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Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert!

Want to try the Hojicha Frapp & Red Bean Green Tea Frapp for FREE? 

Here's how to join:

PICK one of the featured beverage (Hojicha Frapp or Red Bean Green Tea Frapp) and describe a perfect moment on how you would enjoy it!  (i.e. After a long day's work, etc.)

a)  Leave your answer on this entry's comment section together with:
      1)  Your name
      2)  A valid email address
b)  You must LIKE Starbucks Phillipines FB page
c)  You must tweet this contest! Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert! at @candishhh blog! Visit (Leave the link on your entry at the comment section)

Example of an entry will be:
a)  After a long day at work - the Hojicha Frapp will surely pick my mood up!
     1)  Didi T.
     2)  candishhh (at) gmail (dot) com

Please make sure to include ALL the details I asked.  Incomplete entries will automatically be DISQUALIFIED!

You may join as many times as you want!  But make sure your 'moments' are different, since I will be judging based on the answers!!  Contest will run from today until June 23, 2012.

The WINNER will be based on the quality of your answers!

There will be five (5) winners of: One (1) Tumbler with four (4) Beverage GCs!
(A person can only win ONCE!!)

THANK YOU Starbucks Philippines!


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