Starbucks's layer collection & new lunch food items!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Starting today, February 21 - Starbucks releases their layer collection - the new Espresso drinks!

Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato offers a twist on the classic pairing of vanilla and coffee – a marriage made in heaven. Tahitian Vanilla has a unique floral aroma and mild sweetness which pairs the roasty coffee, complemented by a layer of velvety steamed milk, then topped with Starbucks signature espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle in our classic double crosshatch pattern.

Meanwhile, the refreshing Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino is perfectly blended to suit the taste of those who need the reinvigorating sweet flavor. In this beverage, Valencia Orange Mocha Sauce is combined with milk, topped with dense and creamy foam and then layered with affogato-style signature espresso shots, sweet cocoa powder and tartly-sweet bits of orange peel to add even more flavors.

And here are some of the new lunch items, I'm so looking forward to having them.  I sooo love Starbucks' food items!  Hihi...

Cheese Steak on Ciabatta Bread 

 Clubhouse on Sourdough Bread

 Cold soba with Chicken

 Salmon Dill on Multigrain Bread

Sweet Potato Salad

Everything looks delish guys!

Head on to your favorite Starbucks and try these!

Smart Cares, I'm not kidding

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Last Friday, I made a post on my love hate relationship with Smart.  I also said that I would update the post, but instead of updating - I thought of just making a new post on my experience.

To be honest, I was expecting to be shut down.  I have been shut down by Smart a couple of times when I complained of their interrupted and non service days.  So with my recent complaint, I just wanted to vent out.

I exchanged messages via DM with #SmartCares on twitter.  I was frustrated most of the time because it seemed they didn't read through my messages.  I had to repeat and send the messages again for them to understand my situation.

But yesterday afternoon, I finally got through to them.  This was their reply to me.

I was honestly so surprised and happy at the same time.  I never expected a telco to give back what they took.  In all seriousness, I am still in a bit of shock.  

As of the moment, the P50.00 has been credited already.

May I just say?  I think Smart is really the better telco in the country.  It's just unfortunate that most of the people I call and communicate with are with the rival network, thus my decision to stay with the rival telco.  Someday, I wish I can have the courage to switch.  Someday.

Thank you Smart, you really care.

Thank you super duper!!!

Love hate relationship with Smart

Friday, February 10, 2017

I have a love hate relationship with telcos here in the country.

I need to love them because let's face it - I have no choice and also the fact that without them, I won't be able to communicate with loved ones.  I hate them because their signals are spotty, their service is most of the time crappy.  I swear, I long for the time that signal & connection will be at par with our neighboring countries.

To be honest, we're at their mercy.  Every single one of us.

You see, I am a loyal Globe user, I have been with them since 1997.  Imagine, I have been with them for 20 years, yet I don't feel valued as a subscriber.  Well, there were two instances - when they released the first generation of loyalty rebates, I felt so valued because the rebate was really big!  After that, well - it was downhill.  Their gadget offers were mediocre, they even went as far as offering appliances (microwave ovens and toasters) as rewards, the catch - you'll be locked in for at least 2 years.  Silly really.  I wish there was a loyalty program that will reward you based on the number of years you'v been with them.

Since I am not 100% happy with Globe, I decided to use the services of the rival network - Smart when it came to data connection.  My Panget got me a pocket wifi and I got a SmartBro prepaid sim.  To be honest, I was very happy with the connection.  There were times that it was spotty, but it was reliable overall.  I was genuinely impressed, so I maintained it for my data needs.  I would buy prepaid sims, load it and avail of its promos.  Last year, when they started offering the GigaSurf promos, I was so happy because it was more useful and practical for me, I found it a perfect fit for my usage.

Recently - well, since January - signal has been very spotty.  I needed to *refresh* my connection by turning my pocket wifi on and off, but generally - it was good enough.  I love the convenience of their Smart app to avail of certain add-ons, there are times it was fast - but mostly it was slow, especially when you will be availing of the add-ons.  I would get error messages that would ask me to try again another time (but seriously, if you were pressed for time - error messages aren't what you'd want to see) I would still be patient enough to try and try again.   Since I knew and expected to get error messages, I would give an ample time of at least 15mins before my promo expires to avail of the add on.  To be honest, there were times that I was successful on the first try and successful after several tries.

So this happened - my GigaSurf was expiring today - February 10, 2017 at 10:59am.  I made sure to log-in 15 mins before - you know *just in case* error messages would appear.  So by 10:45am, I successfully logged in to my account and hit the add-on button.

