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Prayer for the souls in Purgatory

Starbucks' Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino & more!

Summer at Starbucks means NEW drinks! :) Welcome the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino!! :) This is coffee based cookie drink concoctions is really yummy!  For chocolate lovers - well, this is the perfect drink for you! :)  Imagine, creamy mocha frappuccino with cookie bits topped with - CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM!  Its soooo sinful but heck - for the summer heat, its PERFECT!

Win a Starbucks Scratch card!!

I'm giving away four (4) of these Starbucks scratch cards!! These babies will treat you to the following: A) FREE one (1) add in B) FREE upsize C) FREE DOUBLE upsize D) BUY 1 GET 1 Good news is that, these babies are redeemable in ALL Starbucks store in the country! And because of this, anyone within the Philippines can join! Yey, right? Here's how to join: 1) Leave the following info in the comment section of this post: a) Your name b) a VALID email address c) TWEET this "@candishhh is giving away Starbucks Scratch cards! Visit" and LEAVE THE LINK of your tweet! You have until 11:59PM of April 30, 2012 to join! Leave as many comments as you want! 1 tweet is to 1 comment! So if you want to leave more than 1 comment, make more than 1 tweet! It will be a WINNER TAKE ALL!! :)

Best Korean BBQ in Gangnam, Seoul!

This is my FAVORITE restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.  I have no idea what the name is, but this is all I remember - the cooking pan is shaped like a turtle - with its tail as the oil drain.    My Panget took this pic last October 2010 My friend Diane brought us here for dinner (last October 2010) since we wanted samgyupsal.  This place was quite far from us since we stayed across the Han River, but nevertheless - my Panget and I braved the trip and went to meet Dye at a specific location.  She then led the way up an alley to a building where the restaurant was located - we went down, because it was in the basement. I had no expectations on the restaurant, but since my Panget and I were hungry - we had Dye do the ordering and we ate - EVERYTHING.  What was funny was, Dye just watched us eat - she literally did because she said that she already(she was with friend or relatives - I couldn't remember) ate before meeting us.  The food was DELICIOUS!  It was a simple Korean Bar

Of Airports, Airlines and delayed flights

Everyone hates delayed flights, right? Well, my Panget and I were no exceptions.  When we arrived at the PAL Airport last April 9 for our flight - well, we were informed that - our flight was DELAYED - our supposed flight was supposed to leave at 12mn but it was not scheduled to leave at 4:20am.  WONDERFUL!  Since my Panget and I were the only ones who were flying via PAL - I instantly called Fran who was taking the Cebu Pacific counterpart flight.  I told her that we were delayed and that she may want to check if they were delayed too!  The counter people informed us that the delay was due to weather conditions, that there was a heavy fog thus - the Incheon Airport was closed down and will operate at about 4:00am. My Panget and I decided to go back home - since it was just 9:30 in the evening.  We didn't want to hang around in the airport.  And in 30 minutes, we were back home.  At about 2:00am, I called the airport hotline and was informed again that flight was moved to 5:20a