Tuesday, October 13, 2015

STRIP Ministry of Waxing

I've never tried waxing.  EVER.

The though of it and the pain leaves so much for my imagination to play around with.  I am direly scared of pain.  A little headache - I take Biogesic.  If I have body pains - I take Myonal or Arcoxia.  Yes, I am deathly afrain of pain.  So imagine my fear when I gave birth?  I was so glad that I was knocked out had a pain free experience.

So, yesterday - I was very lucky to be invited to #MarjRoBrowBash!  One of the pamperings was a treatment with Browhouse & Strip.  Just two weeks ago, I went to Browhouse to have my eyebrows groomed.  And I LOVED it!  So this time - since my eyerbows have been groomed - I had to do the waxing thing.   I honestly wasn't very convinced, but I thought to myself, what the heck - GAME na kung game!  So I took the plunge.  Waxing it is!

I like that their reception area looks very welcoming and clean!
On the left side is Browhouse and on the right side is Strip.

Ever since college, I have only been bleaching the hairs on my upper lip, my arms and legs.  Before when I was still unmarried - I would do it regularly.  These regular bleaching stopped when I had kids.  Well, I would do it when I remembered.  And as you can guess, I forgot - OFTEN.  Haha!!

I have to be honest, I have always been tempted to try waxing BUT I was just too scared.  So the idea was always dismissed.  But yesterday afternoon.  I don't know - I suddenly became brave.  Well - primarily because a mommy blogger friend - Michelle (mymomfriday.com), decided to try waxing as well.  She verbalized my fears and when she decided to give it a go.  Lumakas ang loob ko.  So, THANK YOU Michelle!  Hahaha..

When we entered the room I was nervous.  I told Dolly (my wax technician) that I was scared of pain.  She told me that she will be very gentle.  Kailee was in the room with me and I need to look brave!  Hahaha..

First up was the upper lip.  Dolly put some warm wax on my upper lip.  I was glad that it didn't smell bad, it smelled pleasant actually.  Haha!  Then as the wax hardened slightly, she gently tried to remove it on one end - and in one swift action - BOOM!  I was very surprised honestly - because it was NOT painful!  It stung, but not painful.  She repeated the procedure about 4 more times.  It was such a pleasant experience to be honest!  I was IMPRESSED!  I liked too that Dolly was wearing gloves - and that everything was clean and hygenic.  I know this should be the norm, but I don't think everyone follows it.  So kudos to the management!

Next up, was the lower leg.  I will apologize in advance because here is the video of my first ever lower leg waxing.  It might be too graphic.  Hahaha!!

I swear to you, it wasn't painful.  You'll feel stinging pain as the cloth is pulled, but that's it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I expected the pain to resonate to my whole leg - but it never did and I LOVED it!  There was no redness and it didn't feel sore the whole afternoon too!  Yey!  I think what made all the difference was the wax that was used and the gentleness of Dolly's hands.  She was very reassuring, gently and calming.  She was talking to me the whole time, I think to distract me from the pain.

When I came out of the room, Tad Abad and Monique Jamlang welcomed me back.  I told them that I wasn't traumatized and I actually liked my waxing session.  I was impressed with the gentleness of Dolly.  Monique said that all the technicians have to go through her - if they passed her standards - that means, magaan talaga ang kamay.  It's so nice that she thinks that way - because with that thought, it just shows how much she values customer service how sure she is that their staff will pass the standards of other people.

Thank you Tad, Monque, Marj and Ro for making me experience this!  I will be sure to be back!!

I'm not afraid of waxing anymore!  Woohooo!!

I will encourage you to try out their services.  I swear, I see waxing in a whole new light now.  Thank you for making my experience very pleasant and enjoyable!  It really made all the difference.  Now, if you plan to try out their services - please do look for Dolly.  She did my upper lip and half leg.  Thank you Dolly!!

