Garage Sale ALERT! #ClosetCleanoutSale2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yes, it's happening again!

Come and visit the #ClosetCleanoutSale2016 happening this Saturday - May 28, 2016 at the West Hall of the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse.  Entrance is FREE!!  Just mention to the guard that you are going to the garage sale at the Clubhouse!  Gates will open at 8am till 1pm.

Hope to see you there!!

BELO Baby Instagram Contest + Giveaway!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

The #BELOBaby Hair and Body wash is a staple in my kids' bath time.  I'm so happy to have a product that is locally made that is gentle and *hiyang* on my kids' sensitive skin.  I can't emphasize enough how happy and relieved I am because it's available locally.  Gone are the days that I worry for  a supply and settle for something less!  Now - we have the BEST!  (Read about my initial post here)

#BeloBaby products are crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.  I have said time and again that I use products that help keep my kids skin be rash free and I'm so glad that I found that from a local brand.  Just a few days ago, my sister in law complimented Kailee's skin saying it's *makinis* and I told her that I owe it all to #BeloBaby 's Hair and Body wash.  Something I need to emphasize is that #BeloBaby products have natural ingredients with zero chemicals.  That is something great, especially for a Pinoy product.  I'm so happy that they made the effort to make this for us Pinoys.  Finally a local product that is made especially for our kids!  That's a giant leap if you ask me!!

Right now, #BeloBaby is having a contest on Instagram:

 The mechanics for this is simple - JUST POST A PHOTO OF YOUR BABY with at least one (1) Belo Baby product (the most creative and memorable of course!)  don't forget to tag @belobabylove and #BeloBaby !  They will choose three (3) winners and these winners will get gift packs from #BeloBaby and a photo session with your child!  This IG contest will run until June 3, 2016 - so hurry!!!

So aside from this IG contest of #BeloBaby -  I'm giddy with excitement because I can finally share with three (3) of YOU (my readers!) gift packs from #BeloBaby!  Yes, you can finally try for yourselves the #BeloBaby products I have been raving about!

To join the giveaway on this blog, simply leave the following details on the comment section of this blogpost:
a)  Name
b)  Valid Email address
c)  Share this on your social media pages *Get a chance to win a gift pack from #BeloBaby + @candishhh*
d)  URL of your social media shares

I will choose three (3) winners, 2 from Metro Manila (you need to pick up your prize in Makati) and 1 anywhere in the Philippines, serviceable by LBC.

Please check out this very cute video of Baby Scarlett

So, they call it - Invisible Socks

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I confess that I don't wear socks as much, simply because I don't fancy closed shoes very much.  It was only last year, during our London vacation that I got to appreciate wearing closed shoes!  I bought a pair of FitFlop closed shoes and I was looking for a nice pair of socks to use it with.  Unfortunately the only ones I saw (and eventually bought) are those nylon (stockings-like) ballet flats socks.  I don't know what you call them - Hahaha!  So I bought them and used them the whole trip.  Thing was it would sometimes crumple up while I walk and so I needed to adust it from time to time (Take off the shoes to fix the fit of the socks).

I'm quite the late bloomer.  It was just recently that I realized how socks can help make shoes more comfy.  I realized that only last year during a trip to Tokyo!  Hahaha..  So whenever I was to wear closed shoes, I wanted to wear socks - thing was, the right kind of socks for the different kinds of shoe we have.

The generation now is quite lucky because there are all sorts of socks around!  During my time, we would need to fold the front part of the socks to make our socks look and be *ankle* length!  Hahaha!!

A few days ago, I saw a High School friend post pictures of sock in her FB page:

Apparently, these are called INVISIBLE SOCKS!  Hahaha..

I really got interested because I just bought my first pair of Paez shoes in white!  So before wearing it, I'm quite ceremonious - hahaha!!  Everything needs to be in order.  First, since it's white - I didn't want the shoes to be dirtied easily, so I bought a Nano spray.  I already sprayed it last Sunday.  Hahaha!!  Next order was which socks to wear - I was ready-ing my old socks, and then I saw the picture above!!!


