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Aeroblu (follow up) Review & Winners!

Its been more than a month of wearing my aeroblu footwear. Anong masasabi ko? It’s wonderful! Malambot sa paa. Talagang pang lakaran! I honestly thought baka madaling masira, but it still looks new kahit everyday kong gamit. I’ve found a comfy, pretty and affordable alternative for closed shoes! It’s now my choice of footwear when I go out for errands, supermarket runs and etc. I bring it with me sa car when I have a formal occassion that I attend. Para habang nasa car, comfortable and well rested ang feet! How I wish may heels na ganito or wedge. Hahaha!! But in all seriousness these are affordable comfortable shoes. The best thing is that its matibay (durable) and is available in so many places! Madaling hanapin, di kailangan hagilapin. Perfect, diba? The insoles are soft, comfortable lakarin. When I take it off pag uwi ko, i thought na pudpod na ang insoles. But guess what?! It bounces back to its original state! Amazing diba? Parang mala memory foam ang dating! Kaya I’m super impr

Review: Biolane Moisturizing Spray

Lotions have been a part of my kids' regimen since they were born.  I personally do not remember hearing from my mom that they had to put lotion on me and my twin brother.  Honestly, putting on lotion was foreign to me until I was in college.  I still dislike the feeling a lotion leaves when I put it on my skin.  Would you believe that it was only recently that I appreciated lotions? Anyways, a few weeks ago, I heard from a friend that they use a *spray* type of lotion.  This got me curious and so I asked what brand - I was surprised to learn that the brand is Biolane .   Biolane , we really use - but the real lotion kind, the one in the tubes.  Since Shobe (a term for younger sister in Hokkien) 's lotion was running out - I decided to buy one to try. Yaya immediately tried it the next morning.  She was skeptical at first, so was I.  But you know what, we were really amazed on how little of the product can go a long way. So far, it's been great.  It's really

Big Guys Pizza: BBBB (Big Bad Bacon Burger) Pizza!

Go big or go home. Well, that's the case for the Big Guys Pizza!  They came up with the BBBB or Big Bad Bacon Burger Pizza - it's an all meat pizza loaded with bacon, burger and mozzarella - PLUS bacon bits on the crust! See those strips of bacon?  I was so amazed to see them on the pizza!  I mean seriously, most pizzas just have bacon bits, this one from #BigGuysPizza have actual bacon strips.  Now, isn't that something worth trying?  And who doesn't love bacon, right?  Even my kids were excited when they say the huge pieces of bacon! I am also one of the few that likes pizza crust.  I know for a fact that some people leave it or throw it out when they eat pizzas, but me - i really like like them.  And so when I saw the bacon bits - ding! ding! ding!  WINNER guys!  We have a winner! Look at the generous bacon bits! Lovely, just lovely!  This BBBB pizza is available on the menu, so you can order this!  Pricing is as follows: 10inches is P298 15inches

Haakaa Silicone Pump Review

I have to be honest, one thing I didn't look forward to (having a baby) is breastfeeding because your body is not your own.  It entails a LOT of sacrifice and effort too.  But don't get me wrong, I still decided on breastfeeding my newborn, there was no question on that.  I just told myself that I'll do it for as long as I can, no pressure. In the recent years, there have been so much innovation when it comes to breastfeeding.  I have seen this Haakaa silicone pump in my social media feeds and I have heard great stories from friends who swear by it.  So when I learned I was having a new baby, there was no question in my mind of using one. I brought it with me to the hospital when I gave birth, but wasn't able to use it then.  I honestly, didn't know how.  I remember using it within a week of giving birth, and was quite disappointed with the output.  I then realized that I just gave birth and so my milk hasn't come in yet. I knew I had to be patient.