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Why I've been away...

You guessed right - I just gave birth last week to a beautiful baby girl, and that's why I've been out of the loop.  The journey has been unbelievable, I still can't believe that I'm a mom now, I still feel the same, I still think the same - the only difference is that, I have a new love - my Baby K.   I sleep less now because I breastfeed, but I don't mind - it's good for her, and anything good for her - I will do.  I can't believe I am saying these things.  But seriously having a baby really changes you - one way or another.  I've never seen my Panget so attentive to anyone (well he was with me on our wedding day!) as he is with K.  He loves touching her, smelling her and he talks to her every so often!  He's soooooo in love with her!  And it makes me so happy to see him like that! Going back - I actually didn't know I was already in labor, when I was.  So here goes my birthing story!  I am warning you, I may give too much informatio

I'm in LOVE with a girl!

I'm soooooo in love with my newly born daughter, K. Welcome to the world K! We LOVE you!! :)