STRIP Ministry of Wax
5th Level Mega Fashion Hall
(Beside the ice skating rink)

Monday, October 12, 2015

The MAGIC of #JaDine and #OnTheWingsOfLove

Yes, it's Monday again.



Because there will be a new episode of #OTWOL !  Woohooo!!

I haven't been like this in a long looong time.  Giddy.  And I swear, what I'm feeling now - I forgot what it felt like looking forward to another episode to catch.  I'm nervous and excited and left wondering what could be in store for me!  I am THAT excited.  Hahaha!  Iba na ito!  I am glad that in this digital age, one can watch old missed episodes online.  I was very lucky to have been a given a link to past episodes.

Last Friday, I was able to catch up to last Thursday's episode.   I think I slept at around 1-2am and I had to wake up early that morning to go to Alabang.  I woke up late, and guess what my mind was filled with?  Scenes for #OTWOL!  Ano ba yan Didi!

I swear to you, #JaDine was on my mind.  I caught myself smiling silly when I remember scenes.  I have no idea of this effect.  NO IDEA.  This is all new to me.

I usually don't gush on love teams.  I gush on TV crushies like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, but this time - I will gush on #JaDine.

Let me tell you my journey into getting to know #JaDine.

#NadineLustre - I've heard of.  I think I've seen her Jollibee ads and I've noticed how similar she looks with Kathryn Bernardo.  I just dismissed her honestly - I thought that I was too old to be into those love teams.  I thought to myself - I'm passed the stage of admiring and rooting for love teams.  (To give you a clue on my age - I followed Jericho Rosales+Kristine Hermosa, Judy Ann Santos + Derek Ramsey, Judy Ann Santos + Ryan Agoncillo, JLC + Bea Alonzo. I would secretly want them end up together in real life.  Hahaha!!)  I then saw her in my friend's IG (my friend is an editor of a travel magazine) I honestly wondered why she was gushing about Nadine.

#JamesReid - I used to be a fan of PBB, until I realized how manipulated it was.  I honestly had no idea who James Reid was until recently.  I think he was involved in a controversy of something which left something negative to my mind.  I was completely clueless on him.  My mom said he was the big winner in some PBB season 5 years ago.  The thought I had in my head was *Nako, Gerald Anderson Part 2 - oh no!*  I was wrong, really really wrong for assuming that he was in the same league.  Walang sinabi ni #GeraldAnderson sa acting skills ni James.  Hahahaha!!!

#JaDine - I've just been seeing status messages of friends in FB and on Twitter with this hashtag.  Again, I dismissed it.  #OTWOL started August - it's already October.  It took me almost 2 months to notice it again.

To be honest - I was so curious because I was told that there was quite a number of kissing scenes.  It made me think twice thrice - it left my mind with this curious thought *There's a teleserye that has kissing scenes?!  Really?  Really??  I mean, REALLY?

So I googled.

And there was no turning back.

My friend Alch sent me a youtube link of the movie Ang Diary ng Panget and then the link of the episode of #OTWOL.

Iba na ang life ngayon.

After 2 days of binge watching - I must confess - I still have them in my thoughts.  But you know what?  I think I'm more happy?  Hahaha!!  Parang loka loka!  Crazy as it sounds - I smile a lot more, because when I think of them - I can't help but feel kilig!  I feel like I'm in High School again seeing them together in scenes.  To be honest, it made me believe that there is still some kilig in me.  Kinikilig pa pala ako.

I have to be honest, the story line isn't original - it's been done quite a few times.  The most recent that I can remember is The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  It's a different setting and situation - but the theme is the same - marry a US citizen to escape deportation.  The only difference is the attack and the actors.

I read an article that part of the reason why #JaDine is clicking is that they're something fresh.  They've had a number of movies under their belt but they don't have a series to test the love team.  I've always had this admiration on casting directors because they can see what we normal people can't in an instant.  And I believe with #JaDine - they've hit the jackpot!  (Kudos to whoever thought of this love team.  I will pray for you!)  #OTWOL is their major test on TV, this teleserye will be able to gauge to see if the love team is just for movies to pwedeng pang TV.  And I think we all know the answer.

