Oh, Baby Foot? Ooooooh, Baby Foot!

Monday, January 16, 2017

I have seen Baby Foot on my friend's IG feeds.  They look really really really interesting.  Well, especially for me - I have my usual foot spa and pedi every two weeks.  The reason why I have it is because one, I'm lazy to cut my own toe nails (sorry, TMI!) and two, my heels are always so dry that it needs to get filed and scrubbed.

Late last year, when a friend organized a private sale, I finally jumped and bought myself a Baby Foot pack.  I kept it on my table and looked at it every singe day since buying it.  Kailee was already wondering why I haven't opened the pack.  The real reason was - FEAR.  Yes, looking at the images on the pretty box, well - it looked painful, the peeling I mean.  I guess I've experienced over scrubbing/filing of my heels in the past that my heels felt raw whenever I walked.  I asked friends repeatedly, already bordering to being overly kulit if the process was painful, they answered me with a resounding - NO PAIN!

So before 2016 ended, I decided to try it.  I thought to myself, it's now or never.  I even contemplated before if it was worth doing the Baby Foot thing while abroad but decided against it.  So after Christmas, right after a foot spa pedi, I decided to try Baby Foot.  Why after a foot spa?  Well, I thought to myself - I wanted to see it my feet would still peel.  (I was hoping they'd still peel)

So I remember it was on the evening of December 29 that I finally tried Baby Foot.  It honestly felt a bit unusual, seeing as it was just a plastic sock that I needed to wear - there was some sort of liquidy gel inside - and that it'll work some magic on my heels and feet.  But I was ready.  Game on!

I followed the instructions to a T - took a bath first, then dried my feet, then wore the plastic sock/booties and then wore regular socks over it.  Let it stay on for 30 minutes (I had it on for 45 minutes) then wash your feet after and wait.  During the soaking & wait I was moving my toes every so often - just to make sure that all those gel get into my feet even in between the toes, paniguardo ba.

So I waited, the next day and the next.  The box said 2-7 days after, it will start peeling.  On my 3rd day, I got a bit worried as they haven't started peeling yet.  I remembered my friend Cai telling me to wear closed shoes - so I did, for the next days.  On the 5th day, I noticed very little peeling, well my feet looked dry (but not raw) and the peeling was very very minimal.  On the 6th day - that's when it all started to look promising.

I didn't get to record which days the peeling were, but this is what my feet looked like as the days progressed.  I AM APOLOGIZING IN ADVANCE BECAUSE OF THE SENSITIVITY OF THE IMAGES.  Remember, these are my feet - and I need to post pictures not because I want to, but because I want to show you and prove to you that Baby Foot really works.  So my sincerest apologies on the images.  Hahaha

So, for the record - Baby Foot REALLY WORKS.  My feet especially the soles are now softer and there are no dry patches.  Even the skin on the side of the toe nails which most nail techs cut out - have become softer.  I swear, this is better than getting your foot scrubbed.  Now I'm having second thoughts to having a pedicure done because I'm sure my manicurista will cut out skin again (these cut skin have the tendency to dry up and thicken, diba?)

There are no stings, no raw skin feeling, it's completely PAINLESS.  I was so tempted to apply lotion because the soles looked really dry (I repeat, no pain!) and also the URGE to peel it off - please don't.  The reason behind this is that the skin will peel when it gotten *soft* already.  If it hasn't peeled, it means it's not yet done *changing*, hahaha!!  The only down side really, is the shedding, but you know what - I won't care once you see the result.  I recommended you wear closed shoes because the dry peeling skin is not a very nice sight to see.  Hihi.. Be prepared to shed all over the place.  My Panget and the kids would always say *Yuck* when they see my feet.

I'm very happy with this product because FINALLY there's a new method of softens my heels without having to file off the thick and dry skin every so often.  I like too that there are two sizes (Medium and Large), I got the large because I didn't want to compute anymore the size of my feet - and in case the smaller one doesn't fit, it's another problem right?  One set costs P830.00, for me that's quite reasonable if you compare me getting a foot spa every 2 weeks!

