Friday, July 03, 2015

Clothes shopping on

As I've said, I am a late bloomer.

That means, in everything - most especially in fashion.

Fashion?  What are you talking about?  I am not into fashion - and that I am.  I swear,  I am the most *tamad* person you will ever meet when it comes to shopping for clothes.  I am the type that will just wait in the dressing room while someone hands me clothes (what she thinks will be nice on me).  This happened a couple of times - with my sister-in-law.  But that was years ago, I think five years ago to be exact.

A few months back - my good friend Kath gave me a loot bag, in it were two tops, two bracelets, two lipsticks and a long necklace.  I am very lucky because Kath hands me stuff that she thinks will look good on me.  I love it, really!  I feel like a kid receiving a Christmas gift whenever Kath sends me a text saying *I have something for you!*  Anyway,  so one day, I decided to try an Elin top she gave me.  I wore it because I thought, why not now?  So I did.  I loved how roomy it was.  My Panget said I looked nice (even if I am fat! - so that must be something, he rarely compliments me, boooo!)  And since he did, I had to ask Kath where she got the top.  She told me Elin (I remember reading about and seeing Elin online because of the #SoMoms)- and that, that particular top was called Marlowe.  She then gave me a list of a few styles (on  Elin's website) she thought would look good on me.  Since I liked the Marlowe top, guess what I did - I bought it in the only other color available - Blue.  It didn't stop there - Kath then told me to get the Kristen top and dress, the Jana tops too.  The Bran Tee would also look nice on me she said.  So I listened to her and I bought them.  I so regretted not purchasing the Kristen dress - now that it's out of stock  - there was nothing I could do.  Sad.

A few months later - I saw that the Jana Tee had some new colors - so I decided to purchase some.  And then a few days later - I saw that they had a new Jana dress.  I immediately told Kath about it and she encouraged me to try one.  And I did - now I own it in every color.  Well, I was a bit late - so I only have it in Aqua, Navy and Charcoal.  It was soooo comfortable to wear!  I love it!  I'm honestly contemplating on getting another batch of it - just in case the ones I have gets damaged (since I wear them every so often!  Hahaha.. I'm a creature of habit!)

This is the Jana dress in Charcoal!

This is the Kristen Top.

Elin's price point for me is reasonable.  It's not very expensive and the fabric is very nice too.  The workmanship and stitching are alright too.  They deliver for free when you order more than a thousand worth of clothes!  They even give you a 10% discount on your first purchase!   I love that their clothes are so versatile!  I brought all my Elin tops (the first batch I bought) when I travelled to London and Paris.  The fabric was cool when the weather was hot and warm when the weather was cold - SERIOUS yan ha.  I mean, I was able to survive the cold with just the Elin top, a jacket and a scarf - I didn't need to wear thermals or tank beneath it.  It's easy to wash and dry too!  I just threw it in the washer and dryer - praying that it won't shrink!  Thank goodness it didn't!  So happy!  Wonderful, right?

So right now, I'm obsessing about Elin.  I check their website every so often (everyday na yata!) in the hopes that I would be *surprised* to see that the Kristin Dress would be back in stock again.  Hahahaha!!

Changing sizes is a breeze too!  Just inform them if the size is too big or too small and they will gladly exchange it for you.  You'll need to send it back to them though.  In my case I was lucky to have a messenger do it for me!  I've never had so much fun in local online shopping - Hahaha!! :)

Thank you Kath for introducing me to Elin.  You know that I'm a hard head when it comes to shopping.  So, THANK YOU for pointing me to the right direction.  I love you to bits!! Mwaaaah!! :)  Now, please cross your fingers for me that the Kristen Dress will be available!  Hahaha...  Next stop will be Tin's Chicify store.  Hahaha!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

YummyKitchen by Eunice

My friend Kath and I, we loooove to eat.  We share discoveries with one another.  I super trust Kath's palate.  If she says it's good - I'm sure it's good.  Kath mentioned Yummy Kitchen - she told me that their BBQ Pork Buns are good.  I haven't placed my order on those yet - but Eunice was nice enough to give me some of her popular breads and a yummy Pandan Macapuno cake.  Let me tell you, the Pandan Macapuno cake - my mom finished it immediately.  My mom is NOT a cake person ha, but she was able to finish it - it was that good!  I was telling Kath too that I really liked that cake.  I asked Eunice about it and she said that she only made them during Christmas - my heart sank.

