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Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival on April 2 & 3!!

There's a Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival happening this weekend, YES - this weekend!  April 2 & 3 at the Grand Atrium Main Wing of the Shangri-La Mall. Press Release: Life is made enjoyable with many fine things, and one of the finer things in life is appreciating a good cup of coffee. But coffee appreciation doesn’t begin and end with the cup; it starts with growing the finest beans then the coffee processing, roasting, brewing and, finally handcrafting every cup. The key to appreciating good coffee lies in knowing the story and the art involved in creating every cup before you can enjoy it with your friends and loved ones, or alone with a book on a warm couch. Whether you prefer your coffee full-bodie d with a bold flavor or lightly-roasted with mellow notes, you can now enjoy the full spectrum of flavors that coffee offers at the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival from April 2 to 3, 10am to 9pm at the Grand Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza. This two-day

Cooking Quest: Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

Last year, I attempted to cook this.  You know, without looking at any recipe?  I had a feeling it was fairly easy.  I usually just wing it (yabang!).  But when I did - it was an epic fail.  Hahahaha!! After that failed attempt, I often wondered how it was made without the salted egg yolk being runny. Then I saw a video somewhere.  I realized that it failed because I used REAL Salted egg yolk and egg white - TOGETHER.  Major major fail.  You DON'T need to use real salted egg.  What you need is just the egg yolk and salt it. I tried making it the other night and it was a success. Well, sort of - I mean, my Panget said he wanted it a little more salty. Didi's Salted Egg Yolk Chicken: (I apologize but I don't have the exact measurement, as I said - I just wing it.  Hahaha!!) Chicken Thigh Fillets (cut into bite sizepieces) Rice Wine Sugar Salt Pepper 1 Egg Potato Starch (this makes the chicken more crispy when fried) 4 Egg Yolks (Separate and Steam then

#ExpoKid2016: April 2&3 at BHS Activity Center

When I was younger I remember attending swimming classes, cooking & baking classes, reading dynamics, and a whole lot more activities. For the first time since becoming a mom, I am considering summer activities for my kiddoes.  So happy there's a venue to see what's out there! So, see you at the #expokid2016 !!

Happy Easter + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Easter everyone!! :) The Holy Week has gone by and I'm sure most of us was on *Vacation Mode*. To kick start the week after vacation - I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!! :) I'm giving away two (2) items One is a Fruits & Passion Shower Gel: And another is a Zebra SARSA clip pen (that I got for FREE for Liking Tokyu Hands SG's IG): Joining is fairly easy, just leave the details below in the comment section: a)  Answer - Why would you want to win the shower gel OR the pen (pick only ONE!) b)  Name c)  Valid Email address (one you check regularly, I mean REGULARLY) d)  Social Media shares (Twitter and Facebook)  @candishhh is giving away a Fruits&Passion shower gel and a Zebra Sarsa Clip pen!  e)  You have until April 8, 2016 to join!  I will pick the answer I like the best f)    I will ship these prizes for FREE to ANY Metro Manila addres s  (Metro Manila residents onl

Yummy Choobi Choobi in Panay

Kaye was the one who told me about Choobi Choobi in Panay.  It was newly opened and was a restaurant from Cebu.  I honestly had no idea what it was all about, but she said that she tried it and it was very affordable.   So one Wednesday, we decided to have a lunch date together with our kids. We ordered two shrimp dishes:   Butter Garlic Singapore Style Salted Egg   Among the 2 dishes, I like the Butter Garlic more.  The Salted Egg was also good, but I am very partial to butter.  Hahaha!!  So imagine, I was scooping the butter sauce and putting it on my rice!! When we were there a month ago, they were still offering UNLIMITED PLAIN RICE order.  But when we came back a week after (we loved the food so much that we came back on the same day, the following week!), the restaurant took it out saying that some diners were abusing the unli-rice.  What I suggest is to charge the rice, per head (for every diner) so there won't be sharing of any kind.  But hey, that

OPEN HOUSE at EduPlay School Manila

Kailee's Pre-School Alma Mater is having an OPEN HOUSE!! Come and meet the people behind EduPlay School Manila. See for yourself the school and it's facilities. Meet the wonderful teachers! And see why I soooooooooo LOVE EduPlay School Manila!!

Hail, Sultan Grill San Juan!

