream her lungs out.  I would always tell her that being like that will not help her get my sympathies.  At times, she would listen and know what to do, but more often - she won't.  She's being a child - well, she is a child after all! This morning, after her Father's Day activity, we went to QC to have a meal.  She asked for noodles and so I ordered for her.  When it arrived,

Toy Kingdom Warehouse SALE!!

Yes, that's right!!  Toy Kingdom is having a warehouse SALE this weekend!! And its happening at the Megatrade Hall on November 6,7 and 8!! Hurry and do your Christmas shopping early!! Enjoy up to 70% OFF on branded toys. 

Good Mornings are made of these..

I woke up from the sound of rain drops (and crows).  Stayed in bed and closed my eyes.  Then I realized something, it was RAINING!!  I jumped out f bed and opened the curtains - it's RAINING!! And then, I saw this All of my laundry from the previous night are all WET from the rain.  ALL of them.  All I can do is smile because: 1).  This is a first for me 2).  I'm in the land of the rising sun  (hoping the rain water here isn't as dirty back home )  3).  I'm loving the cold weather.  Ika nga, *Ulan lang yan* *It's just rain!* Have a great Monday everyone!! I'm  EXCITED that it's Monday because.. There will be new On the WIngs of Love episodes! Hihi..