Then a few days ago, I saw Yummy Kitchen's post on IG of her Kiam Pung - I love Chinese food and so I was intrigued.  She indicated in her post that she had two (2) sizes - One Whole and Half - I wanted to order half - it just so happened that Kath also wanted to order half!  Yehey!  And then Kath mentioned that she wanted to try the cake as well, so we each had our halves!  Hahaha..  So we ordered and during lunch - I picked up and paid for my order:

Kiam Pung (or Kiam Peng) 
P500.00 (half order) P1,000.00 (whole order)

When I saw it I was impressed.  It was dark (I am wary of not too dark Kiam Peng) and filled with so many ingredients.  You can see the mushrooms, the meat, the carrots, the veggies, and chestnuts!   Her Kiam Pung is perfectly mixed and seasoned.  The ingredients blended well together and I love the texture and consistency - it wasn't very sticky and was just right for me.  If I am correct, I think she used Japanese rice - and it worked!!  I liked too that she separated the green onions, fried shallots and peanuts!  It was love at first taste.  I was scared when I saw the veggie - I am accustomed to my mom's Kiam Pung without veggies.  But when I ate her Kiam Pung - it's as if the veggies were just there to support the flavor of the Kiam Pung.  It added a *crunch* to the usual sticky rice and meat combination.  I loved it!  Really loved it!

This is what the cake looks like up close.  What a beauty, right?

Pandan Macapuno Cake P800

I mentioned it before - my mom LOVED it and she isn't partial to cakes!  It was light, soft, and very flavorful.  To be honest - most pandan cakes I've tasted were bland and confusing because I didn't know and I couldn't make out the pandan at all.  I've always wondered if my taste buds were wonky - but this cake - the pandan flavor stood out - as in really stood out!  This is the pandan taste that I've always wondered about.  She combined it with macapuno and it enhanced the pandan taste!  I really really loved the icing - there I said it!  Hahaha!!  I super loved tasting the pandan in the icing.  Super!!

Below are the assortments of bread that Eunice makes, they're P40.00 each (minimum of 12 pieces)

Cheese Rolls, BBQ Pork Buns, Chicken Asado Buns

Caramel Cheesy Ensaymada

 BBQ Pork Bun

Eunice's buns are softest and lightest that I've ever tasted.  The filling is just right (but secretly - I hope it's more - hahaha!!)  and it's very good.  I hope she can sell the buns without the filling!  Hahaha.. (Demanding!)

Thank you Eunice!  We looooved the Kiam Pung, Pandan Macapuno cake and the breads.  I am so happy that through you I can experience authentic Chinese cooking!  I must say, you are very lucky to have been taught to cook the traditional Chinese dishes - teach me?  Just kidding!  Hahaha..  Oh!  BTW - she also makes the Birthday Misua!

For orders, please contact Eunice on the numbers below:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Broadway Counterflow Chronicles: Pajero ZGA 800

Yesterday when my Panget and Kailee were on their way to school.  This Pajero with plate ZGA 800 almost rammed them head on.  This was along Broadway Street in New Manila.

Broadway is now a TWO-WAY street with signs every so often.  I have faced this problem for a while now, but have chosen to be quiet.  But yesterday my Panget said this particular car almost rammed them.  And since he was with Kailee - I couldn't ignore it.

I am posting the picture he took yesterday morning.

What the Pajero did was NOT right.  It was COMPLETELY WRONG.  Look where he's at and where my Panget and Kailee were..

This is one of the reasons why ACCIDENTS happen.  Drivers don't seem to understand the concept of waiting.  Everyone is rushing, I understand that - but not this way.  Counter flowing is DANGEROUS!!  

