Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cookies Unlimited will make you a cookie MONSTER!

Two weeks ago, I received a package from Cookies Unlimited.  The first thing I noticed was the packaging.  I absolutely adore anything *transparent* so the bag was a winner.  And then I took the carrying boxes out.  They were so very pretty!  I appreciate nice packaging.  I carefully opened the boxes and took out the cookie packs one by one.  Presentation is everything, if you ask me.  And these cookies - they were oozing with confidence and they're so very attractive to the eye!

When I saw that the cookies were thin.  I knew that I would like them.  I have a thing for cookies - I prefer big chewy ones or crispy thin ones - I like them in extremes.  So here they are - all of them crispy thin.  I was admiring each cookie and was thinking how much love was made into these cookies.  I know that making thin ones aren't easy.  And mind you, these cookies are consistently thin and round.  I was impressed!

I have just recently took a liking to chocolate - yes, I am a newbie - it started in 2010 when I was pregnant with Kailee.  So since there was the Lace Crisps Hazelnut Chocolate - I knew it had to be my first bite.

And boy was it HEAVENLY.....

couldn't wouldn't stop.  I was munching on it like crazy!  My Panget had to ask permission - but I only allowed him 1 piece, the rest were mine - ALL MINE.  And I didn't stop there.  I loved it so much that after a few days - I ordered two more from Aubrey.  Yes, that was how much I looooooved the lace crisp hazelnut chocolate!

Since I was on a *diet* I shared the cookies with my Panget and my mom.  Sorry, if I like something I don't share.  Hahahaha!  I'm selfish with (actual) food, but all the rest - I am very giving.  Hahaha!! (Basta pagkain - galit galit)  My Panget instantly liked the cookies as well.  He looked so funny because he had all the cookie packs open in front of him and was trying the cookies one after another.   The kids were also following his lead - grabbing and biting the cookies.   I was hearing compliment after compliment.  After having 2 cookies of each flavor (and one of my lace crisps) he said that they were all very good.  The kids thought it was a game, and loved the crispy cookies too!  We enjoyed the sugar free crispy cookies but my Panget and I are not partial to sugar free treats - but I know that it's something those who enjoy sugar but can't have sugar will appreciate.  My Panget's favorite were the Lace Crisps Dark Chocolate and the Chocolate Crisps.

Since I was in a *sharing* mood.  I had my mom try some of the cookies.  She really likes crispy thin cookies - and with the first bite, she too declared that the cookies were really good.  I had her try the lace crisps Hazelnut too (just half a piece) and she liked it too!  But her favorite was the Almond Butter Crisp.

So there - last week, I became a cookie monster because of the yummy yummy crispy cookies from Cookies Unlimited.  Try it to believe, I promise you - you won't be disappointed.  In fact you will be left wanting for more - just like me!

Cookies Unlimited has a kiosk in SM Mega Fashion Hall.  Visit their Facebook page - Cookies Unlimited PH for more information.

Aubrey - thank you for making these cookies!  I appreciate the love and effort you give to every cookie that you make.  Thank you!!  I swear, the lace crips hazelnut chocolate - super duper good!  I'll text you again soooon!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Time with Starbucks: Caramel and Hazelnut Machiato

Spring time is here and so are the new drinks from Starbucks!

Team CARAMEL Macchiato

Team HAZELNUT Macchiato

This is the Blueberry Dome Cake

Chicken Parmigiana on Sesame bread

Chicken Spinach Roll


Chicken BBQ Wrap

Wait there's more!!

Enjoy Spring time in Starbucks!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

We aim to please

What did I do during the Valentine weekend?

I read the Fifty Shades books.  I didn't want to watch the movie, but I read the books ebooks.

Yes, I gave in.  I honestly wasn't interested to read it because, I don't know - maybe I wasn't as curious?  Hahaha!  But then the movie opened right before the Valentine weekend and everyone was commenting here and there that the movie was blah.  A new friend said her husband felt sleepy.  Another friend said - it was a waste of time.  So I got curious.  What was it about??!!

