Monday, April 21, 2014

Giveaway ALERT! Oishi Smart C+

Bottoms Up!

Yes, that's what is written on the label of Oishi's Smart C+!  I am one who doesn't believe much in popping vitamins (pills).  I'd like to get my vitamins naturally - like in juices and in food!  For one, I LOVE milk and so I drink it everyday - and that's my natural dose of Calcium.  But for Vitamin C, well - I have to confess, I rarely drink OJ, and even if I make lemon water, I doubt that its enough of a dose.

I'm glad to know that a local brand - Oishi is now offering a Vitamin C+ a thirst quenching alternative to those pills!!

In light of this new offering/discovery - I'm giving away 12 bottles of Smart C+'s (6-Pomelo Grapefruit and 6-Lemon Squeeze)

Please note that this giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents who are willing to meet up to pick up the prize in Quezon City - specifically, Trinoma Mall, Robinson's Magnolia, SM North and Fisher Mall.  I also beg you not to force me to sponsor shipping to your address.  I will pick the winner myself and use Rafflecopter to collate the entries.

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Globe VS Smart VS DIDI

Yes, I DISLIKE them both.  Globe Telecom and Smart Communications.

Last Tuesday, I was contemplating - should I subscribe to a 5day unli data with Globe Telecom or use my pocket wifi and subscribe to Smart's 5day unli data.  It was a tough decision.  I had to weigh the pros and cons - and then I eventually realized that if I subscribed with my home network, that it would mean that I won't need to lug around an extra device and extra power bank.  So I opted to go with Globe Telecom, my home network.

Registration was supposed to be easy.  I easily subscribed to their unli data and I've done it a dozen times!  It was so easy - I just had to punch in *143# and follow the instructions, and I did.  But then I received a text message saying that the Supersurf 200 I was trying to avail wasn't available in my subscription.  Now, how the hell was that possible?  I tried again and yet I received the same text.  I immediately turned to twitter as Globe Twitter agents respond faster - but they too weren't able to determine why I got that message.  I was desperate and so I went on to use the chat with an agent online, and I was told that I was subscribed to a PowerSurf 99 (50MB) and so I CANNOT combine a powersurf and a supersurf.  Silly right?  So I checked my subscription - I knew that I had successfully subscribed to a 1 day unli supersurf, and I checked it - the date was January 24, 2014.  Here are images of the error messages and successful registration:

FYI:  This PowerSurf PV99 is just a freebie combo that I got for my plan.

I had to tell them this because if it wasn't possible, then how come I was able to subscribe to it last November 2013 and January 2014, right?  But even if I told them - the live chat agent and the Twitter agent - well, they were stumped.  Yes, I get no more replies after I tell them that I successfully subscribed to a 1day SuperSurf.  Until now, there are no follow-up replies.  Did I successfully stump them?  I'm also confused, really.  I was told that OF COURSE if you're subscribed to the per MB charge for data, you CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to subscribe to the Supersurf.  Apparently, we CANNOT COMBINE a powersurf and a supersurf.  Now, why weren't we informed?  Better yet - why was I able to combine them if it wasn't possible?  Was it magic?  Tsk.. Tsk..

This situation forced me to subscribe to Smart's 5-day Unli date which was also P200.00.  Since I have a Smart prepaid sim (I maintain a load) and so I bought a Smart Broadband sim and I used it in my pocket wifi.  This pocket wifi device I have used in Singapore and was so happy with it!  Maybe because the signal in Singapore is stable compared to here in Manila.  I used a Sun, Smart and Globe broadband sims in my pocket wifi and I get crappy signals - but hey, what can I do right?

I was honestly expecting very good signal from Smart.  As we all know, they are the LARGEST network in the country, plus, I know for a fact that they very strong in the provinces.  So, I assumed that even in Subic, their signal will be strong.  Well - I was wrong.

Wrong because even if the signal is strong (full bar signals) I was unable to connect to the internet.  There were times that I would be able to connect but the speed was mediocre.  Here is a screen capture that I got from my iPhone.  It's so laughable - seriously.

So there, when I was at our place in Subic - the signal bars were full.  I can successfully send text messages and make calls via my Smart prepaid number, but I was unable to connect to the internet.  The light was green - yet, no connection whatsoever.  I complained on this last Wednesday April 16, and then again on the 17th and then again on the 18th. I got the reference number 527723231, but during my follow ups - gosh, the agent told me that there was nothing he can do because there were no signal interruptions in my area.  I was pissed!  I mean, hello - I paid P200.00 for a 5-day unlimited date subscription BUT I was able to browse at all!  Don't I have the right to complain?  Well, apparently to that agent, I didn't have any right to because there is signal.  I had to tell him repeatedly that I agree that the signal bars are full BUT I am unable to broswe or connect - ahhhhh.. FRUSTRATING!!  The agent just told me to complain when the subscription is finished.

So, in conclusion - THERE IS REALLY NO BETTER NETWORK!  They're both the same.  They're both crappy!  Sorry friends working in the network - but seriously, PUT yourselves in our shoes!!

But since I live in the Philippines, I NEED to take in their crap.

Goodness!!  Goodness talaga...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Say YES to Starbucks' Caramel Ribbon Crunch & Banana Mango Frappuccino!!

Its officially summer!  And in the sweltering heat - a refreshing drink always cools us down.  The folks at Starbucks have two new drinks in store for us - the Caramel Ribbon Crunch and the Banana Mango Frappuccino!  I am so very excited to share that starting April 22 - we will be treated to a taste the Caramel Ribbon Crunch and the Banana Mango Frappuccino!

