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The OFFICIAL countdown begins..

Today's the day that I have finally accepted that I am indeed, getting married. This morning - I finally went to my make-up artist for a trial session, my Panget was there with me. Right after - I went to my designer for my second fitting - my Panget and BFF KI were with me too. My Panget wanted to be there to see how my dress would look like, but was stopped y BFF and designer. Hahaha!! Poor Panget - he was sent out of the room! Good thing - he had his PSP on tow. At least hindi siya na bore!! :) I was made up, I wore my wedding shoes, I wore my (incomplete) wedding dress. It was then that I realized - this is it, only a few more days left and I will be Mrs. Panget. Questions, doubts and so many other things are in my head - Will I be ready? Will I cry while walking down the aisle? Will I be relaxed? Will I become a bridezilla? Will it be the happiest day in my life? So many questions, so many thoughts.....

Wedding Shoes!

Check! That's another thing off my list! Whats the other thing? My invitations! (I just need to do the rsvp and print thd envelopes)

Toffee Walnut Roll

From M2M at New World Renaissance in Makati. SUPER YUMMY!

Yellow Cab's new Chicken Alfredo Pasta

The newest addition to the yellow cab family! If your're a cream based pasta lover, then this is the pasta for you! Its not too creamy and overpowering, actually its just perfectly mixed! The chicken pieces are perfect bite sizes too! Its a great great alternative to the Charlie Chan!