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Happy Birthday!!

Last year, I was depreived of a birthday cake. Apparently, my Panget - forgot all about it. And so this year, I had to remind him to give me one. Two years ago, my Panget surprised me with a 'Didi' cake - I still keep the picture of it - because it was so cute, and because my Panget's sister-in-law told me how my Panget called her every single night to make kulit not to forget to make the cake, she said my Panget gave her explicit instructions on how the cake should turn out he was so hands on with the cake! It was a super cute cake! I love that cake to bits! Here's what it looked like: Chef Sasa Tel. 633.0949 / 0917.5339275 Yesterday, I was expecting a simple cake - I told my Panget that Sugar House's Honey Cake or the good ol'reliable Hizon's Mocha Cake will do. I was expecting any of the two - but when he got to my house - he was holding a box - I'm assuming it's a cake. He told me that the cake is special. Hmm.. why was it special? We


Everytime I think of PLDT - I get worked up, why? Well, because they're so INEFFICIENT ! I'm one person who loves to complain on bad customer service. And PLDT has one of the worst!! See? Just writing about it gets me all worked up! This started last December 2006, it was when we wanted to apply for another line in our factory. It was just that we discovered - that our disconnected lines, those we cut last 1998 - were still unadjusted, thus we couldn't apply for a new line. Imagine, the lines were disconnected 1998 - and until now THEY'RE STILL UNADJUSTED! The PLDT customer service representative insisted that certain amounts have not yet been paid. Since my mom is anal with keep and packing receipts, we scoured our bodega to look for the necessary statements and receipts. Good thing - the statements have not yet been burned! (We actually thought of burning them, thank God we didn't!) My mom has a remarkable memory - she remembers things clearly even n

Thank you Karla139 and YouTube!

I have always been a fan of the local showbizness. I love watching Tagalog movies and telenovelas. Thank god for YouTube and for Karla139 !! Thank you so very much for patiently uploading the episodes! You don't know how much that simple gesture means to us! Thank you Karla139 ! Thank you YouTube !!

Giving up RICE

There are some people who gave up eating meat because they're Vegans, while some because of religion, and others - well, because they made a sacrifice. I on the otherhand, am giving up eating RICE. Now, why rice? Well, mainly because I love eating rice - I am a rice kind of gal. I was contemplating on what to sacrifice actually, and when I thought of meats - well, I'm not that fond of meats - beef or pork, Chicken is too small of a thing to be sacrificed - it will look like I am on a diet. As for the meats, well - since I don't look for them often, I don't think it will be a big sacrifice. Thus I decided to give up eating rice. I've been successful so far, well actually I'm on my 6th day today (and counting!). So far so good, but yesterday morning and yesterday's lunch time were the worst. My mom you see is a very good cook. She just made Kiam Peng (salty rice as it is literally translated in enlgish) - it's the a rice dish with pork, hebi

Balducci at Serendra

Last night, I was really excited to go to Serendra, it was the birthday of my Panget's dad, thus - we were celebrating it. I was told last week, that we will be eating at Silk - the Thai restaurant. I was looking forward to eating there, but on the last minute my Panget's dad was craving for meat and chose to eat at Balducci instead. I was quite impressed with Serendra - although the place still has unopened establishments, swarms of people were there. Parking was a headache - I didn't realize that their basement parking was quite small, and the guards kept on allowing cars to go down, but we were lucky enough to spot a space. Great right? Well, as we walked up the stairs going to Serendra strip, I couldn't help but notice that there were people everywhere. It's not like they're just there for the fun of it. People were dressed to kill! It was as if there was a big event or something. We headed to Balducci right away, we were looking for our table and w

KIEHL'S for my Feet!!

My heels are suffering dryness and cracks. I've tried putting Petroleum Jelly on them and wearing socks when I sleep. But I remove them because in the middle of the night, my feet feels cold. So I scrapped that. Next, I tried putting lotion on my heels. Yes, the do their job - but after a few hours - they crack up and become dry again. And last night, I had a brilliant idea. I was lookng through my drawer and found some old stash (1 Pot) Keihl's Lip Balm #1 , it was quite old because the label was already different compared to the ones that I have now. I assume that since I can use Petroleum Jelly, I can also use this too! So I decided to make a go of my plan. I LOVE KIEHL'S LIP BALM #1 , I truly adore it! When people ask me what lip balm I use, I automatically say Kiehl's! This brand was introduced to me by my good friend Kym, she gifted us with 1 pot each for Chirstmas last 1998, and since then - my bag ALWAYS has a tube or a pot. I tell people that this

Cupcake attempt #2

Last Saturday afternoon, I decided to make cupcakes again, and this time I did not forget to cool the cupcakes before frosting them! Yey! I used Cake Flour instead of the self-made Self-Rising Flour and ol'reliable All-Purpose Flour. The cupcakes came out softer and yummier! Double Yey! The only disappointing thing was the color of the frosting. I carefully added a few drops of the McCormick Blue food color to my buttercream mixture (for fear that it'll turn out darker than usual but it came out Light Green! I added a few more and still it was green! I thought if I added more, it won't become blue - but it became Blue Green. Damn that food color! Overall, I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the cupcakes. I love them!! Yey for me!! Here's to my cupcake obsession!!

I love OPM Songs...

I just need to say this, I LOVE OPM Songs !! Especially those sung by Gary Valenciano (pre-Christian-y songs ), the CompanY, Ces Quesada, VST, Ric Sigreto, APO Hiking Soceity, Joey Albert, Kuh Ledesma, and so many more!! I am listening to Magic 89.9's Friday Magic Madness and I loved the oldie OPM songs! They're all so soothing to listen to! They always bring a smile to my face when I hear them playing on the radio or on whoever's iPod. Don't you miss listening to these songs? I do!!


Well, since last week - we here in the house have been suffering from sudden 'gulat' attacks. This is because the squatters outside our home freely and enjoyingly play with firecrackers! They use the age-old reliable ' kwitis ' the new and very much in demand ' boga ' and whatever they can get their hands to. Our gate is considered our fortress - but last Saturday, one of those playing with firecrackers came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. Apparently, they have a lot of free time - thus, they lighted up a kwitis or two and then proceeded to drop them in our mailbox! Poor mailbox - poor poor mailbox! What was worse was that - our electric and water bills - got burned! Damn those kids! When we learned of this - well, we put water in the mailbox, hoping to extingiush any lighted firefracker that will be dropped inside the mailbox. So far, so good. Good thing there was no mail dropped at the mailbox during the time it was filled it water. It'