Thursday, November 27, 2014



On November 29, Saturday (12NN to 11:59PM) - there will be a massive (sort off) TRAFFIC RE-ROUTING in QUEZON CITY!! 

Please be informed!!
Also, expect heavy traffic.  There are seven (7) images below..

It would be really nice if you can pass on this information to everyone you know!!
(You know, to avoid the congestion and not getting to your destination on time or at all!  hahaha..)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIDIscoveries: Johns Cookers: Southern Fried Chicken in Examiner

We pass by Examiner on a regular basis and so we are witness to so many things - existing eat-all-you-can restos, new small restos popping up here and there, car washes that are open 24/7 and of course the ABS-CBN warehouse (or sort of) that is the main *sorting* ground when there are relief operations.

So, two weeks ago - we suddenly noticed that the place that Cassava Creme used to occupy is now Johns Cookers!  We slowed down to see the place it was very well lit and new (obviously!)  My Panget told me that we should try it sometime - it was perfect because that day, we didn't have a helper, so I thought to buy some take out.

I dropped by the place right after I heard Mass in a nearby Church.  I was greeted with smiles.  The menu was fairly standard - they were offering burgers and chicken.  I asked for their specialty and they told me that it was the fried chicken.  You know how much of a sucker I am for friend chicken - and so I ordered.  Initially didn't know how much to order but then decided to get 2 sets of the 6 pieces Fried Chicken.  I had to make sure that everyone was well fed.  So I placed the order.

While waiting for the order, chatty fatty me struck up a conversation with the staff.  I asked them if this was their first branch.  I learned that this was their second branch, their first branch was located in Kingspoint in Novaliches and that they've been open for 3 years now.  I was telling the staff that if they've been open for 3 years, that meant that they were successful.  The staff also told me that they also have a coffee shop right beside the Kingspoint branch.  I was curious so I asked her - why open a branch in Examiner (since it was far away from Novaliches) she said that the owners lived in a nearby village.  For a staff, she knew the history and the product.  Very good!

A few minutes later - a couple with a cute little girl walked in.  The staff were all smiles and she introduced them to me, they were the owners.  I met Ryan, his lovely wife Ann and their pretty little girl (I'm sorry but her name escapes me) - since they were there, I decided to ask them about the restaurant.  I'm really chatty - so I apologized in advance and told them that I like asking questions.  Hahaha!!  They were very accommodating answering my every question.  So to Ryan and Ann - THANK YOU for being so nice to me.

Johns Cookers started out in Kingspoint, Novaliches - according to Ryan and Ann, one of Ryan's brothers was in the food business and was familiar with how one works, so based on his knowledge and experience the family put up Johns Cookers and it was successful.  I asked them why it was named Johns Cookers - Ryan said that he and his brother were all named John (but they all had different second names) - that's why it was decided to name it Johns to symbolize the sons of the family.  I asked why they picked this location (I'm sure you'd say I ask a LOT of questions!  Hahaha.. But seriously, I do!!) they mentioned the proximity of the place from their house plus, they had regular customers along West Avenue and their neighbors in the village order from them too!  So they decided to risk it and open a branch nearby.

We had a good long conversation - in the minutes that I waited for my order to arrive, I got to know Ryan and Ann and they're really nice and warm people.  I always believe that we meet people not by accident - and I would like to think that what we spoke about in those minutes would help them in their current struggle.  So to Ryan and Ann, if you're reading this - you and your daughter are in my prayers.  I sincerely hope that we bump into one another again soon!  It's my philosophy in life to share information - whatever I know may be helpful and useful to others and I am one who is not selfish when it comes to sharing information & knowledge if need be, so I hope what I shared with you both will help you guys somehow - kahit konti lang.  It was so nice to have met you guys.

When my orders arrived, I had to go - it was nearing dinner time and I know my kids were hungry already.  Since Johns Cookers is nearby - I was home in minutes.  The aroma of the Southern fried chicken filled the car and I was so tempted to try some!  I honestly had big expectations - I mean southern fried chicken.  I was familiar with what it should be (based on my experience and knowledge) so I was hoping and praying that it would meet my expectations.

