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#BetterMe with Coach Pia: How to Raise Children with Strong Character & Values

I think it was instilled in me while growing up that it was ideal to have a loving family.  But being Chinese - well, it wasn't as evident as one that you would see in a 'normal' family.  When I say normal, I refer to those we see on TV and in the people we encounter.  I know it's quite silly to refer to the boobtube - but seriously, it was where I saw families loving each other the most.  It was very ideal, but in reality - I think as much as we would like things to be 'loving' there are so many things that get in the way. My parents were never affectionate, as most Chinese parents are.  They never told me 'I love you' nor did they hug me.  I knew they were very proud of me but they never said it to me.  I think I was hungry for those words of affirmation - but I never got them.  Instead, what I got were not so positive words.  I realized now that they were doing the reverse psychology thing on me.  And I have to say - there were pros and cons.  But

Vikings: Buffet for every Juan!

There used to be a time where buffets was the in thing.  Hotels were offering 50% discounts for their privilege card holders, it was such a success that I think a lot followed suit.  One of them was Vikings. I first heard of Vikings last 2011 - their maiden branch was in SM MOA, and friends have been telling me how massive the selection is - that it was comparable to Sofitel's Spirals buffet.  Over the years, I never got the chance to sample their food. Last April 9, I was finally able to experience Vikings at its newest branch in Megamall's newest wing the Fashion Hall. It was my first time and it was MASSIVE. Seafoooooood!!  For those who love love love Japanese! Cheese!  Who doesn't love cheeeeeeese?!  A wide selection of cold cuts!!  Tapas, anyone??   I secretly loved this..  A Nacho Station!!!! Pizza Station - this was my first stop!   Bread Station - I'm sure my son will love this!! See, it's mas

Exclusive: Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks Reserve is a store where partners are all Coffee Masters.  Why is this so?  Well because the products, like them are hand-picked because of their excellence.  Starbucks Reserve offers coffee enthusiasts a selection of rare, most exotic and extremely limited coffees from unusual locales around the world. Here is their exclusive debut to Starbucks Reserve Philippines: My favorite it the Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate because among the four - it's the lightest and I love the hint of Vanilla.  We were informed that this is the LAST batch of coffee beans thus this is the rarest coffee bean among the four. These exclusive coffees are only available in Starbucks Reserve stores.  And here in the Philippines, there are currently two (2) Starbucks Reserve stores that are open.  One is the Tomas Morato branch while the other is at the 8 Forbes Town (near Burgos Circle).  There will be three more Starbucks Reserve stores to be opened this year and they will be at Keylan

Didi Reviews: Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy+Prevention

Diaper Rash creams - well, I hate them - why?  Because they're so sticky as hell and its so hard to remove from your fingers and hands! When Kailee was born - I used Vaseline's petroleum jelly for babies because it was recommended by a friend.  But in a month's time, I had to switch to Desitin because Kailee developed a rash in the bum.  I remember it as if it was yesterday because the Desitin I received from my friend smelled so bad.  I even asked her if it was normal - and being a first time mom, I guess we thought it was normal.  I had no choice but to use it on her - and it was effective, but it was such a hassle to put and remove!  When that ran out, I asked my sister in law Sasa to buy me a tube of Desitin, and I was happy that the scent was nicer.  But there was still the problem of the stickiness.  I really hated that.  Whenever we put it on Kailee, there was always the problem of cleaning it off our fingers and cleaning off her bum every time you change diapers -

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Osaka Diaries: Osaka Ohsho

I first learned of Osaka Ohsho in my IG feeds.  Blogger friends have been posting here and there images and reviews of the restaurant.  So one weekend when my Panget and I visited Mega's new Fashion wing, I pointed the place out to him.  But we opted to eat somewhere else because we were going to Osaka - we decided that if we wanted to eat at that particular restaurant, we should then eat at the original place where it came from. I honestly did not look for Osaka Ohsho while we were in Osaka for a week.  It wasn't on my list of places to go, because at the back of my mind - there was a branch in Manila ( Yes, baliktad nanaman ang isip! )  But on our last night, we were already tired and didn't want to queue in a restaurant.  So we decided to just order take away and have them all in the hotel - Fraser Residences.  Our hotel is a serviced apartment - and since were two families, we opted to go for the 2Bedroom Suite - and that meant we had a living area, dining area, a sma

Osaka Diaries: Revisiting Ichiran Ramen

We fell in love with Ichiran Ramen when we visited Tokyo last year .  And since learning that we would be going to Osaka - I made sure to know where Ichiran was in Osaka.  It was going to be a sure restaurant to eat at, no matter what.  It was along the Dotonbori River - I looked at the map online and saw that it was fairly in the same area as our hotel, Fraser Residences.  I informed my Panget that it might be a long walk - but we knew that wherever it was - we had to dine there again. And two Tuesdays ago - it happened.  It rained the whole day that Tuesday - and I was telling myself that getting to Ichiran was quite impossible.  But when I asked my Panget and my friend Selene - well, they both said to go ahead with the plan.   Bahala na! So we walked it - while it was drizzling.  Imagine a good 15 minute walk to the Dotonbori River.  It was no joke.  We had to cross three (3) major roads to get to Dotonbori River.  The kids, Kailee and Alleya were dressed in raincoats, sitting p

Didi Reviews: Trukid's Happy Face & Body Lotion

My next door neighbor Vanessa has been my supplier of Kailee and Connor's baby wipes.  Whenever I needed to replenish my stash - I would just text her and she will send my orders immediately.  I would then ask my helper or guard to bring over the payment to her.  It was only recently that I learned that she also distributes organic baby stuffs! She sent me this Trukid All Natural Happy Face & Body Lotion to try. It was perfect timing because we were on our way to Osaka.  The packaging is very handy and I love the fact that you can turn the pump in one way so there'll be no accidental spills.  Since it is a Face and Body lotion, it was all in one!  I tried this on my hands and found it really nice because the lotion gets absorbed easily too!  There is no greasy feeling.  I love the very light scent too! When we got to Osaka, it was a bit cold (weather became cool during the last 2 days) - and the weather made Kailee's skin very dry.  When we arrived in Osaka

Osaka Diaries: Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M Restaurant

I want to be honest.  I've only eaten Wagyu beef ONCE.  Yes, only ONCE - and it was never repeated - why?  Because it was too darn expensive.  When I went to Tokyo last year, it never dawned on me to have a Wagyu meal.  It was only when I got back to Manila, that I realized - I was already in Japan, it was semi stupid of me not to remember!  Well, I blame the epidurals that I've had!  Haha.. So last week, we were in Osaka.  A friend of mine had told me to try this place called Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M Restaurant .  She said it wasn't to be missed.  A few days after, I get a text message from my Panget informing me that we should also have a meal at that particular restaurant.  Apparently, one of his basketball friends recommended it too.  Then a few days before we left, I saw on my wedding photog's FB feed that he went there too.  I messaged him and he also HIGHLY recommended that we eat there. I called Kuni-San late in the afternoon, it was a sudden decision to

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