So what is the MAGIC of #JaDine and #OTWOL?  I feel that it's the lightness of the theme and the undeniable chemistry of the #JamesReid and #NadineLustre.  We all know that it's a love story - but the journey, story telling, casting and acting makes ALL the difference.  I think one of the reasons I'm drawn to the show is because #NadineLustre is not your typical Pinay actress who shuns kissing scenes.  Sa dami ng kissing scenes nila sa show just last week - I want to shake her hand and hug her and tell her that I admire what she's doing.  She's doing what every Pinay actress is avoiding - kissing scenes!!  I admire her courage to take that acting to a new level.  I must also say that to her family - thank you for allowing her to do kissing scenes - binigyan niyo ng katotohanan kung pano maging in love sa totoong buhay.  The #JaDine kissing scenes are made with taste, it doesn't leave anything sour in the mouth (no pun intended).  Kudos to you guys.  Alam naman nating naka-base yan sa manager at pamilya ng actress - if she will be allowed to do kissing scenes or not.  Hello??!!  Artista nga eh, ACTING.  So thank you to #NadineLustre 's manager and family.  GOOD DECISION.  Hahaha!!

I somehow can't explain why - but the series, it makes me feel forgotten emotions of how it was once to be once in love.  The joy and happiness, the sadness, the feeling of heartbreak - how it makes you feel the pain of it breaking.  The image above, it made me cry.  It was so painful, in my head I was thinking *Ang sakit sakit!*  It is truly MAGIC how a teleserye can pull out those emotions out of you.  As they say in Tagalog #Hugot.

It's really such a wonder how this show has drawn me in.  Like what Leah said - it's like a Rosary - full of mysteries.  Hahaha!!  I never thought it could happen.  Never.

I believe that in life - TIMING is everything.  And now it's #JaDine 's time to shine.

#Push natin yan.

Achieve?  #Achieve!


Alch - I will credit you for this *love* of #JaDine.  Thank you for introducing me to their love team.  Love kita forever and always.  Hahaha!! :)

I'm sure you've seen this video na, but heck - I'll put it here so you can see what I mean.  Alch mad me watch it last Saturday in her home.

The tandem knows when and HOW to draw in people to their love team.

Okay, I confess - I've been youtube-ing them.  And I found this video of them on GGV.

I LOVE Your Song because of Moulin Rouge AND I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt, I fell in love with the later because of Constantine Maroulis sang it on AI.  I can't believe #JamesReid knew those 2 songs.  Meant to be!  Hahaha... :)

Friday, October 09, 2015

On The Wings Of Love: James Reid & Nadine Lustre

There was a time in my life that I was a teleserye junkie.

I would not go out during weekdays and spend time watching my ABS CBN teleserye.  I was and am and will forever be a certified Kapamilya.  But I stopped watching teleseryes when I had Kailee.  I often wondered what life was before I had kids.  I remember being a local TV junkie, I totally forgot what it was like.

My friend Alch, has been my teleserye partner.  Recently she asked me if I was watching #OnTheWingsOfLove the #JaDine love team.  I honestly had no idea - so I told her that I wasn't and that I haven't seen a teleserye for about 5 years now.  But it left me curious.

I asked my mom and her helper - they told me it was very nice.  It was light and funny and very nice.  I got curious.  I asked my mom where she saw the episodes.  She gave me a link and I started to watch.

I like loved it.