I messaged my friend Steph and inquired.  She said these socks are at P90.00 a piece.  Ladies socks have these different colors:

I got 2 white and 2 nudes.  I was planning to get in grey and blue!  But then thought, I wasn't going to wear them everyday!  hahaha..  So I told her that I wished there were socks like those for kids - she said she will have!  Yahoooo!! :)  It has been ages since I wanted these kinds of socks for the kids!  Finally, there will be!!  Her stocks will arrive next month!  I'm so excited!  They will cost P80.00 a piece for kids size.

So if any of you are interested in this kind of socks - please send my friend an inquiry (and please make an order too!

Steph Ngo

Barbie, You can be ANYTHING Event on May 29, Sunday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Barbie would like to empower you and invite you tho their *You can be ANYTHING* event happening next Sunday - May 29 at SM Mall of Asia!!

Customers have to purchase at least P1000 worth of any Barbie merchandise at participating stores from April 29 to May 29. They have to present their receipt/s (single or accumulated) to our representatives in the registration area of the event to get 1 Pink Passport.

This pink passport will be your “event pass” have it stamped every time you go to the different booths.

When you complete all activities, you will be included in the raffle!  

It will be very exciting as there will be lots of giveaways and prizes on the said event.

WOW #SoftShellCrabsPH!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yummy yummy yummy, I've got LOVE in my tummy.

I heard Phoebe Buffay say it in Friends and true enough, I've got YUM in my tummy.  All thanks to #SoftShellCrabsPH!!

I am a fan of crabs.  I looove love love crabs.  And so when I was breastfeeding Kailee, I noticed that she'd get all itchy when I ate crabs.  So I was a on a crab diet, for a while.  I really couldn't resist!  (I'm so sorry Kailee!!) and I went as far as dumping my pumped breast milk - GUILTY!!

Ask my Panget, his family, my family, my friends, my helpers even my kids - they all know how much I love love loooooove crabs.  So when an opportunity to cook Soft Shell Crabs came, I grabbed it immediately.

I have a confession - I have this thing of needing to be in the mood to cook.  I can go on months with ignoring the kitchen.  But when I get my groove back, there's no stopping me.  For the past few days, I have been experimenting on deep frying.  Last Monday night, I used Olive Oil to make stove-top popcorn, and it wasn't good.  Hahaha!  The next day, I thought I wanted to make Maling chips.  I bought a small Maling to test.  Then while rummaging through the drawers, I found a mandoline!  Apparently, Maling (Luncheon Meat) cannot be mandoline-d!  Hahaha..  So, it gave me an idea, since Connor and I were on a french fries frenzy - why not make homemade potato chips!!  It was such a success and I was so happy!  So when I got home this afternoon - I was seriously thinking of what else to fry.  I then remembered SOFT SHELLED CRABS!!!

It has been in my freezer for about a month or so.  I have been undecided and I needed to feel that urge and confidence to try and cook the soft shell crabs.  I can't explain what triggered by curiosity, but I thawed it and with my friend Jones' advice to deep fry it.  I thought to myself - GO DO IT!

My friend Jones suggested to put flour and some salt.  And that's exactly what I did:

But before I coated the crabs in flour - I had to do a little cleaning like cut out the eyes and take out the gills and the gender parts.  Yaya Ga did all of those and was commenting how soft the shell was, I think they don't have this in the province.  Hihi..

Watch it fry..........

And in a few minutes (it felt like seconds) here's the finished product:

It was crispy, tasty, JUICY, and perfect!  I never knew it was this easy to cook!  Hahaha..  My Panget was excited and was also impressed.  It was LOVE at first bite.  I didn't even get to season the crab!  And it was sweet and very very tasty.  I wish we had more!  Hahahaha..  Well, I'm saving them for another day (where I will be the only one eating it.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!)

If you're interested to cook one, then head on to their Facabook Page - Soft Shell Crabs PH.

They have recipes and tips on how to cook Soft Shell Crabs.

Oh, if you're wondering on the price - it's P130.00/100 grams.  1 Kilo usually gives your around 13 to 15 pieces of Soft Shell Crabs.

Thank you #SoftShellCrabsPH for making it available to us in Manila!! :)  I always thought that Soft Shell Crabs were only abundant in Thailand.  Thank goodness, it's available HERE!!!

Thanks Jones!!

Now, let's ALL ORDER!!

Soft Shell Crabs PH
Text/Call +63 929 963 1170 or +63 917 389 2287