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Playful Diapers: One PIECE FULL night + Giveaway!

I am a diaper snob. There, I said it.  I have certain brands that I like - well, actually - I have only 4 brands that I like.  EQ, Mamy Poko, Goon and Huggies.  All the rest, I honestly don't bother with them anymore.  Why?  Well, I've tried them and they're not hiyang with my kids.  I've not bought diapers for years, so when I gave birth - first things first, choose a diaper brand that you will *want and wish* to be hiyang with the baby.  I started with EQ for Shobe and so far so good!  I was happy because out of the 4 brands, EQ was the most *economical* of them.   Honestly no matter the status in life - what we want is to get the most of our purchases, and personally - I felt that we had just that with EQ. After the new year, I received a care package - when I opened it, it contained two packs of Playful Diapers and wipes (this is for another post).  I honestly have NOT heard nor seen the brand around at supermarkets that I frequent.  I honestly th

When my Friend Wins by Robyn Rodriguez + Giveaway!

It was last year that I first saw this book.  We were given a signed copy of it by my sister in law, Liza.  The author of the book is my niece, Carlie's speech therapist.  My kids were fighting over it actually, simply because they saw their names on the book.  Kailee said it was hers, while Connor said it was his. That same night, Kailee read the book to Connor.  Kailee immediately understood the story, while Connor - well, he just heard it without listening to it.  But it was okay, I mean - I just needed to repeat the story again for his benefit. Then I totally forgot about the book altogether. I just saw it again when a friend posted it on Instagram.  I got intrigued and inquired on where to purchase a copy.  The reason was - well, Connor was in this phase of always wanting to win.  He was having a hard time *losing* at games.  The first time we played Chutes and Ladders, Kailee won - he screamed and cried so hard!  It was really funny, but we couldn't laugh!  Th

Poor eyesight!

One thing I am was proud of was that my vision is was still clear.  I have never worn glasses in my whole existence.  Never felt any need to because I still see clearly.  I can still read small fonts, I can read texts from far away.  But recently, well - after the new year, well - my vision has been a bit blurred.  Not very very blurred - but just a bit. And it bothers me.  Really bothers me. I used to put whatever I needed to read near my eyes to be able to see them more clearly (if the font is mall) but now - I have to put it at a distance for me to see it better.  What used to be a normal sized font for me to read, is now shadow-y.  Those number countdowns on stoplight?  Blurry. I can't believe this is happening. I was told that when I hit 40, my vision will for sure be not the same.  In my head I was laughing at the thought.  I am NOT laughing now. So I went to #OwndaysPH - to try and have my eyes checked.  The reason why I went there - it was very well lit.  And I

Being sick, viruses and all those things..

In all honesty, I don't remember getting sick (often) as a child.  My visits to the doctor were very few almost non-existent (to my current memory).  I've never been confined in my life (except when I gave birth) and so I considered myself, very lucky in that aspect.  But there were times that I have certain memories of - they were mostly non-traumatic.  I remember going to this pedia in Manila who concocts his own medicine that tastes so good!  I remember drinking cough and colds medicine also. But nowadays, since I became a mom - it seems as if viruses have now mutated into something stronger.  I hear terms such as viral (which I must admit, I still don't fully understand what it means), bacterial and etc.  Now, temperatures of 38 (degrees celcius) are the norm for fever, having 39 and 40 are alarming, but I learned that the thermometers we use (and have nowadays) have a +/- range. I honestly miss those mercury thermometers.  The ones that I have now are an undera

JAPAN VISA for YAYA: A Guide on how to successfully get one

Happy New Year! One thing I really like doing - filling up forms!  Yes, yes and yes!  I am weird that way but it's a good thing because since we all hold a Philippine Passport, that means forms need to get filled up - and I'm lucky because I willingly lovingly do them! When we travel, we usually bring Yaya B along.  I keep getting asked why - well, we want Yaya B to experience traveling but most of all well, we need the extra help while traveling!  Our favorite place to go to is Japan - and when traveling to Japan, well - you need to get a visa! So, why this post?  Well, I want to help out all those who are considering bringing their Yayas along to their trip - especially to Japan!  We found it very easy to apply for a visa for Yaya, as long as the requirements are complete.  Please make sure that all Yaya's requirements are AUTHENTIC!! You don't want to be black listed.  Remember that! What are the requirements: 1)  a VALID Passport Of course you need a