As a treat to us, they're having a promo called Star Dash

Wait, there's more!

What a great treat for the summer!!!

To those Starbucks Card collectors, here are two new designs to collect!

The Birthday Card!
What a perfect birthday gift! 

The Summer Card
Another wonderful design to commemorate the season!

So head on to Starbucks on the 22nd!  See you there!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beating Impetigo Contagiosa

Since Kailee and Connor have Skin Athsma/Eczema, its quite a normal sight to see rashes on their skins from time to time.  I've tried so many lotions, foreign brands, local brands, eco friendly brands, natural brands and nothing has worked to completely eliminate the skin asthma.  I've accepted the fact that to treat the rashes, I needed to put medicine/steroids on them, but just for a short while.  When the rashes disappear, I immediately stop with the medicines.

Two weekends ago, while we were in Bohol - I noticed that Kailee had this small red dot on her thigh, it looked like an insect bite, so I dismissed it and put a natural remedy.  Whenever I caught her scratching it, I would tell her to stop. Before she went to sleep, I put a mild steroid cream - Synalar 10 on her.  The next day, it looked a bit better and so I stopped.

When we got back to Manila - the rash looked a bit bad.  I gathered that Kailee must have scratched it, so much that it got worse.  So I just dismissed it and put on the cream.  The following day, gosh - the once medium-ish red dot was so much worse!  It looked like Kailee's skin got burned because it the skin was peeling off!  And the size of the rash, it went from a 5cents coin to 2inch diameter scab!  It looked so bad that I had to bring her to our Pedia Derma, Dra. Rowena Francisco the next day.

When we went to Dra. Rowena, she noticed immediately the small scabs on the back, and arm.  Then when I showed her Kailee's right thigh, she immedaitely told me that it was caused by bacteria already.  She immediately diagnosed Impetigo Contigiosa and began showing me pictures of it it in her medical book!  They looked really scary to be honest.  Dra. also mentioned that this was contagious especially if there's skin to skin contact.  So better that we isolate Kailee with Connor or to wash hands every after contact with Kailee.  And that as much as she would like to just use a topical anti-biotic, the rash was too big already and it was spreading.  She told us to take oral antibiotics already.  She said that after 48hours of taking anti-biotics, Kailee won't be contagious anymore.  We started her antibiotics right away.

To dry up the scars - we were instructed to mix a teaspoon of clean salt in two glasses of water.  To dip a flattened cotton (enough to cover the whole area of the scab), wring it (take out the excess salt water solution) and place it on the scab for 5 minutes.  We needed to do this three (3) times a day for 7 days as well.

Today, her scabs have dried up.  We've completed our seven (7) days of antibiotics.  Thank goodness for the antibiotics and the salt water solution!

So what is Impetigo Contigiosa?

Impetigo is a skin infection that occurs most commonly in children and babies. Because impetigo primarily affects school-aged children, it's often called school sores. Most cases of impetigo occur during warmer weather.

You can check these sites out for references:
Mayo Clinic

Our pedia derma said that Impetigo Contigiosa usually happens when its summer time, more specifically humid and warm climates.  She has seen quite a number of patients with Impetigo Contigiosa since March of this year.  She reassured us that its quite normal and that we have nothing to fear because its treatable.

Thank you Dra. Rowena!

Maynilad.. Hay Nako..

I have a love-hate relationship with Maynilad.  I love them because I NEED my water supply, I hate them because they're very disorganized!!  Argh...

How are they disorganized?

Well, yesterday - a HOLIDAY, I got a call from our guard early in the morning.  He informed me that there were Maynilad contractors outside and they were going to change all the meters to new ones.  Since they will change the meters, we will not have water for an hour or so.  Of course, I couldn't say no right?  After while, I got another call again telling me that they will need to remove the grills protecting the meters (our water meter was stolen last year).  I refused to have them take out because it was just the meters that will be replaced!  So, I went to the gate to inspect and argue my point.  When I got to the gate, they told me that they will also be replacing the tubes.  I was irritated, I told them why not tell the whole tale - that the meter AND the tubes will be replaced so that I would know the whole story, instead of giving me the details in bits!  Argh..  So there, I agreed for them to take out the grills provided that they will put it back themselves.

It didn't end there!  When they took out the three (3) meters, I was told by the main Maynilad contractor that one of the meters was defective.  Of course I argued otherwise.  He then said it was because the meter was still in '0'.  I told him that, that particular meter for wasn't being used, that no one uses water on that particular meter.  He looked at me as if I was silly - I then challenged him, to go to their office and to inquire if the meter has moved, or if we have been charged for consuming water on that particular meter.  I then reasoned - that that's specifically why we have 3 meters around!  I was already irritated when he accused this of us.  And right after, he asked to see receipts!  WHAT THE HELL FOR?  He said that he didn't have the account numbers for the other 2 meters.  This was the silliest request ever - I told him, if they just had only ONE (1) account number = 1 meter to replace, why replace all three and claim that they don't have the account numbers?  STUPID if you ask me, and he was stumped and became quiet.

Hay nako, Maynilad.  If you knew that there will be replacement of meters and tubes, don't you think you can inform us ahead of time so we can expect the 'down time'?  and not surprise us suddenly of these changes?  You demand right there and there to have our meters replaced without informing us!  What kind of customer service is that??

Also, along Del Monte Street - you have been doing repair works ALL YEAR ROUND, destroying the perfectly good asphalt on the street and digging like crazy causing traffic and so many inconveniences to us!  Do you even know what you are doing?  Because it seems like you do not - I mean repairing the same things over and over?  Isn't that costly on your part?

Is it because of contractor kickbacks??