I kept getting error messages, saying the service was unavailable and that I should try again.  So I tried, again and again.

Finally, I was able to get through - guess what time it was - 11:01am.

I am so sure that I had more than enough time to avail of the promo, but I guess - the system was trying to trick me or something?

Instead of adding on to my existing promo - well, the system said to itself *you know what, let's not let her avail of the add-ons to *add to her current subscription* let's wait and let it lapse, so she will just have the regular promo.

I honestly find it really unfair - because, it's not as if we're trying to cheat the telcos.  We paid good money for superb service yet what we get is less than great.  I know for a fact that our telcos have all the capabilities to give us the BEST service possible, but they've decided to control what they give us.  I find this really unfair and FRUSTRATING!!!

I've complained this on Twitter, @SmartCares has responded that they've received my complaint - let's wait and see what they'll reply with.  I hope I hear from them.  I really hope.

Please hope with me?  Please?

Valentines at Shakeaway!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Press Release

Love is in the air at Shakeaway, the world’s largest milkshake bar company!
We have created a range of Valentine's specials that everyone is sure to fall in love with.
Delicious combinations include aphrodisiac chocolates, sweet flavors, and pastel-hued shakes.

Blushing Bea 
a pink shake that blends strawberries and strawberry cream tarts topped 
with white choco chips

Cheesy Chris 
a sweet-salty drink of Ritz cheese crackers and caramel cheese
 popcorn topped with potato chips

Devoted Daisy 
a decadent milkshake of chocolate hobnob biscuits and chocolate cake 
topped with chocolate-covered cornflakes

Forever Faye 
an enticing combination of Tic Tac orange and Fox candies 
topped with popping candy

Lovable Lica 
a saccharine concoction that blends strawberry gummy belts 
with marshmallows topped with mallows

Passionate Paul 
a rich combination of Oreo’s and cherries topped with milk choco chips

Plus, only on Valentines Day, February 14, we offer a Share the Love promo: Order a large shake from our Valentine’s menu and pay the regular price only!
That’s P60 in savings!
Share your milkshake with your Valentine or shake off your single blues with a delicious milkshake that you can finish all on your own just because.

BDO: We find ways (to take your money!)

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The only reason why I bank with BDO is the convenience of their numerous branches and long banking hours.  Everywhere you go there will be a BDO branch for sure.

Another thing that I find convenient is their BDO app that can send money to other BDO account without enrollment.  It's very convenient!

But lo and behold when I read a blogpost that BDO will start charging P10.00 for every *send money to an UN-Enrolled BDO account* transaction, it got me thinking.

Why the hell do they need to charge P10.00 for this transaction?

Do they want us to waste our time and line up at the branches?  If yes, then why make an app that helps your customers??

I find it stupid really.  Really really stupid.  I mean, the money just goes around their system.  It's not as if the money transferred is to another bank!  It's within the SAME BANK!!

Here's a screen shot from their OFFICIAL Facebook Page

My question is - ARE THESE CHARGES VALID?  Who approves these kinds of charges?

How the hell do we enroll all the accounts that we want to make deposits to?  Do we have that great foresight?

I'm sure there's a government entity that approves these charges - so WHO IS THAT government entity or office?  I want to make a complaint on it.

I'm sure there are a LOT of us that will be affected by this P10.00 charge.  When you think about it, P10.00 is quite minimal but IMAGINE THE MAGNITUDE OF MONEY INVOLVED ACROSS ALL THE BDO account holders who use this facility in their apps.  Take for example 100 people do this on a daily basis that's 100 x P10.00 = P1,000.00/day x 365 days in a year, that's already P365,000.00 a year!  And I was just being CONSERVATIVE on my calculations!  Imagine if it balloons to 500 people using that *send money to an un-enrolled account* 500 x P10.00 = P5,000/day x 365 days!  that's a whopping P1,825,000.00 - more than 1 million a year earned because people used the app to send money!

GARAGE SALE #ClosetCleanoutSale2017 !!

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

On it's 2nd year!! :)

We are cleaning out our closets!!

Happening on Saturday, February 11, 2017!
Gates open at 8am (we end at 2pm)

Great great deals!! :)

Will be selling my Adidas Superstar Slip-Ons in White (throwing in a Nano Spray) and many more!!

See you there!

Please do drop by shop, say HI and have fun!! :)

Entrance is FREE!!