The show somehow brought back forgotten feelings of *kilig*.  Yes, I didn't know they still existed in me.  I thought the key in the *Kilig Room* was lost forever.  Hahaha!  It was an indescribable feeling to be honest.  I guess when you get married and have kids - your views on love change drastically.  While watching, I was smiling like a teenager - my Panget noticed.  He was telling me last night why I had this odd smile on my face.  I told him *Kinikilig ako sa teleserye*

Here are some of the reasons why I fell in like love with #OTWOL

#OTWOL is a light romantic comedy.  I like how the show is not heavy on the drama and banks on the chemistry of the cast and the *acting* ability of the cast.  I laughed, cried and felt super kilig while watching the episodes.

I like the cast.  I never thought I will fall in like with the #JaDine team up.  I assumed I was too old for them, I was wrong.  Hahaha!  #JamesReid is so natural, #NadineLustre is very cute and doesn't come out as OA even if she is at times.  I like their chemistry.  They look good together and they're so cute together!  I am silently rooting that they end up together in real life.  Hahaha!!  (Ganon ka BENTA sa akin ang #JaDine)  I like Cherry Pie, Joel Torre, and Nanette Inventor!  There is one character/actor that I dislike - Jiggs/Albie Casino - my goodness, his acting is really bad!  And he's not good looking pa!  But I guess they included his character para may kainisan tayo.  I hate him.  He's an ungrateful jerk.  PESTE

The story hits a nerve in most everyone.  OFWs, those seeking the American Dream, Filial love,  and Sacrifice.  Everyone can relate to the story in one way or another.  It's very relatable - yan, that's the perfect description.

It's a LOVE story.  I have to admit - my views on love evolved to practicality.  But what I failed to realize was that - turn the world upside down and side ways and over a billion times - LOVE is still LOVE.  Love will still conquer all, and it can move mountains.  It can make people crazy and happy and crazy happy at the same time.  Love really does make the world go round.

The kissing scenes.  I've always CRINGED when Pinoy actors do kissing scenes.  It looks so fake!  Hahaha..  And I have noticed that in movies and teleseryes (unless there's a mistress involved) that kissing scenes are so scarce!  I mean, come on - in real life people KISS.  I mean really kiss, diba?  Here in the Philippines - the definition of a kissing scene is a SMACK on the lips.  My golly jeez wow.  Pinoys are conservative daw, oh really?  Come on!  Show some truth!  And that's why I like #OnTheWingsOfLove because they make the kissing scenes look so natural and kilig.  Well, yeah there are cheesy moments but the kissing scenes are done in wonderful taste.  It makes the story more believable and REAL.   (I've watched the episode from Oct 1 till 7, but I'm back tracking from the Pilot.)

One of the directors.  Antoinette Jadaone.    She sold me with The Thing Called Tadhana.

I am now officially a fan of #JaDine

Nadine Lustre is so cute and so funny.  She can make you cry, laugh, be kilig all at once - she's relatable.  She's not nakaka-asar OA even is she is OA at times.  She's very good.  Ibang level.    James Reid - I was blown away, I had this notion on my head that he was like Gerald Anderson or Sam Milby - I was so wrong, super duper wrong.  He's waaaaaay better than GA and SM.  Basura ang acting ni GA and SM compared to #JamesReid!  Well given that he has the slang, but over all - he acts so very naturally.  Hindi pilit yung emotions that he puts forth.

Whoever put these two together deserves all the credit and royalties possible kasi it works!! #Benta

I'm halfway done - on the 21st episode.  I'm getting more kilig by the episode.  Hahaha!!

P.S.  I can't believe that I get kilig when I think about them.  Hahaha!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Cooking Quest: Chimichurri Sauce

Ever since I tried this sauce in Gaucho, the Argentine restaurant in Robinson's Magnolia, it left a lovely impression on my palate.  I forgot about it for a while and then was reminded of it again when I tried Senor Pollo early this year.  Whenever we had simple get togethers at home, I would drive to Senor Pollo and order extra helpings of the Chimichurri sauce.  I loved it so much that I would just eat it with rice or bread!  Hahaha..