I was told that it was *Mommy* porn.  I have a friend who was so in love with Christian Grey, she was gushing about him and was encouraging us to read it.  This was I think 2-3 years ago, I'm not sure.  And then the media outpour about the book that made so many people read it and rave about it.  There was instant talk of the book becoming a movie.  There were discussions on who Grey would be on screen - some said it was very Iam Somerhalder and then there was leak that it was going to Matt Bomer.  And then they finally cast Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy) but then he dropped out and it was Jamie Dornan as Grey.  I knew him from being the Sheriff at Storybrooke - since I watch Once Upon a Time.  So I had no clue on the backlash of his casting.  No clue.  Then I see a link of a 50 Shades of Grey from a famous local motel.  I was honestly clueless - because the room looked normal!  Hahaha.. I knew that the book's lead was into S&M.  So I gather he has *stuff* or *equipments*.

So, last Friday night, I took the chance - I searched on my RedMi's Google - Fifty Shades of Grey ebook.  It came out with a lot of results.  I clicked the first link and - voila - Downloading.  Within minutes, the app was there.  I opened it and it was the book.  I was even contemplating - should I read it?  then I decided, fine - read a couple of pages - if its interesting, read it through - if not - then I can always delete that app.

So I read it and finished it the next day.  Hahahaha!!

So what do I think?

I think it was very very entertaining.  Very descriptive.  Sexual?  Well, yeah - because of how the author wrote the scenes.  Describing every little detail.  To be honest, I haven't read book like this in a long looooong while.  I think the last time I read a romance novel was 2008?  Yes, it was that long.  I laughed though, because there were actual email correspondence in the book!  I guess, during my *reading* time - email was still not existent!  I guess, that is how a book is written now

I liked the book but I didn't love it.  It was very very entertaining, though - I have to stay that.  I laughed, teared up, got super *kilig*, was turned on at times - but I really wondered - what's the novelty of the book?  And then I realized - it's every woman's fantasy.  The almost perfect man who is a bit broken.  Every woman in the world would love to have been showered with gifts, given 100% attention, and made love to perfectly.  In the real world - it doesn't happen.  That's why there are books - to give us the *kilig* that it can happen.  I think I may have become very practical over the years.

When I told my Panget I was reading the book he asked me "Are you turned on?" Well, there were times that I felt butterlies but that's it.  I think the novelty of the book is that it's very explicit in describing what is happening.  One's imagination is working 1,000%!  Your imagination is on overdrive.  Hahaha!!

So why is Christian Grey so attractive?

He has a lot of money and has no problem using it.
He's powerful.
He's strong.
He's handsome.
He's determined.
He knows how to please a woman.

The last one is the most important.  All women want to be pleased at some point - and he does every little thing correctly.  He gives Anastasia a Macbook Pro, a Blackberry, an Audi SUV!  I think with those three things, I would have swooned already!  He knew how to please her.  He has this right amount of *control* that every woman dreams of.  I think in real life - if I was given all the luxuries in life - I would have given in to Christian Grey's every whim, seriously!  What else should I ask for?

We all yearn for Christian's affection, the attention he gives Anastacia, the way he emails her and texts her, how he showers her with gifts, how he protects her, how he fights for her, how he controls her.  All of these are all very ideal - BUT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!  Hahahaha...  I was telling my Panget, the love scenes were written so well and lengthily - but in real life, how long does it really take?  Haha!!  Diba? (Too Much Information)

Okay fine, I'm KJ (kill joy) but in all seriousness - it's all fantasy, something that we'd dream of.  But it will never ever happen in real life.  Hahaha!!

Book 2 and 3 were just okay.

The first one  was really - wow.  I was smiling while reading it.  Panget would sheepishly steal glances at me every so often and wonder why I was engrossed.  I told him - the author wrote Christian Grey very very very well.  Perfect eh!

I would laugh out loud whenever Christian would pull out a foil packet.  Boy Scout - parating handa!  My Panget said *He's prepared and he wants to be safe*, naks!  Hahaha..

To break the *feel* of this post.  Here is Jimmy Fallon and Christian Grey:

I wish though that they made Christian a little older.  Say maybe 30-32?  I find 27 too young, maybe because I'm 35?  hahaha!!  Anastasia's age is perfect though - since she's supposed to be innocently naive.

Thinking about it - I think we all wish that we'd have someone like Christian Grey who will indulge us in every little thing that we like.  We like the attention - admit it!  I would!  Hahahaha.. :)  But then when I think about the book and the ideals - it makes me sad because - it doesn't happen in real life!  But that's the reason why we have books!  Hahaha..  To play with our imaginations.

Oh, and I said before that I was laughing at the book right?  Well, apparently - in my dreams, they linger...... Grrrrrr....