I have always said that Pinoy drivers lack DISCIPLINE.  And I mean that in every sense.  They don't know when to stop and when to give way.  I think there are a few Pinoy drivers who actually know the road rules!  I am honestly baffled beyond belief on how tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers get their licenses when they don't know the rules of driving!  

I literally shake my head every time they overtake, counterflow, stop in the middle of the road and whatever else you can think of.  It's really frustrating - but then those traffic enforcers seem to not see all of them. 


The Book of Mormon at London's West End

The last time I saw a legitimate musical was when Miss Saigon was playing in CCP.  I fell in love with the show and didn't mind to watch it a second or a third time.  I was told that since I've already seen it, so why watch it again?  I can't explain it - but the closest one is - if you have a favorite movie, you won't mind watching it over and over again, right?  Well, that's how I am - I am a creature of habit.

When I learned last year that we were going to London - I was excited.  I knew I wanted to watch a musical in London's West End.  I don't think a London experience would be complete without watching a musical.  My BIL (Brother In law) and SIL were deciding which musical to watch - of course, I suggested Miss Saigon!  Haha.. But they were thinking of something different.  For one, we had a lot of options as there were really so many shows in London.  Then my cousin Andrea - who vacationed in London just recently, suggested that we see The Book of Mormon.  I told my BIL and he agreed - he's been reading too that if you want to see something light and funny - The Book of Mormon is a good choice.  He didn't want to see something heavy and instead wanted something light - so our moods won't be affected during the trip.  My BIL also said that tickets (for any show) were hard to come by.  I wondered to myself, it only meant that - that many people see it?  Wow, are the English and their tourists, very cultured!

Image grabbed from THIS site

So it was decided to go see The Book of Mormon.  Yey!

I had no idea what it was about.  So, I just googled it.  And then I saw *From the creators of South Park* Oh. My. Gosh.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone!  Hahaha  I would never forget those guys, they made South Park - and it was the craze back in the day!  (They always killed Kenny!)   At first I couldn't understand what the story was  (I read the synopsis on Google- I mean I couldn't find the humor - I felt it was a but shallow?)  But I trusted my cousin's recommendation.  I thought, she wouldn't recommend it if it was bad.  Plus a Trey Parker and Matt Stone musical - I'm sure to be entertained, so I just trusted and left it to fate.

On our 4th day in London - we went to see The Book of Mormon.  We took the tube and in no time we were at West End.  It was very busy - lights everywhere, it looked like a toned down Times Square (that I see on TV and movies)  But it was still glitzy and different from where we were staying at.  We walked around and looked for The Book of Mormon theater and got our tickets.  I honestly saw the theater's facade and wondered wow, it must be a deep seated theater to accommodate all of us.  Then we headed off to a restaurant to have a quick dinner.  When it was time, we went to the theater.  I was really surprised to see how small the theater was - it was about 2 cinemas big?  I had the impression that it was massive like that of our own CCP theater and it wasn't.  But the size was just right.  Our seats were perfect!  It wasn't super near and not very far - we were in the middle and I liked that it was in the middle aisle.

Then the show started.

Man, we were in for a very entertaining show!  I was laughing like crazy - I had such a blast.  But then I think, my MIL wasn't too happy with the show.  To be honest, if you watch Book of Mormon you need to be open minded.  If you are a religious fanatic, you may feel offended.  But I was very secure in my faith that I found the story funny and entertaining.  My MIL turned to me and asked *Won't the Mormons be offended?*  Well, I think the main aim of the show was to offend them and make fun of them because that's the kind of comedy that Matt Stone and Trey Parker makes - offensive comedy and it's not everyone's cup of tea.

The story was real simple but then how the story evolved, well - it was where the fun began.  I can't go into detail the whole story but simply put - it pokes fun at religion and how it has evolved to *attract* believers.  What are the (radical) things they did to get new *recruits*, how they humanized the teachings to make the locals believe in the sacred text and how religion was made relatable to every human being.  It was hilarious how the Elder Cunningham made the Latter Day Saints *interesting* to an African tribe.  The things he said and didn't say, how he slightly bent the origins and how he left out and added some detail to make the situations more practical and relatable.

