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LOVING the Triger Tribe Activity Sets for kids

I honestly didn't have any idea on what Tiger Tribe is.  I am quite lazy to research, hihi.  But you know what, my friend Cheryl has this knack for spotting products that has potential.  We're actually very lucky that she decided to distribute Tiger Tribe here in the country. Last weekend, the kids received their first Tiger Tribe Activity kits. These are really interesting, organized and very well though of activity kits.  Here's a look inside: Brilliant right?  On the left part is a booklet which teaches you how to draw - STEP BY STEP!  The kit has a sharpener, eraser and colored pencils.  On the right side, is a pad with very smooth and thick paper that has grids on them - to make learning to draw easier.  If you look closely (zoom in) the fairy page you'll see it also has grids to mark the spot where they'll start drawing.   This is what the Construction Coloring Kit looks like when you open it up: The left part is

Who is this friend of Dada who is a GIRL?!?!

KBefore reading the story below.  Imagine me as a SUPER JEALOUS WIFE, freaking out when I heard what I heard from my daughter. So the other night, Connor was asking me to read him a book.  It was Kailee's book Aqualicious, I thought it was given by one of her ninangs.  She said that it was given to her by Dada's friend who is a girl.  I asked which friend, Kailee said *The friend of Dada who comes to the house!* Kailee:  She gave it to me for my birthday, but she missed my birthday so she gave it after my birthday. WHO IS THIS FRIEND? It would have been something innocent, but then I thought - my Panget doesn't have a LOT of (girl) friends who frequent the house.  I also can't seem to recall a friend of my Panget who is a girl that gives Kailee gifts, especially on her birthday.  How did this girl know of Kailee's birthday?  I then turned to my Panget and asked him - Who is this friend she is talking about?  My Panget looked at me clueless.  You should

Review: Tupperware Click Series

I honestly DO NOT LIKE peeling anything.  I super love french fries, but I really dislike having to peel the skin off.  So what I do is I just wash it and cut it up and fry them.  In short, my fries have potato skins on them. I'm sure everyone is familiar is with the old kind of peelers.  Those stainless ones that are flimsy and most of the time are not stable enough.  That is what I dislike the most.  Hahaha!! Look at these new peelers from Tupperware! I can't believe they are peelers!  They're so pretty!  Why didn't they make peelers this attractive before?  Hahaha!!  Innovation, I guess.  But look at it.  It's smart, functional AND practical! Honestly, I didn't need to use the others anymore - I stuck to using one.  Yaya Belen loves this peeler too!  So you can just imagine, how much homemade fries I am eating right now.  Shhhhhh!!  Hihi.. Here is a video of me taken by Connor using the peeler.  It's easy to use and very practical!  I am not

Early Morning Drive

When the driver doesn't show up, well- things get a little more complicated.  I need to be more alert because having kids in the car mean that I NEED to be extra careful. Another thought was - of all days, it had to be a Friday - when we have two cars on coding.  Wonderful!  I was going to use my car (that was coding too!), but guess what - the gas tank was almost empty.  So I had to use the other coding car, in my head was BAHALA NA SI BATMAN! So there, I drove to our carpool mate's house and had to ask Kailee to sit in the front primarily because one of the kids who carpools with us has motion sickness, so her yaya needs to be on a alert that she might - throw up!  So two kids at the back with the yaya and Kailee in front of me. Usually, when there's a driver - I pray my morning Rosary and Divine Mercy prayers on the way.  But this time, I didn't have time anymore - I had to focus on the driving.  I actually timed myself - to see if I did a better job behi

Go on with Goon Diapers!

You see, when it comes to diapers - well, let's be honest, we want the cheapest one that we can find that hopefully will do its job well.  With Kailee, it was unfortunate that the brand that I wanted for her gave her diaper rashes.  This diaper rash was so bad that we had to go to the pedia and the doctor prescribed a steroid cream.  I think it was the Yaya's fault + the diapers.  We had to switch brands and this brand was quite pricey - but since it didn't her give Kailee rashes, well - we had to buy it.  We had no choice.  I would remembering hoarding boxes of this competing brand whenever there was a sale in S&R.  I was quite happy with it that it became the standard choice when Connor arrived. Well, I was wrong.  What I thought was the best turned out to be not the best for Connor.  We experienced leaks and rashes.  I was honestly surprised because I assumed that since Kailee was so comfy in it, that Connor would be too!  So I searched, and searched only to fi