Friday, February 13, 2015

On friendships, online and offline..

I used to secretly laugh at people who chat endlessly during my younger years.  I have to admit, I never had the chance to chat (we didn't have internet then)- thus, in school certain groups would talk about their chats and being in a chat room the night before and being kicked out by the mods - I secretly laughed at them and think - don't they have a life?  It was that time that the IRC chatrooms boomed, internet was still dial-up, ICQ was a big hit and well, friends were all hidden under a *nick*

I guess I wasn't interested.

Fast forward to now.

I write.  I blog.  

And in this blog, I have shared my thoughts on whatever things.  I have written about my Panget, my feelings, my kids, my addiction to ballpens, my sorrows, my thoughts on things.  I have shared part of who I am in this blog.  I've read my fair share of blogs too!  I have stalked blogs and secretly loved their entries.  It's nice though that some blogs that I followed - I've developed a friendship with them.  ONLINE.  Yes, what once was a laughable *pitiful* thing (for me) is now - my reality.

Can one be friends without any physical contact?  If you asked me then, I would have laughed in your face.  But when you ask me now - it is POSSIBLE, very possible.

Honest truth - I have found a support group with my online friends.  I guess first and foremost - there is NO JUDGEMENT.  I may have found certain soulmates - TV show soulmates, same level of evil-ness soulmates, ballpen soulmates, mommyhood soulmates, food soulmates and just online friends.  I am glad to know that some of these online friendships have turned into real *physical* friendships.  What once was just chatting mates - are now friendships that have turned real.  We'd have lunch, we'd go for coffee, our kids are playmates, endless conversation of everything under the sun.

I have found true friends online.

Crazy.  Nope - REAL.

For instance - I've recently come across this blog.  And while reading her entries, it seems like I've been reading what I have been writing.  Strange!  But seriously, I am in disbelief that we are so alike in many ways.  Stalker ba?  Hahaha!!

I think the reason why I talk so much and ask so many questions is that I am searching for a person similar to me.  One that I'd have similar likes with.  Creepy ba?  Sorry, but in all seriousness - I think I've wondered *Is there another person in the world like me?*  I mean not completely, but you know - a bit similar?

Example:  I am a HUGE huge fan of the show Friends.  And I associate it in real life.  Yes, I am that weird.  Whenever I see something and it reminds me of certain scenes/episode - I immediately tell my Panget.  To which he will give me a strange look and say *You watch waaaaay too much Friends*.  But with this online friend Mindy - she gets me.  Instantly.  And I love that about us.  I will constantly forever credit her as one of my first online friends that I have become real friends with.  I wish we lived nearer to one another.  I'm sure that when David Crane, Martha Kauffman and Kevin Bright will see us in action (together with Sheila, Ate Gita, Roche, and KV) they'd be so impressed by our knowledge of the show.  Hahaha!! Kidding aside.  I felt really connected to Mindy - I can't explain why - but I do.  (I don't know if she feels connected to me, hahaha! Nag-fifeeling lang ako) but our friendship proved me so wrong.  Now I understand why people *feel* connected even just with chatting.  

I am a late bloomer.  

My friends knew of this in high school they foresaw the boom of this *medium* - while I just realized it and is speaking (of its truth) of it just now.  Late bloomer.  Always been a late bloomer.


I've had my share of lasting friendships and betrayal online and offline.

Let's talk about the Offline friends first.

I've known them for a long time.  Real friends.  These friends I would meet and share a meal with.  But they've somehow drifted apart.  Well yeah, we'd see each other once in a while - but it never is the same.  I hate to admit it, but I feel that it's all for show.  To show that we're still friends, even if the essence of friendship is not present anymore.  I've only recently learned to let go.  I have been feeling hurt for a while now, and I have been justifying their actions to *they do not know what they are doing*.  But I'm sure they do.  I guess, I am unimportant in their lives.  I have learned to *Let it go*  As Adelle Dazeem sang *Let it go, Let it go - Can't hold it back anymore*  So I let it go, and I feel much much better.

This pain stemmed from being insulted for doing what I am doing.  I have said time and again, blogging is something I like to do.  I like to write and since I won't be able to publish a book - then online writing it is!  I write as I please.  I do accept some press releases only if I believe in the product or sincerely want to help out.  Blogging is my outlet, and when someone insults what I like to do - I take a step back and think, what gives you the authority to insult what I do?  Walang basagan ng trip is what I always say.  I have always been respectful of the what others like - even if I don't agree with it, I will respect it because you are my friend.  But then this person, who doesn't believe in what I do (in the first place) - suddenly (at the last minute) asks for my help - and when things don't pan out the way this person wanted it to, proceeds to insult me.  That's when I say enough.  I don't need this kind of negativity in my life.

