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Merry Christmas + 2017 Planners Giveaway!!

Christmas is the time for sharing. Paying it forward, I'm having a giveaway of the following 2017 planners!! 1)  #Serenitea2017Diary  2)  #MommyMundo 's #Mom247Planner You may check out my posts in Instagram and on Facebook for the mechanics.  They're really easy so PLEASE READ through them carefully. Merry Christmas guys! :) Happy Holidays!

Shopkins Season 6 LIVE!

Vacation is HERE!  Woohooo!! PRESS RELEASE WELCOME TO SHOPKINS CHEF CLUB ACADEMY + YOUR PASS TO THE FIRST EVER SHOPKINS LIVE! Start collecting the cutest and rarest Shopkins collectibles from the newest Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club and complete different recipes! The much-awaited collection made a major step up and has made the entire hunting experience a lot more fun and challenging for the Shopkins collectors and collectors-to-be.   Kids now can imagine themselves as a chef by playing and creating different recipes through certain Shopkins characters. It comes with a whole new range of characters, a recipe book and an exclusive gaming app, Shopkins Chef Club available on iOS and Android phones for free. Kids can even meet and chat with your fellow Shopkins collectors and even trade their doubles with them to complete more recipes! Still can’t get enough of it? Get your phones ready to hit and scan each QR codes placed right below your favorite Shopkins that automa

World of O'Wow from Oishi!

I've loved Kirei since I was little, I'm so happy that I can still share it to my kids!  Oishi has produced numerous of snacks through the years that has catered to everyone's taste buds.  They've also built a brand around Asia.  It makes me so proud because it's a home grown Pinoy brand. When I was in Beijing, I felt very kilig seeing Oishi snacks whenever I went to the grocery.  Little did I know that Oishi has also produced snacks only available in certain Asian countries.  Last Sunday, I received a package of the World of O'Wow - and I was surprised to see the different snacks from Thailand, Vietnam and China.  See the different snacks below: I was so excited when I opened it!  Hahaha..  These snacks are not sold in the country, but for this holiday season - it's available! PRESS RELEASE Asian flavors come together in Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag From its humble origins of repacking gawgaw and local coffee and introducing classics such

Meet & greet Belle of Beauty & the Beast!

Belle of Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princesses.  I am very very excited for this chance to meet and greet her this coming Saturday! Tomorrow and on Thursday, Belle will be gracing Cebu! Belle will visit Manila on Saturday and Sunday! Then, on the 14th and 15th - Belle will be in Davao! Below is Belle's schedule. Be sure to catch this once in a lifetime chance. Thank you to Toy Kingdom for inviting Belle to visit our country. Thank you for giving the Filipino children a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Belle in person! See you there! A Disney Beauty and the Beast Christmas Mechanics: 1.     Event is open to the general public. 2.    First come, first serve policy applies. 3.    Participants must be at the event venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled session. 4.    No food, drinks, strollers and sharp & pointed objects are allowed in the event area. 5.    Entertainment subject to change without prior notice

Cooking with Contadina: Pesto Pork & Chicken Roll Up with Linquini in Olive Oil

Having been introduced to the products of Contadina, I must say that it has made my cooking a LOT easier.  I really like how Contadina pastas are easy to make, their sauces are very good too!  I so love the flavor and aroma of the Contadina Olive Oils. So when I was invited to so a supermarket run, I didn't pass up the chance.  I am not one to plan a meal - unless, I have this bugging idea in my head for a long time.  More often than not, I just wing it.  I look at my fridge and pantry, and then think what I can do with those ingredients.  I start from there.  I don't usually follow a recipe to a T, unless it's really something I want to try for the first time.  So while on the supermarket run, I picked up the Contadina products that I thought would help me cook an easy yet very tasty dish.  As much as I wanted to research on what to prepare, I thought to myself - well, that's really not my style.  Hahahaha!! After picking up the Contadina products, I proceed

Enjoy Paradise Dynasty at S Maison at the Conrad

Friends and food.  That's what happened two days ago when we tried Paradise Dynasty .  I was with mommy bloggers (turned real life friends) and we had such a wonderful time together eating and laughing.  It was as if we planned it as a day off (together), because that two hour break felt like it was a day off.  We laughed, ate a lot of #XiaoLongBao, tried new dishes and enjoyed one another's company. Special thanks to Marj for arranging this - I can't thank you enough because I really enjoyed the taste test with friends. Okay, so Paradise Dynasty.  I honestly knew about this restaurant when I went to Singapore early this year.  It was recommended by a friend, but we never got to try it there.  I was very happy to learn that they've opened a branch here in Manila!  Paradise Dynasty is located at the 2nd level of S Maison, the mall connected with the Conrad Hotel.  We were greeted by warm smiles and led to the main dining area - it had such a nice view of Manila B