Here is Baby Foot PH's Facebook Page.  Browse and see where you can get them.

There is still pag-asa in all of us adults to have baby soft feet!!

Happy New Year + Giveaways!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2016 and HELLO 2017!!

To start the year right, well - I've decided to have a giveaway!  Yey!  Yup, so what am I giving away?  Well, three things:
a)  a green Starbucks 2017 Planner (yes, I decided to share again!)
b)  a Project Mom book
c)  2 pieces of the BagsGoReusable bag that I so soooo love!
d)  2 tubes of the Belo Baby Lotion!

So, there.

What about the mechanics?  Easy.  Please make sure to READ through them before doing anything.  I've noticed that most poeple are not fond of reading through the mechanics - a number of times, your entry gets disqualified because you forgot to do something.  So please, READ through them, it's fairly easy!!

Leave the following details on this post's comment section:
a)  Your Full name,
b)  a VALID email address, one that you check on EVERY SINGLE DAY!
c)  Which prize you want (Planner or Book or Bag or Lotion)
c)  URL of your Twitter or Facebook Share (Twitter share is 1 entry and FB share is 1 entry, DO NOT POST both shares in one post, or else - isang entry lang yon.  Post 1 comment for Twitter URL and 1 comment for FB share, gets?)
@candishhh is having a Happy New Year Giveaway! Planner+Bag+Book+Lotion  http://candishhh.blogspot.com/2017/01/happy-new-year-giveaways.html
d)  What your wish for me this 2017 + what is my birth month!  Heeheee...

This giveaway will run through until 11:59PM of January 31, 2017.

NOTE:  Prizes are only for PICK-UP in Quezon City.  I won't be able to ship them for free, so please don't ask me to ship.  If you're unable to pick up, then - sorry!!

Picture to be uploaded later in the day.

Good luck!!

Merry Christmas + 2017 Planners Giveaway!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas is the time for sharing.

Paying it forward, I'm having a giveaway of the following 2017 planners!!
1)  #Serenitea2017Diary 
2)  #MommyMundo 's #Mom247Planner

You may check out my posts in Instagram and on Facebook for the mechanics.  They're really easy so PLEASE READ through them carefully.

Merry Christmas guys! :)
Happy Holidays!

Shopkins Season 6 LIVE!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vacation is HERE!  Woohooo!!



Start collecting the cutest and rarest Shopkins collectibles from the newest Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club and complete different recipes!

The much-awaited collection made a major step up and has made the entire hunting experience a lot more fun and challenging for the Shopkins collectors and collectors-to-be.  Kids now can imagine themselves as a chef by playing and creating different recipes through certain Shopkins characters.

It comes with a whole new range of characters, a recipe book and an exclusive gaming app, Shopkins Chef Club available on iOS and Android phones for free. Kids can even meet and chat with your fellow Shopkins collectors and even trade their doubles with them to complete more recipes! Still can’t get enough of it? Get your phones ready to hit and scan each QR codes placed right below your favorite Shopkins that automatically generates straight into the game to complete your Shopkins recipe.


Making the Yuletide celebration extra special and memorable for the Shopkins fans, join your favorite miniature characters at Shopkins Live, the first musical and interactive Shopkins show in the Philippines on December 18 at SM North EDSA Skydome.

Made possible by Richprime Global Inc., Toy Kingdom and SM Supermalls, witness your favorite grocery-themed characters on stage as they recreate the most-loved webisodes on YouTube with a touch of the holidays!

Taking the fans to a new whole experience, kids will surely have a blast as their favorite Shopkins and Shoppies join more new characters! Starring Strawberry Kiss, Lippy Lips, Spilt Milk and their adorable shopkeepers, Bubbleisha, Jessicake and Popette, plus new characters Apple Blossom, Jingle Purse, Miss Pressy, Peppa Mint, Rainbow Kate and Sara Sushi, get ready to watch an hour full of interactive scene and amusing dance numbers with a twist!