A few months ago after binge watching Master Chef, I realized that contestants were making it left and right.  I searched the recipe on Google memorized it but never got around to making one.  But a few weeks ago, I suddenly had this urge to make one.  It was perfect because it coincided with our supermarket day.

It was a success, flavor wise.  The appearance wasn't quite there, but it tasted good!  Hahaha..  This is what my first attempt looked like:

It was mush.  I used my Braun Mutliquick 3 Hand Blender - I used the hand blender beaker to chop up all the ingredients and poured in the oil - and it turned into mush.  I think I over chopped the ingredients.  The flavor was there, but the appearance was not.  Hahaha!  So my attempt #1 just got a passing mark.  Hehehe..  But we finished it in a few days.

Then last Saturday, I suddenly needed to buy chicken breast and as I was walking to the counter to pay - I saw the greens sections, they had parsley!  I bought a huge pack and headed home.  I wanted to make the Chimichurri sauce again.

So I went home, used the hand blender sans the beaker - and it turned out pretty successful!  Look at it:

Not bad right?  Well, I think it was a success because it didn't turn into mush!  Hahaha..:)

Here's the recipe that I used, I am apologizing ahead because I did not use exact measurements, I just made it according to taste.

2 Cups Parsely Leaves
4 Cloves of Garlic
1 Small Onion chopped
Chili Flakes
Red Wine Vinegar

The recipes that I've found online said to chop the parsley leaves.  I tried chopping but found that it took too long.  So I just put the leaves in a bowl and used the hand blender to chop it all up.  Then I put the garlic (you can use 2 cloves first and then taste, if you feel you need to add more, do so) and then the chopped onion (you add a little at a time and then add according to your taste).

Then pour the oil into the mixture and blend well.  Then add a few drops of the red wine vinegar.  I say few drops so you can adjust the taste to your liking.  The add rock salt to flavor.  Again, add little by little to adjust the taste - remember when you add more than enough, it will be harder to correct.

Add the chili flakes depending on your heat preference.  Then a few oregano leaves (I just used the dried ones and I just put very little).  Don't forget to taste as you go along, so you'll know how to adjust the taste to your liking.  I can't emphasize enough on tasting as you go along.

This recipe will make about 75% of a Mason Pint Jar.


You have your own Chimichurri sauce!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Magnum's White Chocolate Almond Indulgence on October 4, Sunday!

Press Release

Be the First to Try Magnum’s New White Chocolate Indulgence

Get ready for the latest indulgent and mouth-watering treat in town - the NEW Magnum White Chocolate Almond.

Magnum heralded the arrival of the country’s first white Belgian chocolate ice cream creation through the biggest white takeover the metro has seen. The celebrations kicked off last September 30 with a White Party attended by the Philippines’ top celebrities and influencers. Here, Magnum introduced its newest and finest Belgian chocolate creation that’s made of rich vanilla ice cream covered in thick cracking white Belgian chocolate and almond pieces.

Magnum’s white celebration continues through a takeover of malls around the metro. On October 4 (Sunday), Magnum will takeover SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura, Glorietta 1, Trinoma, Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Galleria, Eastwood Mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Alabang Town Center, and UP Town Center by storm by giving consumers who come by the chance to be the very first to try Magnum’s newest flavor. Once the clock strikes 4pm, ice cream fans will get a chance to indulge in Magnum’s White Chocolate Almond together with their favorite Magnum ambassadors and dance to the beats of the hottest DJs in town.

“Magnum has always been about celebrating pleasure and indulging yourself after a hard day’s work. With the launch of Magnum White Chocolate Almond, Magnum once again presents its pleasure seekers a new way to reward themselves – an indulgent flavor that is just so different from our current range,” said Magnum Brand Manager, Andrea Huang.

Magnum White Chocolate Almond will be available nationwide on October 5 in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Visit @MagmumCelebrateWhite on Instagram

Visit our website: www.Magnum.com.ph

Tweet us: @Magnum_ph