So, what is southern fried chicken?  Well, for me - it's fried chicken with batter.  It should be fried to a crisp, golden brown, soft and let's not forget - the gravy!  Hahahaha..  So when I got home, I hurriedly called the kids and my Panget and opened a box of Johns Cookers Southern Fried Chicken.

This is the ONLY picture I got to take because everyone was excited to EAT!!

This was what welcomed our sights and our senses.  The aroma was wonderful and we were all excited to taste it.  I took one piece and oh my gosh - it was so very soft and juicy!!  I loved that the chicken wasn't overpowered by the batter.  The chicken meat was so tender, the batter was just the right amount of crisp - I like that it wasn't very crispy to the point of burning, it was just right.  The flavor was good based on my palate - I don't like too much seasoning as there was the gravy to complement the flavor.  My Panget would love more punch, he's partial to *spice* thus wanted more spicy flavor.  The kids loved it - Connor had two (2) pieces while Kailee was drinking the gravy and didn't want to share!  Hahaha..  I gave the yayas 4 pieces to try, and they loved it too!

Everyone was happy and satisfied - imagine, the 12 pieces of chicken were all devoured.  There was nothing left - nothing.  Even the gravy - Kailee and I finished them off!  It was a wonderful take-out dinner, wonderful!

So, would we be ordering again?  DEFINITELY!  We'd love to try out their burgers next time.

The place is small, so a big group might be hard to fit.  But know that they deliver!  Yes, they do! I'll post the flyer as soon as I have it scanned.

For the price a 6pc. Fried Chicken will cost you P250.00.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On & Off again Colds & Cough

For the past three months, I have been battling colds and cough.  It has come and gone.  I was well for a week and then something happens and I get sick again.  It has gone far too long that's why I decided to consult a doctor.  I am one who avoids going to the doctor.  The only time I went religiously was when I was pregnant with Kailee and Connor, but those other times that I was sick - I self medicated because I knew what drugs are most effective for me.  I HATE going to a doctor - I hate the wait,  I hate they they're almost always late, I hate that their consultation fee is expensive, I hate that they're just *guessing* what you have based on your symptoms, plus - I hate going to hospital clinics - its so effing depressing.

A few months ago, I was invited to see QualiMed in PGH.  I wrote about how I was impressed with their facilities and their work standards.  During the tour, I learned that they have a branch in Trinoma.  Lucky for me, Trinoma is nearby.  So this morning - after waking up with a weird sound to my breathing and coughing endlessly and hard to the point that I was almost gagging, I decided to go see a doctor.  I knew I had to do it.  I should have done it earlier but oh well.  Haha!  I honestly had two (2) options:
Option 1:  Use our Valucare Health Card in St. Luke's QC
Option 2:  Use GC to visit QualiMed Trinoma.

I chose Option 2 - why?  Because, I didn't want to wait for forever for the doctor to show up.  ValuCare has two (2) pulmo doctors that day - one had clinic from 10am-11am while the other was 2pm-5pm.  I am one who likes to see the doctor in the morning because I don't want to waste the whole day waiting.  So I called the 10am-11am doctor, I was able to speak to the secretary and was told that the doctor was running late, I then asked if they were extending - and she said *No*.  I didn't want to waste my time an effort with waiting and then being told last minutes that I wouldn't be accommodated.  Plus, I really found it ODD that this particular doctor only allotted one (1) full hour for his patients!  Anyway, I decided to go to QualiMed.  I called first and I spoke to Geraldine, she was very nice on the phone - very accommodating.  She told me to look for her and that she would assist me when I got to the clinic.

When I got to QualiMed Trinoma - the place was quiet, very well lit, cold and clean.  It didn't seem like a clinic clinic.  It actually seemed like a very casual office!  Hahaha..  So when I got there, I asked for Geraldine and she was all smile, she gave me a small piece of paper with a number on it and I had to fill out some details like my name, age, and contact numbers.  After giving it back to her, I told her that I needed to see a doctor because I've had cough and colds for months and I needed a consult.  So, while waiting for my number to be called - I was looking around.  I thought to myself, that I didn't mind waiting in a place like this because the aircon was cold enough, the staff was all smiles and the place was clean.  There were screens all over the clinic's reception area - one screen was for the number sequence and all the other screens were for movies to entertain those waiting.  I was actually (happily) surprised to see Guardians of the Galaxy being shown!  Hahaha..  I loved that movie so much - it was such a feel good movie.  Anyways, I think I waited for about 20 minutes, but it didn't feel like 20 minutes because of all the *observing* that I was doing.  In a hospital clinic - you would need to wait in a hallway - a dark hallway without AC, time moved ever so slowly when you're there.  Do you agree?