For a minimum single receipt purchase worth P1500 of any Shopkins items from November 28 to December 18, 2016, guests will be given one (1) Shopkins Live ticket good for two (2) persons. Guests can choose between the three (3) full hour shows at 1:00pm to 2:00pm, 4:00pm to 5:00pm and 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

To know more details on how you can join this exciting event, visit our official Facebook Page, Richwell Club and Instagram (@RichwellClubPH) or check out our website at www.richprime.net. Start collecting now and head on to your nearest toy store because with Shopkins, once you shop, you can’t stop!

World of O'Wow from Oishi!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I've loved Kirei since I was little, I'm so happy that I can still share it to my kids!  Oishi has produced numerous of snacks through the years that has catered to everyone's taste buds.  They've also built a brand around Asia.  It makes me so proud because it's a home grown Pinoy brand.

When I was in Beijing, I felt very kilig seeing Oishi snacks whenever I went to the grocery.  Little did I know that Oishi has also produced snacks only available in certain Asian countries.  Last Sunday, I received a package of the World of O'Wow - and I was surprised to see the different snacks from Thailand, Vietnam and China.  See the different snacks below:

I was so excited when I opened it!  Hahaha..  These snacks are not sold in the country, but for this holiday season - it's available!


Asian flavors come together in Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag
From its humble origins of repacking gawgaw and local coffee and introducing classics such as Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei, Liwayway Marketing Corporation has come a long way in the last seventy years. From then on, Liwayway Marketing Corp has been redefining snack time for Filipino families as they introduce more favorites such as Bread Pan, Ribbed Cracklings, Pillows, Marty’s, Potato Fries, and Ridges. Now with an ever-growing roster of products, Oishi has been capturing hearts around Asia as well, including countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, and China.

The World of O, Wow! Bag brings all Asian favorites together in one bag, a taste of what Oishi has to offer around the world.
Disclaimer: contents may vary in every World of O, Wow! bag.

Vietnamese Oishi snacks include Tomati, a tasty sweet-sour snack made and flavored with tomatoes, and coconut flavored Pillows.
Indonesians have the Suky Suky Sweet & Spicy Shrimp snack to go crazy over, a Southeast Asian-inspired snack where shrimp crackers are sweetly glazed, topped with sprinkled chili flakes.
True to their culture, Makado Sticks Larb Flavor is a Thai-style potato snack that will appeal to other Asian snack lovers as well. Larb is a popular savory meat dish in Thailand, as well as other neighboring countries. Another original snack in Thailand is O-pa-la, chocolate covered potato chips.
Pinoy favorites make a comeback such as Wafu, wafer-stick snack with creamy leche flan filling. Newer snacks are also in the mix such as Ziggs, a chocolate covered granola clusters snack. Some newer items include Panchos, nacho cheese tortilla chips, Crunchy Karl's, a cheesy curly-shaped corn snack, and Mobster's Caramel and Cheese Popcorn, taking a page from the well-known Chicago treat.

Carrying the authentic taste of American baby back ribs, Potato Chips Baby Back Ribs is a hit in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, a healthy yet tasty snack comes in the form of Whits Original, made with semolina oil, oats, whole wheat, and sunflower oil.

Different Oishi flavors from all over Asia come together in one bag! O, Wow!

Ano kaya ang pinaka bet na international Oishi snack ng ating Team O members from the World of O, Wow bag? Watch the video to find out!

Want to catch these amazing treats in time for the holidays? The Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag will also be available at the Ayala Triangle this coming Dec. 16-18 for the Festival of Lights. Drop by the Oishi’s Snack Shack booth to get your own mini-giant packs and Oishi Christmas gift packs!