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MOXX: Staying connected in France

Two years ago, I learned of the convenience of having a mobile/pocket wifi whenever I travel.  In Japan, where roaming fees are exorbitantly high - I was told to rent a mobile/pocket wifi through an online company.  I was at first hesitant, but then the need to be connected outweighed the hesitance and so I did.  And it was such a good decision.  I was connected we all were connected, my Panget, his brother and my sister in law + all their devices.  This way - I didn't need to pay for roaming fees.  All I did was turn my smartphone in airplane mode and turn on the wi-fi, voila - I was connected 24/7.  It was so convenient that I did it again when I visited Osaka last year.

This year, while planning for a trip to Paris - I was also looking for the same thing, a mobile/pocket wifi.  I asked the sister of a good friend who is based in Paris, but she had no clue what I was talking about.  So, I searched and searched but to no avail.  I was already planning to buy a local sim and just plug it on my own pocket wifi, but then I would first need to purchase a sim.  Where do I purchase a sim?  I had no idea, no clue!  Of course, there is the language barrier, I was nervous and worried at the same time.  But then, while I was researching - I chanced upon in a travel forum, I clicked the link and saw that it was exactly what I was looking for - a local mobile/pocket wifi that is locally(Paris) available! I was so happy that I sent them an inquiry - I got a reply almost immediately, and I was so delighted and surprised at the same time that they wanted to partner with me during my stay in Paris!  

It's very simple really, you just need to know how long you need the mobile/pocket wifi for, fill in the number of days you need it.  They charge EUR6.99/day (PHP356.49/day) and then you get to decide where they will ship the device to you - you can have it delivered anywhere in France.  They charge a fee but if you ask me, it's negligible - if you compare it to the high roaming fees set out by our local carriers Globe Telecom, Smart Communications and Sun Cellular.

I like that they can meet you in person, it humanizes the transaction - and you can thank them personally.  I was met with JB - he was really really nice, we met at Gare du Nord (train station) and he was very pleasant, even giving me tips on how which taxis to take and not to take!  JB handed me this package:

When I opened it up:

 Package was complete!
Return post envelope, USB cable and charger, Mobile/Pocket Wifi device,
calling cards for you to contact them, and a Welcome note! thought about everything!  I liked that they included their cards and indicated where you can reach them.  They also included the a return post envelope, all you need to do is put everything inside, seal it and drop it off in the airport mailbox (a yellow box) or return it to your concierge (they will be the ones to mail it for you!).

You will not need to plug and play, simply just turn the unit on and voila - you are online instantly!  Just don't forget to charge the Mobile/Pocket wifi device!  I always have a reliable power bank with me whenever I travel - to keep my devices charged.  This particular unit has a lengthy battery life, I think it managed to stay on (with a full charge) for about 8 hours, but note that the more devices it is connected with, the less life it has - we had 3 devices connected with it normally, but then when my Panget brings his iPad air (and plays a game) - the life span comes out to about only 5-6 hours.  It's still pretty decent when you think about it.  

Here are some pictures I took and sent them over at Twitter and Instagram:

 Here is Kailee with the Eiffel Tower

This is me staying connected anytime, everytime!

This is still my favorite spot in Paris, Arc de Triomphe 

Paris was getting hot, here is Kailee, frustrated with the heat + the Louvre closing early
We were there for the late closing, too bad it closed early.  Sigh.. 

Since the Louvre was closed, we then went to nearby Angelina
This is the Mont Blanc - it was so good!  The cream made all the difference! 

Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles
Staying connected even outside of Paris! 

Look at that humongous steak from Robert et Louise!
It was soooo good! 

Chilling out on our last day in Paris
This was by Cafe de Rivoli
Staying connected - anytime, every time!

Signal was always very good.  I don't think we experienced any down time!  Whenever we thought we were lost, we'd just turn on our Google Maps app and we'll be walking in the right direction in no time.  My Panget even used his tracker app when we rode taxis - just to make sure we weren't being routed far.  He also has this app for the subways - it was so reliable!  Even in some museums, there would be apps that we could download and use (so as not to fall in line anymore for the free audio guide), brilliant and convenient right?  

Whenever it was lunch or dinner, my Panget would turn to Yelp for recommendations.  This is all possible since we were connected 24/7.  I tell you, this MOXXfr mobile/pocket wifi saves you the time and energy really.  Really!

While at the airport, I was worried that I wouldn't find the mailbox.  It was a really nice staff of Cathay Pacific who pointed me to the right direction.  She said to look for a yellow box at Terminal 2A- and here it was.

I really enjoyed having the mobile/pocket wifi device because I was online all the time.  Signal wasn't a problem at all - it was always fast!  Dont' expect that you'll be connected in the Metro and when you're in a basement (obviously), but overall - I was very very happy with the service and the signal.  I would send a message to and get a reply immediately.  They were very friendly, informative and professional.  

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use their service when you visit France, even for a couple of days.  It beats going to a telecom store and asking to buy a sim - there will be a language barrier for sure!  And I think France has a policy of disallowing tethering/hotspot on your smartphone?  With - you eliminate the language barrier and the tethering/hotspots on the phone (my Panget and I would often get very low mobile phone signal on our phones - look at the image below), they can also  communicate in English very well!  All you need to do is turn the device on (put in the password) and you're good to go!  

Here is the speedtest result of

Brilliant right?  I doubt you'll get that same speed on your smartphones!  Plus you can share that same speed to up to 10 more devices!  Wonderful, right? 

So if you're going Paris or any part of France - I swear, get this service!  This will save you loads plus the connection is reliable!

The good folks at MOXXfr is offering a 20% discount if you book your rental using my code 20CANDTALE
Twitter: MOXXfr
Whatsapp: +3365200659


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