I honestly didn't notice the 20 minute wait - when I was called, a staff took my my vitals, my blood pressure and my pulse.  A few minutes later I was called in the doctor's office.  I told her that I have been battling colds and cough for the past months, that 2 weeks ago - i took Azithromycin for 5 days and felt better and then after a week - Saturday night to be exact - I was sneezing like crazy and coughing every so often.  For the first time since I had cough and colds - yesterday, I felt very weak and my head was hurting.  While at Mass yesterday afternoon, I finished a whole pack of tissue!  She asked me what I was taking (if there was any) and so I told her that I was taking Loratadine as *allergy* medicines and I was taking this every night for the past month or so.  And that last Friday, I decided to try Benadryl AH and it helped (although I became sleepy).  She then took out her stethoscope put it on my back and asked me to breathe deeply.  I was honestly scared - because I hate diagnosis, any form of diagnosis for that matter.  So I was expecting the worse - (I was clutching my holding cross & rosary) after a few seconds that felt like eternity - the doctor told me *I don't hear anything, your lungs are clear as far I've heard them*  I was surprised - so I asked her again if she was sure and she said she was.   She then told me that she would be changing my *allergy* medicines and that as a precaution, she prescribed an antibiotic.  But I wasn't satisfied - I was thinking that since I was already there and I was already getting comfortable -  I told her what my doctor friend recommended that I do, and that was to have an X-Ray, just to check the lungs.  I think I surprised the doctor and she agreed - she told me that if I was comfy enough, that she would recommend it.  Since I was getting an X-Ray, she told me to also have a CBC if I was willing.  Everyone who knows me - know that I HATE needles - but I said yes.  SHOCKER!  Hahaha!  I was getting comfortable - the place didn't look creepy and not very hospital-ish (which I liked very much) so I thought to myself - GAME ON!  And I was terrified - ask my Panget whenever we have our yearly blood tests taken - I always *need* to hold someone's had but this time - I was just cool and relaxed.  Hahaha!  I swear - it's the *I'm not in an actual hospital* feel that made the difference (even it I was in a clinic!  Haha!!)  I was done in an hour's time - and I didn't even notice the wait which was great!  I was told that my result will come within the day - and I was happy with that.  I was very much satisfied with my experience, it was so pleasant that I wouldn't mind going back (if need be).

I called at 4PM to ask about my results and was told that I could pick them up at 6PM.  My CBC results were ready but the radiologist was still looking at my film.  I asked them if they could email me my CBC results and they did - and everything was within range.  I was honestly scared because my last blood test, some aspects were off the charts.  But of this CBC, my results were all within range - mid range to be exact.  I was honestly quite nervous on the X-Ray.

I went back to QualiMed at about 6:30PM to pick up my result.  The clinic was empty except for the guard and a receptionist.  The clinic was quiet too!  I gave my name and within seconds, I was greeted with a smile by a doctor and she told me to wait because they were printing out my results.  After a few minutes the nice doctor hands me my result - she tells me that everything was clear.  I told her that I was prescribed to take antibiotics and I wanted to know if I still needed to take them.  She said that as far as her interpretation goes - was that I didn't need an antibiotic.  But as a precaution, she contacted the doctor I consulted with to ask a proper endorsement.  We had to wait a while for the reply, but the doctor told me that I didn't need to take antibiotics.  She explained to me that my CBC was all in the normal range, and that the X-Ray result was also clear.  She then told me that asthma can't be seen in an X-Ray because it was an upper respiratory thing.  She then explained that it might have been the weather change (sudden raining, hot & cold) or it was due to dust in the air.  Oh my.....  I was telling her that I was prescribed with medicines that Kailee and Connor were taking - the difference was the dosage!

