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My HK loot!

For now - this photo... ... my shopping loot from my recent HK trip. I think this will last me for the months to come - hopefully!! Hahaha... more posts to follow - need to organize photos (of the few I took!)

See you!!

In a few hours, I will be off to Hong Kong!! :) Cheers!! See you soon Cubie! :)

Loved it!

I was skeptical when I saw the trailer, (uh, Mandy Moore again?!) - but managed to buy myself a copy hoping that since Dianne Keaton (I find her really really funny!) was starring in it - it would be nice... And it was!! I was laughing and enjoying the movie! How I wish I had sisters!! Theirs was the ideal mother and daughters relationship - they enjoyed each others' company but there were times they'd want to strangle the other. I would looooooooove to watch it again, it's such a feel good movie! It actually made me love and appreciate my mom even more! Loved it! :) By the way, Mandy Moore was great - she was sort of acting naturally and not overdoing it, and it was nice! I mean to see her act clumsily - it was effective. The tandem worked for me.. :) Loved it! :)

Georgia Rule, whaaaaaaaaat?!

I was quite excited when I bought the DVD. I hate to admit it, but I am a FAN of Lindsay Lohan - I've loved her since I saw her in the remake of Parent Trap. When I saw the trailer - I thought the movie was a comedy, with a little drama. Truth be told, I did not laugh once - nor did I shed a tear. I was really confused on the story! Was she telling the truth? Was she lying? Did it really happen or didn't it? So many many questions... In the end - I was more confused and I wanted answers! What happened afterward? Was there really a tape? How much money did they get? My take: Probably just 1 Star * (toing!!!!!) Was also very disappointed when I learned it was a Garry Marshall film - what a waste! But that's just me - I may have watched the movie on a bad day.. Hahahahaha!!

Down with colds..

I haven't been sick in a looooong time - the last time I remember was November of last year! Since I'll be travelling to Hong Kong - I'm quite nervous to ride the plane. My mom said that since I have sipon, my ears might hurt! Yikes!! Anyhoooooooo... I'm counting the hours and minutes already, Hong KOng! Here I come!! Yehaaaaaaaa!!

How much of the Philippines have you visited?

Hmmm.. this is quite embarrassing! But mind you - I would looooooove to travel around and about the Philippines! How about you? How much of the Philippines have you visited? My Lakbayan grade is D! How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan ! Created by Eugene Villar .

What American accent do you have?

What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio. Philadelphia The South The Northeast The Inland North Boston The West North Central What American accent do you have? Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Am I cured?

I hate chocolates - and everyone who knows me, knows that too! But last night - well - here goes. You see Jake - sent my Panget an Oreo Cheesecake for his birthday and after our dinner at the Cookbook Kitchen - we headed to my Panget's house to get some Hizon's cake for me. My Panget first took out the cheesecake and then proceeded to take out the Hizon's cake from the ref. When I looked at the cheesecake - I was sort of intrigued by it. It was black - covered with Oreo cookie bits. And then the next thing that happened - I was not entirely aware of until my Panget called my attention. I took a piece and ate it! I can't believe that I liked how it tasted!! Oh my gosh.............. Am I cured?????????????

Cookbook Kitchen

borrowed this image from Anton's blog Last night I went to dinner with my Panget and his family - this was to celebrate his birthday the day before. I learned of this place from Christin e (who learned it from Anton ) - I was very eager to try it out, and my Panget and I finally did last month. We picked this place for my Panget's Birthday treat because this restaurant is quiet, serves comfort food and at the same time it's not crowded (for Baby Elle's sake). It's tucked in a small street in Mandaluyong - if you're driving too fast - you just might miss it. ( No kidding! ) When we arrived - we were the only ones there first - there were no other customers yet - and it was quiet, slightly dimmed - kinda homey. The servers were all smiling and attentive. The place is like a small living room that was converted into a restaurant - it was small but not that small - it can probably hold a function that would fit 40 people. When the rest of my Panget's famil

Container Van - hauling

We have this 40 foot container that we have been trying to get rid of for the past few months. It was only last June that we were able to sell it to a family friend. I was told that the container will be hauled out of our place today. We all waited for it. We all wondered how it will be hauled out. At exactly 2:30pm - 3 vehicles arrived. 1 truck carried the forklift, another truck was for the container itself, and another was for the driver who led the 'team' to our place. I think for about 30 minutes - all the work in our factory stopped. They all looked out and watched as the container was being hauled out. I've never in my whole life seen anything like it! I thought that since I saw small forklifts hauling stacks of cases of San Miguel Beer - that, that was it - but it wasn't. It's a LOT different (and heavier!).. Manong Operator - the choreographer I admire and am impressed by Manong operator - the forklift operator who also choreographed the whole thing.

Wait for it... Wait for it!!

Barney Stinson I just finished 18 episodes of How I Met your Mother's second season. And I am soooooo loving it to bits! I am so in like with Barney Stinson - he's hilarious! This has got to be my FAVORITE show now.. Everyone knows that I love Chandler Bing - (no one will ever take his place) but Barney Stinson - well, he comes the closest! I just love his humor - and the way he delivers the jokes!! I can't wait to finish the second season - and I'm all excited for the next season! If Chandler Bing has the line 'Can you be any......' - Barney has a more than one! "It's going to be LEGEN-DARY!" "What Up!" "Suit Up!" Yes, this show will definitely be legen-dary!! Here's the link to Mindy's comparison with Friends.. - I have to say, Mindy - you've got it all!! :) Nice one! :) Click here to go to Barney's blog


Hong Kong at night.. In 20 days - I will be off to the city of lights, Hong Kong ;with friends. Isn't this exciting? This will be the first time since we all became friends that we will be travelling together outside the Philippines! I am actually traveling with 2 separate sets of friends... Yehaaaaaaaa!! Although it's SALE season in Hong Kong - the excitement is drawn from somewhere else. You see, I have a friend who's based there that I have been wanting to see since late February this year. And finally, I will be seeing her at last!! I can't wait to see and finally give her a hug! I am so giddy with excitement - that there are days, I have a hard time sleeping!! See you soon Cubie dear! I can't wait to see you and give you an enormous hug!!

Beijing Travel Bug

I was browsing through shobe Sophie's blog and a title caught my eye - Beijing Travel Bug . You see, I spent half a year in Beijing last 2002 - and with that, I fell in love with the city. Dirty, Filthy, Impolite, ruthless and backward - say whatever negative thing you can think of - I fell in love with the city. Since I spent half a year there - you can say that it somehow became part of me. I grew up there, I literally did. And I will forever be indebted to Beijing for whatever transformation it brought about in me. Memories shared will forever be treasured. Since I love Beijng - and I'm super curious about China's history (ask my Panget how many Mao books I've bought and how fascinated I am with China) I clicked the link, and it literally brought me back to the place I sort of call home (I know! Icky, but true!) For those of us who miss our Beijing life.... Here's a blog to take us back in time. Although I'm thinking that the place has changed dr

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