There's a new kid in the neighborhood of San Juan - Sultan Grill! I've been seeing this place on my IG feeds because friends have been flocking here.  Flocking because these friends are not in the same circle.  It got me curious! I received an invite to dine here with mommy friends and I didn't hesitate to say yes.  I mean food + kwentuhan galore?  That sounds like so much fun! Sultan Grill is located along Wilson Street in San Juan.  You'll need to cross P.Guevarra to reach it but just a few meters and you'll see it on your left side.  If you are coming from the other size of Wilson then you'll see it on your right size before you reach P.Guevarra. I am not so much a fan of these wall tiles when I was younger.  I always felt they looked quaint.  But I guess with age, I began to appreciate the look and the design.  Hahaha!  It does remind me so much of the Mediterranean and Persia. Here are the food that was served us: Falafel Fal

Connor LOVES his Beatrix NY backpack

I bought two Beatrix NY big kids back pack from local distributor Quirks Marketing almost a month ago.  I purposely hid these two bags because I knew that when Kailee and Connor see it, they will for sure want to use it immediately!  And I wanted to keep it for when they go to big school (for Kailee) and pre-school (for Connor). But by stroke of whatever - Connor found it.  Took it out of it's plastic cover and wore it last Friday night.  He loved it so much that he didn't want to take it off!  He wore it while playing in our room!  He only took it off when he was going to sleep. Take note that the bag is EMPTY.  There is nothing inside.  Hahahaha!! The next morning, I thought - he would have taken it off.  He still wore it around the house.  Showed and bragged about it saying to everyone saying he *is* a dinosaur!   Yesterday morning, I didn't expect to see what I saw.  So look at what greeted me during breakfast: And it's still empty,

How to Clean Denim Stains on a Leather Bag

Last February, the unthinkable happened. My pink leather bag was stained by my jeans!  Look.......... Can you see the contrast in color? It's so sad!  This happened while we were in Hong Kong.  I thought, I was in luck since I'm sure that the sales staff here would at least know what to do right?  So, I dropped by the store nearest to me and ask how to clean it.  And you know what the sales staff said?  *Sorry, it's impossible to clean*  LECHE.  I don't think that's what you tell those who ask for help diba?  I was pissed.  I was actually determined to prove her wrong.  But then again, I was in HK - they won't care naman e.  It was more of a personal quest.  She just looked at me blankly and probably thinking - that's why you don't buy light colored bags!  Grrrr... I was pissed so I messaged my friend.  My friend Kath said she uses the Coach leather cleaner.  My other friend Maymay said that she has a Kate Spade leather cleaner tha


When my kids are sick one things I really dislike is that I need to figure out how much medicine to give!   There are some meds that indicates the age range of the child and some others that you'll need to compute for the weight of the child.  I don't know how to compute.  The doctors most of the time do it for us when we are in their clinics.  But if our child's weight suddenly increases or decreases, how are we to know how to compute? This is where this wheel comes in handy: The wheel is an easy guide for us parents on what's the correct dose to give to our kids when they're sick.  Just turn the wheel, match the weight of your child and you'll see the different doses on the you'll need to give on the different kinds of Calpol products. #CalpolMakeNoMistake In giving our child medicine, it is VERY IMPORTANT that we give them the correct doses.  It's crucial that we give them what is right and not what we deem ourselves right

Bento Mommas: Happy Birthday Kailee!

Kailee just turned 5! I am both happy and sad.  Happy because I can't believe that she's 5!  Sad because she's no longer a baby.  Hahaha! But in all seriousness.  Where did the 5 years go? This year, since she's already in pre-school and her birthday fell on a school day, I decided to just have her celebrate in class.  It would have been something different since this year, she has new friends - her classmates!  I was thinking of what to do and an idea popped into my head, Bento Box!! Since Kailee's still in her Frozen phase, I asked the Bento Mommas for a Frozen themed bento.  At first, Kailee asked for an Anna bento.  But when she saw the designs, she switched to Elsa!  Hahaha...  So, I obliged and ordered the Elsa bento design.  I am so very thankful to my friends over at Bento Mommas for this wonderful wonderful Elsa Birthday Bento! Look at the design, look at how much love, patience and effort they put into every box they make.  They're creative

Pet Express: DOGGIE RUN 2016!

Press Release The Pet Express Doggie Run 2016 is getting bigger and furrier! The Doggie Run is an annual fun run for canines and their humans. The Doggie Run will be held on March 19, 2016 (Saturday) at 5:30 AM in SM Mall of Asia . Doggie Runners can choose from 1.5K, 3K, and 5K categories. Be a part of this one-of-a-kind fun run and meet new four-legged running buddies, win pawsome prizes, and run for a good cause. Part of the proceeds go to the animal shelter, PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society). Registration Fee: Doggie Race Kit (P550)- Race Bib w/ RFID, Event Running Shirt, Doggie Race Bib, Doggie Bandana, Doggie Finisher Loot Bag, Doggie Finisher Medal, Insurance Coverage, Donation to PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society) Human Race Kit (P400)- Race Bib, Event Running Shirt, Insurance Coverage, Donation to PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society) Registration is now ongoing in all Pet Express branches. Greenhills 705-1176, SM City D