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Opinion: Online Car Registration

Car registration every year is a painful process.  It's quite redundant, but you'll need to do it because the law says that you need to do it.  I have personally handled the vehicle registration of our family so I know the process by heart. Every year, the LTO asks us for a stencil of the cars.  So what I did was to make multiple stencils of all the cars (using the LTO forms) so that when the time came for that particular vehicle to be registered, I would simply pull it out from the file.  Things changed a few years ago, I honestly didn't understand it - but our driver told us that the LTO people are the ones who need to stencil the vehicles right before you register.  This he said entailed a different from AND another fee.  FINE - since we can't skip that process, then go ahead - right?   For years we have had a *suki* smoke emission testing company that we go to that is nearby.  We go to that particular shop because they work very fast - and because we've

New favorites at Angel's Kitchen!!

I'm a huge HUGE fan of Angel's Kitchen .   There was a time that I would bring friends and family to Angel's Kitchen for meals  when I was still single.  I miss those days.  Hahaha!! What I love about Angel's Kitchen is that they serve good hearty food.  No pretense, just straightforward good comforting food.  There was a time that I missed AK's food because of its distance to me.  But I am very very happy and excited that since last year - I have frequented Angel's Kitchen more often because I bring Kailee to school.  Angel's Kitchen is my #1 choice when asked where to meet for breakfast.  As you know, I am a creature of habit when it comes to food.  I like having mostly the same thing over and over again. A few months ago, Angel's Kitchen opened with its new interior AND new dishes!  I have not tried all of them yet, but so far - these two are becoming new favorites: I like pancakes, I don't love them - but I enjoy them once in a while.  Just

Oishi's Snacktacular on July 28 to July 30, 2017!

Each year, I look forward to Oishi's Snacktacular event.  It's so much fun and what best to enjoy an Oishi snack by having activities to do it with! To share the love of the wonderful wonderful event, this year Oishi Snacktacular will be at the Festival Mall in Alabang!  It will be at the 2nd level Carousel Court in Festival Mall!  So to the loving peeps from the south - here's your chance to enjoy the festivities and one of a kind activities! Join in the fun and have yourself a Snacktacular weekend next week!! PRESS RELEASE Oishi Snacktacular 2017 We’ve witnessed Panya, Hippy, Pilyo, Waifu and the rest of the Oishi Friends in their slightly dark but humorous mishap adventures in Oishi’s famous webcomic strip series. With the friends’ varying appearances and personalities inspired by Oishi snacks, who can resist these adorable characters? And now, see them come to life in this years Oishi Snacktacular 2017 at Festval Mall, Alabang this coming July 28-30.

Hello 2017 Pilipinas Starbucks Card!!

Well, hello there handsome! Lookie, lookie - it's the 2017 Edition of the Pilipinas Starbucks Card! This 2017 Edition as Starbucks Card is available starting July 25, 2017 (Tuesday) so save the date and head on to your favorite Starbucks store to get one. WAIT!  There's more - load up this exclusive Starbucks card of at least P1,500.00 from July 28 to 30, 2017 and you'll receive a complimentary hand crafted beverage in Venti !  Double WOW, right?

Cooking with Grande Rice Bran Oil!

One thing is for sure.  That food definitely tastes better - fried.  Well, this is a sure thing for me as I loooooooove fried food.  But not all cooking oils are created equal.  Some are good, some are better than the others and some are just plain bad. In our drive to search for the healthiest type of oil - the people behind Grandiose Marketing has found us an alternative - Grande Rice Bran Oil .  But what is Rice Bran Oil ?  Why haven't we heard of it as much as the most famous Olive Oil?  Well, it's the East's olive oil! Personally, during the intimate product launch - I was impressed to because Rice Bran Oil does not leave any aftertaste in the food.  Rice Bran Oil even enhances the taste of the dishes prepared by the very cute Chef Miko Aspiras.  Chef Miko Aspiras prepared three (3) dishes for us that day - one appetizer, one main course, and a dessert. During the cooking demo, I was half expecting to - you know *to come out of the event

DIDIscoveries: House of Bao PH's Jian Bao

Jian Baos. Honestly, I didn't know what they were.  It was only when I googled it, did I realize that locally, it's called Fried Siopao.  Jian baos are cousins of the more known XLB (Xiao Long Baos), the difference is that jian baos are *breadier*, well that's according to Now that I have an idea on what it is, I have some sort of expectation on it. Well, for most baos - I have these standards that need to be met.  I like them aromatic.  I like the ratio of the filling and bao bun to be just right.  I like the bao bun to be tasty, and quite a few more. Ang arte ko, diba?  But seriously - I have a lot of things to consider when it comes to baos 包 s. You will say, *ang daming arte naman ni Didi*!  Well, true - because I've come across so many baos, that most of the time they are just pretending to be baos.  Hahaha!!  If you know what I mean.  Like for example, the toasted siopao - I have NEVER come across one with the right ratio of filling a