So there - my results were all CLEAR.  But still - I have cough and colds.  Is this just allergies?  Sigh.  I hope so.  I hope that my *new* meds will make me well or just manage my allergies because it's really getting to me.  I don't want to seem contagious to people (even if I look it!) since it's just allergies, but I know and see *judging* eyes - Hahahaha!!

I have been neglecting this blog because I haven't had the energy since I'm distracted with the on again & off again colds and cough (plus the kids have been sick on and off too!!) When I feel better, I promise to get back in the groove.

Consult cost me P350.00  (I'm sure if I went to a clinic I would burn at least P600.00)
X-Ray was P370.00
CBC was P240.00
I had to pay P150.00 for the X-Ray film (I wanted to keep it)

Not bad right?


I realized that my kids are not actually sick.  They're not contagious, they don't have bacteria or viruses - they just have allergies.  And mucus production is the body's way to protecting itself from getting sick.  I realized this because I was prescribed the same medicines - Cetirizine, an antihistamine and Fluimucil to to help expel mucus and Montelukast to manage the *allergy*

Friday, November 14, 2014

Slammin Mini Burgers: I got Slammed!!!

Since I love french fries - it's not surprising that I love Belgian Fries.  I remember first seeing it in Xavier so many many years ago.  Hahaha!  Then, they opened a stall at Promenade - and whenever I was there, I would order the Belgian Fries with dips of course.

I honestly forget where I first encountered Slammin (formerly Slammers) - but I remember it because it looks very similar to those White Castle burgers that I saw on TV!  I first tried it in Trinoma and I really liked it.  So whenever my Panget and I would watch movies in Trinoma - I always ordered from Slammin (formerly Slammers) - I always get their chicken burger - Crispy Chix.  Hihi.. Feeling *healthy* hahaha!!

Some months ago, I got an invitation to try out Slammin in the new wing of the Promenade.  I was really meaning to go but somehow - I never found the time, but last week - I finally did! :)  I honestly wondered where they were located then I realized there was still a part of the new wing that I haven't seen - and this was the place facing the Missouri Street.  So i went there and they were located just by the entrance!

They're menu is pretty straightforward and simple which I like because everything is there!  I personally almost always get the chicken - Crispy Chix or Go Fish.  I am not a *burger* person, but I enjoy it once in a while.  I saw though that they had this Black Box series, and I felt that it was calling to me to try them, it was the *Strawberry Jam* *Pineapples* & *Salted Caramel*

I was honestly torn between Romeo & Juliet and the Big Kahuna.  I didn't know what to get, I think I was taking too long to decide.  Hahaha!!  Good thing, Andrew - said that I could get a sampler of the three - and I did!!  Yey!  I also ordered a double Crispy Chix and a double dipper fries.  I NEED to mention this as I was impressed with how Andrew handled my order.  He was really very helpful but what he did was extra special (for me) as I doubt any normal staff would do something like this.  You know what he did?  Since I was bringing home the mini burgers - he LABELED them for me.  Labeled them!  I was honestly surprised because I saw him writing and then cutting a small piece of paper and then getting tape and taping them on the black boxes!  When I tool a closer look - he was labelling them, so I'll know which burger I was going to eat.  He really didn't need to do it - but he did and that earned extra points from me!  Well trained, very well trained! :)  He said he didn't want to confuse me - and I really appreciated what he did.  Very nice customer service!!

Since I took them home - the drive back was torture as the mini burgers smelled soooooo very good!!  Kailee finished ALL of my fries and I didn't want to mess up my driving, so I had to practice self control even if I was so tempted to take a bite into the mini burgers while in traffic.  It was 35 minutes of *self-control* it seemed like forever!!  I think this was the Burger gods' revenge to me for not dining at Slammin.  Hahaha!!

When I got home, of course - I took pictures of the burgers.  I left for a few minutes to freshen up and when I got back to the dining table - my Panget was busy eating one burger!  Argh!!!!!!!  I wanted to have first bite on all of the burgers!!!  Grrr....

