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Cooking Quest: Aglio Olio

I know its the simplest pasta dish one can ever make.  But every time I tried in the past, the garlic burns out.  As you all know, I prefer baking to cooking - but since I have been craving for food, food - then I need to cook!  I just recently discovered (a late bloomer in me) that I can actually watch how a dish is made over youtube!  What a brilliant idea right?  I think this has been done for years but the late-techie-bloomer in me just discovered this - just last December. And so, here - the fruit of my labor!! According to the video that I saw, the trick was to place the garlic on a cool pan with olive oil and then cook it in low heat.  It was just that simple! I now have an easy dish to prepare for impromptu guests!  Hehe.. So there, another successful cooking quest!

Cooking Quest: Iberian Chicken

A cousin of mine asked me 'What makes chicken, Iberian?' Oo nga, what makes chicken - Iberian?  I honestly had no idea! It was YEARS ago, that I got introduced to this Iberian Chicken dish.  I remember it as if it was yesterday, we had dinner in Casa Armas along Jupiter - I honestly forgot the occassion, but I remember having their Iberian Chicken.  And since then, whenever we dined in Casa Armas, or any Spanish resto for that matter - I always look for and order, Iberian Chicken. For the past month, I have been craving for this.  I called various restaurants only to find out that there's a minimum order.  And a minimum order meant it was good for at least 10!  Wahahaha...  So there, I google-d it.  I found (would you believe) only a handful of recipes? So, tada!! I followed THIS recipe but modified it a bit: IBERIAN CHICKEN 1 pc. whole chicken (1.5 kilo) deboned 2 tbsp. whole fresh peppercorn, ground 12 heads garlic, peeled and pounded 2 tbsps. rock

Calderon Cocinas Tapas y Bebidas

I was sad to learn that Fran is moving to Singapore.  I was sad for myself but happy for her big move!  I had to see her before she leaves, I had to say goodbye personally Good thing, Sab was able to squeeze a dinner with Fran despite her fully booked schedule! We had dinner in a small quaint place called Calderon.  It is tucked in the small street in San Juan named - Calderon!  The cuisine is Spanish - and I was secretly excited to have Paella! So there we were, remembering how we all met and became close.  I have to thank Fran, because it was through her that I met Sab.  I was telling Sab that when Fran leaves, I hope we can still get together, for coffee or something. We were treated to a sumptuous Spanish dinner.  Gambas Spanish Chorizo  This was Sab's FAVORITE!  It was really really good!!  I especially LOVED the garlic!! The yummy yummy Paella Valencia!!  This was my favorite - Iberian Chicken    Dessert! I have to admit, th

Donating Breastmilk Part 2

When I had Kailee, I was able to store a LOT of breastmilk.  Thus, I was able to donate to strangers and friends in need.  I wrote about my frustrations with some of my breastmilk recipients here.  Now, fast forward to almost two years later - I am still frustrated with some of my milk recipients.  Huhu.. There's this FB Page Human Milk 4 Human Babies, on this page contains numbers of those mommies in need and those mommies who had milk to share.  I am so thankful for this page because it was through this medium that I was able to share my milk to many babies. My freezer stash last 2011 Donating Breastmilk Circa 2011