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The last few SINGLE posts..

I have less than a handful of days left as a single lady. This might well have been my last post.. BUT! Through technology and a feature of Smart's SANDBOX - I will be able to post updates on my big day thru pictures!! :) Stay tuned guys!! :)

Undue Stress

People are giving me undue stress left and right. I am in a Zen place right now and as one friend said - 'Im sort of numb to the situation already' - I totally agree!! This is really getting tougher and tougher.. So - to whoever declared that planning a wedding is a breeze? Whack yourself - PLEASE!! hahaha...

The FINAL days..

I think I have a different calendar. I've had this notion that I still had 2 more Sundays to go before my big day. It was only My Panget's SIL and cousin who made me realize that... my wedding is next freaking week!! How time flies... This afternoon - my Panget and I headed to the venue to meet our coordinator, florist, lights and sounds guy and events manager. I just have to say - I have a great team going!! I loooooove my suppliers! They're all so nice and I must say - very very good!! I truly made the right decisions!! Looooooooove them!! :)

One down, one more to go!!

At long last, the engagement ceremony is done and over with. One DOWN, and one more to go!! :) Meetings are scheduled left and right this week, to finalize everything for the big day!! :) Yahoooooooooooooo!! Yes, this is me - in a more joyous less stressed state...

Love and Hate (and some other things...)

Two of the most contradicting of words. Why do they always go together? Why are they exact opposites? You see, I love my mom, my twin, my Panget, my friends and some other people so much but sometimes - I want to wring all their necks till they turn blue! I wonder - why does one ever feel the hate and anger towards people they love? Isn't it ironic? Now that I'm nearing my big day.. Emotions are high, I've become easily irritable. I snap at the littlest of things. I feel the pressure. What then was not discussed is now being discussed. What was deemed simple then is now the most complicated! There are times that I feel that - this is not my big day. Almost everyone has an opinion on something. Things that should be done by others are often times dumped into my lap - and I am expected to give a solution or a reply or even a decision, but take note! That decision will soon be overturned - so why in the effing first place ask me about it, right? There are mome

Red Mango

I initially thought, what? Another one of those fro-yo places? But it was love at first taste!