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What is happening to my body?!

Change. It's one of the few constants in this world. I am 39. My body is 39. I gave birth last year, and I felt ALL the difference. It must be the age. It is the age. PERIOD. The back pain.  Sciatica. The numbing of the hands and fingers. Being tired from little activity. Just wanting to shut out from the world. My body as I've mentioned before is NOT the same. I have felt it from being pregnant. I was more tired. Maybe because I had two older kids to look out for. Plus we had helper issues. I was tired, but it was doable. After giving birth, there was no rest. Even if Shobe is a calm, chill and a good baby (thanks to the Babyplus System!) I still had to breastfeed. I still had to care for the two older kids. I still had a household to manage. I still had to pick up Connor from school. I still had to work. I still had needed to be a wife and a mother. What I didn't expect was - getting sick. Even if I was sick - I still had to function. Ther

Starbucks' Reusable Cups!

A few years ago, I bought Starbucks' reusable cups.  Four (4) reusable hot cups. The reason? Well, I realized that when I see these cups - they encourage me to drink more!  At that time I was training myself to drink a LOT of water.  So I got a lot so that I can have it anywhere. Fast forward to a recent Tokyo trip, where I saw in a small convenience store a reusable Starbucks cold cup!  It was really cute, and I knew I wanted one - but it wasn't for sale.  It was just a sample of sort.   To my delight - that particular cup that I like - is AVAILABLE NOW in all Starbucks outlets!!  YES!! These cups are P100.00 each! For the cold cup - if you want a straw with it, you will just need to add P30! So hurry and grab yours now! Let's help planet earth. We owe it to Mother Nature to be involved in saving the environment.

But it's NOT insanity or is it?

I have noticed that my children have making the same not so very nice things over and over again.  I remember a seeing in an episode of The Haunting of Hill House someone said 'We do exactly the same thing, expecting a different result - it's insane!'  - not verbatim but something to that effect. I am quite tired reprimanding my kids on things they're not supposed to do.  Like not telling the truth on some matters or doing something not very nice.  They know that they will get punished - but they still do it, not once or twice but over and over again!  It's really frustrating to be honest.  I'm tired of punishing them, but I need to do it.  They've somehow become upset with me - but what am I to do right?  They know there are consequences. An example is not taking the Lego out of the house - any part or piece of a Lego.  But repeatedly they do it.  So when it comes to looking for that particular piece - they just shrug their shoulders as if nothing happe