It sort of reflects on how every religion currently tries to attract new members.  Strength in numbers right?  The lengths they would go through to preach *recruit*.  I know I will get bashed with what I am going to say - but we are all suckers for religion.  We are easily swayed by this and that.  I am not saying that this is bad - what I'm saying is that we humans, by nature are suckered into religion by certain *interests and promises*.  But that's what religion is all about anyway - right?

The ending was really really really hilarious - sarcastic hilarious that is!  You need to watch it, I swear!!

So if you're planning to watch something light and entertaining and you're one who is not easily offended easily with religion and is secure with whatever religion you have right now, then you need to go see The Book of Mormon.  It will entertain the HELL out of you!  There are a lot of offensive statements, cursing the gods to the ends of the earth, it will not sit pretty with you if you are easily offended.  Remember, this is just a musical - nothing serious and not real (unless you make it feel real).


Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome - COSTA COFFEE!!

It's here!

I first saw Costa Coffee when I was in London more than a month ago.  It was everywhere - literally EVERYWHERE.  On the street where we stayed - I think there were 3 Costa Coffee stores!  I was told by my London based friends that I should try Costa Coffee because in their opinion - it was way better than Starbucks.  Sadly, I never got the chance to try their coffee because we were always rushing around London.  London is a very pretty city with very friendly, proper and polite people - but that's for another post!  Hahaha..

My friend, Ro - invited me to the store preview of Costa Coffee.  She mentioned to me that I might be familiar with the brand since I recently was in London - and I told her that it was literally everywhere!  Hahaha..

Here is Mark, he is from London!
He's helping out and training the staff for the grand opening today!!

Costa Coffee is brought to our shores by the Robinson's group their first branch is in Eastwood City.  Costa Coffee occupies the space where Serye used to be - it has two (2) floors - the second floor is very spacious and gives you a feel of being in London - the red brick wall and the Union Jack throw pillow sent me missing on my London vacation.  I have very fond memories of London and so it brought back so many nice things to mind. 

Here are some of the food items of Costa Coffee.  

The Swiss Cheese sandwich
This was so good that I wanted more!  Too bad they ran out that day.  I guess most everyone ordered themselves one!  Hihi..  I sweat, this is to believe!

Chewy Cookies!

I honestly forgot which is which but the one on top and the one below are so good!  I ordered a Salted Caramel Cookie and a Brownie Cookie.  I couldn't stop myself from breaking piece after piece of these two wonderful cookies!  I so love chewy cookies so these two are winners in my book!

Beef Pepper Sandwich

Looks can be deceiving as this sandwich has a whole pepper placed right smack in the middle of the sandwich!  We were warned by the ever charming Marj that we may be in for a surprise!  Hahaha.. 

The London Cheesecake

I am not fond of cheesecakes.  I like to make them, but I don't like eating them.  But this one - OH. MY. Goooosh!  This was sooooo good, I mean really good!  I took a few bites of the slice and was blown away.  It had just the right texture, sweetness and tart too!  I wanted to take more bites, but then Cai's daughter Y was already giving me the evil eye.  Hahaha!!

This is Costa Coffee's signature Flat White

It was really good.  The flavors were really balanced.  I brought one home for my Panget to try and he too said it was really good!  How we wish there'll be one Costa Coffee near us!

The Frostino

Would you believe that Costa Coffee made this specifically for the Philippines?
YES!  Because of our weather - they thought they needed another item on the menu to cater to us Pinoys!  And thus they created the FROSTINO!  They have coffee and non coffee flavors to suit everyone's taste!  Wonderful right?  I loved the idea that they made something to suit our Pinoy palates!  Good job Costa Coffee!

Costa Coffee Philippines is opening TODAY - June 29 at 2:00 - 4:00PM.  Come and order your coffee using a British accent and get it for FREE!  Yes, FREE COFFEE!!  Visit the first branch in Eastwood - Costa Coffee is located in the Citywalk (where Serye used to be, beside Dairy Queen)

Costa Coffee is opening a second branch in Robinson's Ermita in a month's time.

Welcome to the Philippines Costa Coffee!

#CostaLondonStyle !!