I was so sad because I just had one bite of the Romeo & Juliet and I loooooved it.  I really hated my Panget that he ate that one.  Grrrr....  We then halfed the Big Kahuna and the John Candy.  I really liked the Mini Burgers, they looked small but they were very filling.  My Panget who is very critical of burgers at first didn't think much of the burgers even saying they were small.  But when he took a bite of the Romeo & Juliet - he was all praises!  He kept on telling me how good it was (which angered me more since I just got 1 bite out of it!) Hahaha...  He said that the burger was small but the taste was very good - he told me that whoever developed this burger did his R&D.  My Panget is usally NR when it comes to burgers, but with this one - just a few bites into the Romeo & Juliet he was say *It's good!* over and over and over again.  The Big Kahuna was also good as I liked pineapples in my burger and so that didn't need much pushing.   The John Candy too as a surprise - I never thought that sauteed onions would make a difference in taste - and it did!  The salted caramel added to a taste that I couldn't describe - I honestly wasn't able to pin it - but when I saw the flyer - it was the salted caramel.  I loved that they didn't scrimp on the bacon and sauces.

John Candy
See the sauteed onions and the cheeeeeeeeeese?

The Big Kahuna
Sad that the pineapple can't be seen..

Romeo & Juliet
ahhhhh.. the strawberry jam!  the strawberry jam!!

These mini burgers look small but packs a a huge punch.  It's filling but isn't too much to make you *suya*.  I enjoyed eating small burgers because its not as messy plus, you get to tell yourself that there's one more piece waiting for you!  Hahaha...

Looks can be deceiving they say.

Trinoma  Food Choices
Market!  Market! Cinema Level
Promenade (New Wing)
Robinson's Magnolia
Twitter and Instagram @slamminminiburgers

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Flash: Grant Gustin & Barry Allen

I haven't had this bad of a crush since seeing Matt Bomer/Neal Caffrey on TV while I was pregnant with Kailee.  I was obsessed with seeing Neal Caffrey on TV - I would watch over and over again the Pilot of White Collar and I would have this silly grin on my face while I saw it.  Ask my Panget he can attest to that!

Before Neal Caffrey - I was crushing Seth Cohen from the OC.  I'm sure you'd ask why - well, he's cute and awkward and geeky.  Hahaha!  I don't know, I can't explain it - but he was sort of my perfect guy on TV.  My next TV crush was Chuck Bartowski - again, geeky and awkward and FUNNY!  But then their shows were and I had nothing to look forward to.  And so when I saw Matt Bomer (I remembered him as Bryce Larkin from Chuck) it was TV love at first sight.

I first saw Grant Gustin/Barry Allen in an episode of Arrow.  I knew from the moment he spoke, that I was going to like him (and his character).  He had this funny charm, the talkative very intelligent charismatic - what am I talking about?  He was in character and I loved how he portrayed the character of Barry Allen.  I was berating my Panget asking him all sorts of questions regarding Barry Allen - if he was like that in comics and in cartoons (JLA)

When the Pilot of The Flash leaked - I knew I had to watch it.  Good thing, my TV soulmate/sister had a copy and dropped it on Dropbox.  The wait was agonizing, but when I saw the Pilot - it was first TV love at first watch.  Grant Gustin/Barry Allen was IT.  He was IT!  He is my new TV crush, my new eye candy on TV.  He is someone I will look forward to watching every weekend.  He is the ONE!

As of the moment, I would have seen 4 episodes of The Flash and each time, he gets cuter and cuter!  He plays his character very very very well!


So there, I am YouTube stalking him - watching and re-watching is interviews as The Flash.

Grant Gustin - thank you!  Thank you for playing the part so well.  I am so in like and in love with Barry Allen.

P.S.  For the record, I also like Oliver Queen - he's HOT!  But these are two different people that I like.  Hahaha!!  Extremes if you ask me.  One is calm, collected and with muscles, while the other one is geeky, awkward, funny and just irresistibly charming.  Just like how cute I feel Felicity Smoke is!  Hahaha.. I wish though that they take out Iris off the picture.  Barry Allen has chemistry with Felicity Smoke AND Caitlin.  Hahahaha!!!

So, for those like me who LOVE Grant Gustin/Barry Allen - here's more!!