A close friend K has told me, edit your friends.  It took me a long time to accept that I needed to edit out my friends.  The process was long and I was in pain.  But I had to let go.  It's true when they say you'll see who you're real friends are when you're in a bind.  And I saw it.  Now I know who they are.

I think I saw the distancing early on?  But I was in denial.  I don't claim to be perfect - I have made mistakes in my life, I have made compromises, I have done things I am not proud of - YET they have judged me for me.  And I accept that.  What saddens me is that, I've felt cut off.  Maybe I wasn't rich enough, or sosyal enough or influential enough.  So many thoughts ran through my head - but then I realized - *Let it go!  Things will eventually fall into place, let the universe do it's thing.  If it's meant to be - it will be*  So I let go.  I stopped.  And I am at peace.  I think letting go made me free myself from all the *what ifs*  As the very popular Pinoy saying *BAHALA NA SI BATMAN*

As for online friends, well - I've had my share of betrayals and backstabbing.  I've learned to move one.  I've learned to be strong.  I guess kulang ang blog traffic ko para sa kanila, hahaha!!  No, I'm not bitter - I've just accepted that fact that - there are people who use people.  That when your usefulness (parang sa accounting lang, useful life) has run out, you'll be sent off to a far far away land.  I personally believe in *utang na loob* in English - *debt of gratitude*.  I never forget where I came from and who helped me.  But some people are not like that - it's a steep climb for them and if they need to step on you to get to the top - they will do it.  I am not like that.  Until the day I die - I will have utang na loob to those who have helped me - online and offline.  I am that kind of a friend.

I know of some online personalities that rely on pretense to get ahead.  They project a certain lifestyle in order to get projects.  I have been observing this person for years - but hey, walang basagan ng trip right?  I guess that personality can live it it.  So I must live with it too!  Yes, the harsh reality of life. 

I yearn for meaningful and insighful conversations.  I ask too many questions my Panget says.  But I don't care.  I am like that - I am interested to know to learn (about the people I meet).  And I think there's nothing wrong with that.  I'm a very curious fellow - to a fault!  I would like to believe I am not tactless (or else people will be running away from me)  I don't think I'm ignorant too!  I can be persuasive if I want to be, I can be a pushover too.  But what I am not is - I don't go with the flow if I disagree on something.  I take a stand with what I believe in.  If you don't agree with me - I'm sorry, if you agree with me - thanks!  I'd rather sit it out and wait.  I'd rather move out the crowd and sit by my lonesome if I have to.  I am not insecure anymore of being *alone* - loner na kung loner.

I've realized that I am very diplomatic.  I tend to sacrifice the things I want for the good - to maintain the *peace*.  I can keep quiet on some issues, you know - just to let things be.  I don't insult people in public, I do them privately - in my head.  I was always told Less Talk, Less Mistake.  I learned the hard way when I was younger.  I guess age also changes you too.

I have this friend - she is an angel to me.  And she is going through some rough patches with certain *friendships*.  You know what my Angel - let them be.  Stay true to yourself and you'll be fine.  I know it's hard - believe me, I've been there - but it's not worth the tears, the hurt and the agony.  In the words of Paul Giamati in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding *This too shall pass*  I believe in you 100% and I will always always love you.  Maybe we all need to go through the hurt and the tears - but these experiences can only make us stronger!  Stronger!!

Technology has helped everyone maintain  and gain friendships.  I used to believe the more friends you have the luckier you are.  Now, it's more of - I'd like to have a small number of real friends rather than a huge number that will leave you when things get tough.

So to all of my friends - real, online and offline - THANK YOU for the gift of friendship.  I hope you don't tire of me and my being very talkative.  And to my readers - THANK YOU for believing in me.  This blog started out for me, my online journey.  So THANK YOU for all the traffic, thank you for still reading my entries all these years.  THANK YOU!  Thank you.

Yes, I have become choosy and anti-social and emotional.  Hahahahaha!!

Is it because I'm older?

(Sorry ang gulo gulo ng sulat ko ha... Pasensya na)